Decerpta ex ... Metamorphoseon libris, with Engl. notes by G. Ferguson


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Página 92 - At quoniam parvi tibi gratia nostra est, accipe munus,' ait ; laevaque a parte Medusae 655 ipse retroversus squalentia prodidit ora. quantus erat, mons factus Atlas : nam barba comaeque in silvas abeunt, juga sunt humerique manusque ; quod caput ante fuit, summo est in monte cacumen ; ossa lapis fiunt. Tum partes auctus in omnes 660 crevit in immensum — sic di statuistis — et omne cum tot sideribus caelum requievit in illo.
Página 3 - Ewing's book is, in our judgment, just what its merits had a right to expect. It is one of the very best systems of Geography, for the adult as well as the young, that we ever saw constructed. The plan is clear, simple, and comprehensive; the scientific portion of it especially, so far from being set forward in that difficult form which might deter the beginner, is admirably calculated to attract his attention and reward his pains."— Dublin University Magazine.
Página 7 - ... down to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. To which is added an Outline of the British Constitution. With Questions for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s.
Página 46 - Phaethon, rutilos flamma populante capillos, volvitur in praeceps longoque per aera tractu fertur, ut interdum de caelo stella sereno etsi non cecidit, potuit cecidisse videri. quem procul a patria diverso maximus orbe excipit Eridanus, fumantiaque abluit ora.
Página 167 - ... lamque opus exegi, quod nee lovis ira nee ignis nee poterit ferrum nee edax abolere vetustas. cum volet, ilia dies, quae nil nisi corporis huius ius habet, incerti spatium mihi finiat aevi: parte tamen meliore mei super alta perennis astra ferar, nomenque erit indelebile nostrum, quaque patet domitis Romana potentia terris, ore legar populi, perque omnia saecula fama, siquid habent veri vatum praesagia, vivam.
Página 63 - Credule, quid frustra simulacra fugacia captas ? Quod petis est nusquam: quod amas, avertere, perdes. Ista repercussae quam cernis imaginis umbra est. Nil habet ista sui ; tecum venitque manetque : 435 Tecum discedet si tu discedere possis.
Página 8 - To which are subjoined, Vocabularies of Classical and Scriptural Proper Names ; a concise Account of the Heathen Deities; a Collection of Quotations and Phrases from the Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish Languages ; a Chronological Table of Remarkable Events...
Página 3 - G eography in Parochial and other Elementary Schools ; and it is offered to the Public at a price which places it within the reach of many who have hitherto been prevented, by the want of a cheap Manual, from cultivating that interesting and useful branch of education. Very great labour has been bestowed upon the Index : it contains the Name of every place laid down in the Maps, and, besides the Number of the Map in which each place is to be found, mentions also the Country in which it is situated....
Página 18 - SURENNE'S NEW FRENCH MANUAL AND TRAVELLER'S COMPANION. Containing an Introduction to French Pronunciation; a Copious Vocabulary; a very complete Series of Dialogues on Topics of Every-day Life ; Dialogues on the Principal Continental Tours, and on the Objects of Interest in Paris; with Models of Epistolary Correspondence.
Página 25 - Hanc quoque Phoebus amat, positaque in stipite dextra sentit adhuc trepidare novo sub cortice pectus, complexusque suis ramos, ut membra, lacertis 555 oscula dat ligno ; refugit tamen oscula lignum. Cui deus, ' At quoniam coniunx mea non potes esse, arbor eris certe,

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