The Art Of Protest: Culture And Activism From The Civil Rights Movement To The Streets Of Seattle

U of Minnesota Press, 2005 - 362 páginas
Imagine the civil rights movement without freedom songs and the politics of women's movements without poetry. Or, more difficult yet, imagine an America unaffected by the cultural expressions and forms of the twentieth-century social movements that have shaped our nation. The first broad overview of social movements and the distinctive cultural forms that express and helped shape them, The Art of Protest shows the vital importance of these movements to American culture. In comparative accounts of movements beginning with the African American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s and running through the Internet-driven movement for global justice ("Will the revolution be cybercast?") of the twenty-first century, T. V. Reed enriches our understanding of protest and its cultural expression. Reed explores the street drama of the Black Panthers, the revolutionary murals of the Chicano movement, the American Indian Movement's use of film and video, rock music and the struggles against famine and apartheid, ACT UP's use of visual art in the campaign against AIDS, and the literature of environmental justice. Throughout, Reed employs the concept of culture in three interrelated ways: by examining social movements as sub- or countercultures; by looking at poetry, painting, music, murals, film, and fiction in and around social movements; and by considering the ways in which the cultural texts generated by resistance movements have reshaped the contours of the wider American culture. The United States is a nation that began with a protest. Through the kaleidoscopic lens of artistic and cultural expression, Reed reveals how activism continues to remake our world.


Singing Civil Rights The Freedom Song Tradition
Scenarios for Revolution The Drama of the Black Panthers
The Poetical Is the Political Feminist Poetry and the Poetics of Womens Rights
Revolutionary Walls Chicanoa Murals Chicanoa Movements
Old Cowboys New Indians Hollywood Frames the American Indian Movement
We Are Not the World Famine Apartheid and the Politics of Rock Music
ACTing UP against AIDS The Very Graphic Arts in a Moment of Crisis
Environmental Justice Ecocriticism Race Class Gender and Literary Ecologies
Will the Revolution Be Cybercast? New Media the Battle of Seattle and Global Justice
Reflections on the Cultural Study of Social Movements
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T. V. Reed is director of American studies and professor of English at Washington State University. He is the author of Fifteen Jugglers, Five Believers: Literary Politics and the Poetics of American Social Movements.          

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