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My fiance, my mother and I have been falsely charged and arrested in the city of milwaukee county. They took my daughter on 09/16/2013 and the DA manipulated & threaten my 13 year daughter to testify against my fiance with false allegations.  Now my daughter is alone without her brothers and sisters and me. They put my daughter in four different group homes and then gave her to a foster parent without my concent nor was I informed of this. My fiance is currently being held illegally at Fox Lake Correctional institution without no conviction. My mother is being illegally held in the Milwaukee County Jail and CPS still holding my daughter hostage. I have all the evidence e.g. (Both the original police report and the draft police report that was used against us in court) which says we haven't done anything wrong. In addition to the evidence I have, I also got all the originals and all the falsified drafts that were used however the courts have been trying to retrieve this information from me with threatening letters mailed to me. These letters states that if I don't admit to these false charges I would be held in contempt etc. I have recieved emails from the Public Defender that was appointed to this case stating if I wanted say/or act like this never happened. I've stop working and lost my house due to the constant threats with letters and in court. I had two paid attorneys and two public defenders and still haven't been resolved/dismissed due to this great conspiracy.  I've already filed complaints with Internal Affairs which they gave me a confirmation number and admitted to their wrongs however the courts ignoring it and still moving forward to purposely convict us. I've also filed complaints with the office of lawyer regulation, the supreme court and the attorney general. They charged us with felony charges. They've have put extra misleading charges on our record and said that if council hired, be without resonable defense on our behalf. There are no transcripts because nothing was recorded. Please help us as we really need it now. My fiance name is Glen Artheus Beal d.o.b 10/26/1986, my mom Vanessa Renee Strong 08/27/1962 , my daughter Jonisha Galatas 02/04/2000 and my name is Aretha M. Strong 03/23/1979. Please give me a call at 1872-210-7473 or1773-425-8828  

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