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Rex honōro'. Orno1 tu. Turris condo3. Sylva habito'. Cervus cap

Let kings be honoured. Be thou adorned. Let the tower be built. Let the woods be inhabited. Let the stag be caught. to'. Gloria obtineo2. Let glory be obtained.

thieves be punished.

Let nio fur.



Let the king be loved. Let the gates be shut. Let the limbs be collected. Let the sailor be preserved.

Gates, porta; shut, claudo3: limbs, membrum; collected, colligo3: sailor, nauta; preserved, servo1.

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The shout might have been heard. The flowers might have been collected. The town will have been burned. The oxen will have been shown.

Clamor audio". Flos collígo3. Oppidum incendo3. Bos ostendo3.


We may be punished. Ye may be taken. Rogues should be found out. The stag might be caught. The books may have been sent. The ships may have been sunk. Ye might have been preserved. The soldier might have been wounded. The money will have been paid. The rewards will have been given.

Rogues, verbĕro: found out, deprehendo3: books, liber: preserved, servo: paid, solvo3: rewards, præmium.

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By cruel war. Of a wicked mind. To fortunate boys. struggling winds. Sweet waters. With true tears. Of pleasant gardens. Various colours. Envious age flies. Icy winter

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Crudelis bellum. Mamens. Fortunatus O luctans ventus. Dulcis aqua. Verus lacrýma. Hortus amœnus. Varius color. Fugio3 invĭdus ætas. Venio1 glacialis hyems.

Dirus paro bellum Pluvius arcus describo3. Veterānus miles pugno'. Lætus victoria venio1 Sanctus funus procédo3 Vetus Romanus vinco3 Meus oculus fallo3.

The good boy learns. naughty boys play. The swift horse conquers. The slow horses are overcome. The fearful hares fly. The nimble dogs follow. Beautiful women are loved. Weary travellers will sit.

The Bonus puer disco3. Malus puer ludo3. Celer equus vinco3. Tardus equus vinco3. Timidus lepus fugio. Velox canis sequor3. Formōsus fœmina amo'. Fessus viator sedeo2.

Our masters come. Idle boys will be beaten. My books have been torn. Your brothers were praised. My horse is tired. The first man was created. Good authors are read. Bad authors will be neglected.

Proud men fall. Humble men shall be exalted. High towers fall. Low cottages stand. The way is short. The spring was eternal. Dear is my native soil. Death is certain. Time is uncertain. Delay is not safe. Human counsels fail. Past labours are pleasant. Time past never


Noster præceptor venio1. Ignavus puer cædo3. Meus liber lacero'. Tuus frater laudo. Meus equus fatigo'. Primus homo creo'. Bonus auctor lego3. Malus auctor neglígo3.

Superbus homo cado3. Modestus homo prověho3. Altus turris cado3. Humilis casa sto'. Brevis sum via. Ver sum æternus. Dulcis sum paternus solum. Mors sum certus. Tempus incertus. Mora non tutus sum. Humānus consilium cado3. Jucundus actus labor. Præterĭtus tempus nunquam revertor3.


To a

My lambs. A pleasant garden. A hateful war. beautiful flock. The great pine is agitated. Crooked old age will come. The old wood did stand. Dark night comes. The swift stags fly. With joyful victory. The ripe apple falls. The brave Romans fought. Conquered Carthage fell.

Pleasant, amanus; a garden, hortus: hateful, exitiosus: beautiful, formōsus; tlock, gret: great, ingens; pine, pinus; agitated, agṛto! : crooked, curvus; old age, senectu: old, vetus; wood, sylva; dark, uter, atra, atrum: swift, velox,-ōcis; ripe, mitis: b ave, fortis conquered, victus; Carthage, Carthago; fell, cado3.


1. At the break of day. 2. Senators of Rome 3. With good luck. 4 With ill luck 5. By one's own strength. 6. A common soldier. 7. A good excuse. 8. Prosperity. 9. Adversity. 10. The flower of one's age. 11. In old age. 12. Childhood. 13. Treason. 14. Losses. 15. Coined money. 16. Bullion. 17. A discharged old soldier. 18. Men of

no account.

1. Primus lux (abl. sing.). 2. Pater conscriptus. 3. Bonus avis (abl. plur.). 4. Malus avis (abl. plur.). 5. Proprius Mars (abl. sing.). 6. Gregarius miles. 7. Honestus oratio. 8. Res (nom. plur.) secundus. 9. Res (nom. plur.) adversus. 10. Ætas integer. 11. Exactus tas (abl. sing.). 12. Ætas prætextus. 13. Læsus majestas. 14. Lapsus res (nom. plur.). 15. Æs signātus. 16. Æs gravis. 17. Miles emeritus. Ignotus caput (nom. plur.).


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nelope absens mœreo Ulysses. Ego patria fugio3. Longus promitto3 annus. Romulus Roma condo3. Mercator reficio3 quas

sus navis. Majōres vester vinco3 universus Italia.

Linquo dulcis arvum. Dinumero inf. stella, aut metior1 inf. mundus magnitudo. Populus Ro

mānus antecedo fortitudo abl. cunctus gens. Ut causa et defensio suscipio3 (susciperem). Strictus roto' acer Lucăgus ensis. Tum pius Enéas hasta jacio3.

Vita bene actus senectus

efficio jucundus. Beneficium paro' amicus. Gratia gratia pario3. gratia pario3. Doctrina

vita suavis efficio3. Dido condo Carthago. Audax fortūna juvo'.

Autumnus frugis effundo3. Labor omnis vinco3. diligentia tuus omnis admiror'. Cùm dico3, nosco3 tu ipse, hoc dico, anĭmus tuus nosco. Romanus omnis gens


Omnis fero ætas. Terra pario flos. Quinque teneo2 cœlum zona. Honos alo3 ars. Secundus res splendidus facio amicitia, adversus levis.

Nullus carmen cano3. Durus servio1 servitus.Tertius ætas homo vivo3 Nestor. Longus videor2 eo via.

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