High Birth: A Satire Addressed to a Young Nobleman, in Imitation of the Eighth Satire of Juvenal ...

1821 - 48 páginas

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Página 31 - Animated with all the avarice of age and all the impetuosity of youth, they roll in one after another, wave after wave, and there is nothing before the eyes of the natives but an endless, hopeless prospect of new flights of birds of prey and passage, with appetites continually renewing for a food that is continually wasting.
Página 31 - A gentleman adorned with all the virtues of Alcibiades, and untainted by any of his vices; of high birth, capable of any business, full of wisdom, a great commander at sea and land, and also learned and eloquent, affable, liberal, and magnificent.
Página 9 - Incertaeque rei, Phalaris licet imperet ut sis Falsus et admoto dictet perjuria tauro, Summum crede nefas animam praeferre pudori Et propter vitam vivendi perdere causas.
Página 31 - The Tartar invasion was mischievous ; but it is our protection that destroys India. It was their enmity, but it is our friendship. Our conquest there, after twenty years, is as crude as it was the first day. The natives scarcely know what it is to see the grey head of an Englishman. Young men (boys almost) govern there, without society, and without sympathy with the natives.
Página 31 - Hermitage castle. .Mary instantly flew thither, with an impatience which has been considered as marking the anxiety of a lover, but little suited to the dignity of a queen1.
Página 31 - Tullibardin, were sent oat against him by the confederates, and surprising him while he rode at anchor, scattered his small fleet, took a part of it, and obliged him to fly with a single ship towards Norway.
Página 11 - Levibus, et siccae lambentibus ora lucernae, Nomen erit pardus, tigris, leo, si quid adhuc est, Quod fremat in terris violentius. Ergo cavebis, Et metues, ne tu sic Creticus aut Camerinus. His ego quem monui?
Página 8 - ... si dormire incipis ortu Luciferi, quo signa duces et castra movebant ? Cur Allobrogicis et magna gaudeat ara Natus in Herculeo Fabius lare, si cupidus, si Vanus et Euganea quantumvis mollior agna; 15 Si tenerum attritus Catinensi pumice lumbum Squalentes traducit avos, emptorque veneni Frangenda miseram funestat imagine gentem ? Tota licet veteres exornent undique cerse Atria, nobilitas sola est atque unica virtus.
Página 21 - Caesar, Mitte : sed in magua legatum quaere popina. Invenies aliquo cum percussore jacentem,' Some base-born bruiser ventures to the list, And gives, and takes the glove-attempered fist.

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