Herodotus, with a comm. by J.W. Blakesley, Volumen1


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Página xxvii - If wish were mine some type of thee to view, Thee, and not thee thyself, I would not do Like Grecian Artists, give thee human cheeks, Channels for tears ; no Naiad should'st thou be, — Have neither limbs, feet, feathers, joints nor hairs : It seems the Eternal Soul is clothed in thee With purer robes than those of flesh and blood, And hath bestowed on thee a safer good ; Unwearied joy, and life without its cares.
Página 424 - Says Darius the king : — There was not a man, neither Persian, nor Median, nor any one of our family, who would dispossess of the empire that Gomates the Magian.
Página 425 - I firmly established the kingdom, both Persia and Media, and the other provinces, as in the days of old ; thus I restored that which had been taken away. By the grace of Ormazd I did this. I laboured until I had firmly established our family as in the days of old. I laboured, by the grace of Ormazd, (in order) that Gomates the Magian might not supersede our family.

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