A manual of quotations, by E.H. Michelsen


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Página 70 - Live while you live, the Epicure would say, And seize the pleasures of the present day. Live while you live, the sacred Preacher cries, And give to God each moment as it flies.
Página 100 - ... habet aliquid ex iniquo omne magnum exemplum, quod contra singulos utilitate publica rependitur.
Página 77 - Et errat longe, mea quidem sententia, , Qui imperium credat gravius esse aut stabilius, Vi quod fit, quam illud quod amicitia adjungitur.
Página 174 - Want is the scorn of ev'ry wealthy fool ; And wit in rags is turn'd to ridicule.
Página 36 - A proverb which very happily illustrates the advantages arising from vigilance. Carpe diem quam minime credula postero. Lat. Hon. — "Enjoy the present day, as distrusting that which is to follow.
Página 194 - Omne animi vitium tanto conspectius in se Crimen habet, quanto major, qui peccat, habetur.
Página 27 - Rectius vives, Licini, neque altum semper urgendo neque, dum procellas cautus horrescis, nimium premendo litus iniquum. auream quisquis mediocritatem diligit, tutus caret obsoleti sordibus tecti, caret invidenda sobrius aula.
Página 298 - Take the course of strong rule, whilst the mind of youth is flexible, and capable of strong impressions." — Vigorous methods, but divested of harshness, should be early called into use by those, to whom the education of youth is committed.
Página 49 - When the state is most corrupt then the laws are most multiplied.
Página 263 - In solving doubts, the maxim sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas [use your own property in such a manner as not to injure that of another...

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