The Chaucer Tradition

H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1925 - 510 páginas
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Página 486 - Grant translateur, noble Geffroy Chaucier. A toy pour ce de la fontaine Helye Requier avoir un buvraige autentique Dont la doys est du tout en ta baillie, Pour rafrener d'elle ma soif ethique, Qui en Gaule seray paralitique Jusques a ce que tu m'abuveras.
Página 76 - And thou shalt make hym couche as doth a quaille. If thou be fair, ther folk been in presence Shewe thou thy visage and thyn apparaille ; If thou be foul, be fre of thy dispence, To gete thee freendes ay do thy travaille...
Página 90 - First, I pronounce whennes that I come, And thanne my bulles shewe I, alle and some ; Oure lige lordes seel on my patente, That shewe I first, my body to warente...
Página 132 - Crist have mercy on me and foryeve me my giltes;/ and namely of my translacions and enditynges of worldly vanitees, the whiche I revoke in my retracciouns;/ as is the book of Troilus; the book also of Fame; the book of the xxv.
Página 24 - In visityng, in forme, or seyde hire sawes: Forthi men seyn, ecch contree hath his lawes. Ek scarsly ben ther in this place thre That have in love seid lik, and don, in al: For to thi purpos this may liken the, « And the right nought, yet al is seid or schal ; Ek som men grave in tree, some in ston wal, As it bitit; but syn I have bigonne, Myn auctour shal I folwen, if I konne.
Página 26 - Now war yow, sires, and lat this man have place! He in the waast is shape as wel as I; °1890 This were a popet in an arm t'enbrace For any womman, smal and fair of face. He semeth elvyssh by his contenaunce, For unto no wight dooth he daliaunce.
Página 132 - Fame; the book of the XXV. Ladies; the book of the Duchesse; the book of Seint Valentynes day of the Parlement of Briddes; the tales of Caunterbury, thilke that sownen into synne; the book of the Leoun; and many another book, if they were in my remembrance, and many a song and many a leccherous lay, that Crist for his grete mercy foryeve me the synne.
Página 151 - Wei kan the wise poete of Florence, That highte Dant, speken in this sentence. Lo, in swich maner rym is Dantes tale: 'Ful selde up riseth by his branches smale Prowesse of man, for God, of his goodnesse, Wole that of hym we clayme oure gentillesse'; For of oure eldres may we no thyng clayme But temporel thyng, that man may hurte and mayme.
Página 118 - A marchant whilom dwelled at Seint Denys, That riche was, for which men helde hym wys. A wyf he hadde of excellent beautee, And compaignable and revelous was she...
Página 59 - And for ther is so greet diversitee In English and in wryting of our tonge, So preye I god that noon miswryte thee, Ne thee mismetre for defaute of tonge. And red wher-so thou be, or elles songe, That thou be understonde I god beseche!

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