The Works of Sir Samuel Garth

Thomas Ewing, 1769 - 213 páginas

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Página 46 - Tis what the guilty fear, the pious crave ; Sought by the wretch, and vanquished by the brave. It eases lovers, sets the captive free : And, though a tyrant, offers liberty.
Página xviii - I can be pleased, and I dare own I am. I read thee over with a lover's eye ; Thou hast no faults, or I no faults can spy ; Thou art all beauty, or all blindness I.
Página xi - I muft be wanting to your other virtues ; and, to gratify one good quality, do Wrong to a thoufand. The world...
Página 58 - Eternal spring with smiling verdure here Warms the mild air, and crowns the youthful year.
Página 70 - The one, for lofty labours fruitful known, Fill'd magazines with volumes of his own. At his once-favour'd friend a tome he threw That from its birth had slept unseen till now. Stunn'd with the blow, the batter'd bard retir'd, Sunk down, and in a simile expir'd. And now the cohorts shake, the legions ply, The yielding flanks confess the victory.
Página 104 - The pomp of peace, amidft the woes of war. So much the public to your prudence owes, You think no labours long for our repofe : Such conduft, fuch integrity are mown, There are no coffers empty, but your own.
Página 108 - The bravest hero, and the brightest dame, . From Belgia's happy clime Britannia drew; One pregnant cloud we find does often frame The awful thunder and the gentle dew.
Página 117 - But die a maid, yet have the choice of two ! Ladies are often cruel to their cost ; To give you pain, themselves they punish most. Vows of virginity should well be weigh'd ; Too oft they are cancell'd, though in convents made.
Página 96 - own undoing glutton Love decrees, * And palls the appetite he meant to pleafe : ' His flender wants too largely he fupplies> * Thrives on fliort meals, but by indulgence dies.
Página 94 - Hard was their lodging, homely was their food; For all their luxury was doing good.

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