Scalae primae: a first Latin reader with brief notes and vocabulary

George Bell & Sons, 1908 - 132 páginas
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Página 20 - Must we but blush? Our fathers bled. Earth! render back from out thy breast A remnant of our Spartan dead! Of the three hundred grant but three To make a new Thermopylae ! What, silent still?
Página 12 - Tiber! father Tiber! To whom the Romans pray, A Roman's life, a Roman's arms, Take thou in charge this day ! ' So he spake, and speaking sheathed The good sword by his side, And with his harness on his back Plunged headlong in the tide.
Página 6 - Price is. 6d. each, with exceptions. AESCHYLUS. 6 vols. Prometheus Vinctus— Septem contra Thebas— Agamemnon — Persae— Eumenides— Choephoroe. By FA PALEY, MA, LL.D., late Classical Examiner to the University of London.
Página 12 - Post 8vo. 7s. 6d. Part II. Select Passages for Translation into Latin Lyric and Comic Iambic Verse. 3rd Edition. Post 8vo.
Página 1 - Book II. By AC LIDDELL, MA Book III. By FH COLSON, MA, Head Master of Plymouth College, and GM GWYTHER, MA, Assistant Master. Book IV. By Rev. AW UPCOTT, MA, Head Master of Christ's Hospital. Book V. By A. REYNOLDS, MA, Merchant Taylors
Página 12 - Latin Accidence. By the Rev. P. Frost, MA Is. Latin Versification. Is. Notabilia Qusedam ; or the Principal Tenses of most of the Irregular Greek Verbs and Elementary Greek, Latin, and French Construction.
Página 1 - ... intelligent learner; and, with this object, numerous Illustrations have been introduced. These are gathered from the best sources, and are chosen with a view to explaining the text, and making the reader more familiar with Greek and Roman life. Maps and Plans are also inserted wherever they are required. The volumes are equipped with Introductions, Notes, Grammatical Appendices, and in some of the prose authors, Exercises on the Text. Vocabularies are also given, but the volumes may be had without...
Página 3 - By the REV. w. COOKWORTHY COMPTON, MA, Head Master of Dover College. Crown 8vo, y.
Página 6 - Phoenissae. — Troades. — Hercules Furens. — Andromache. — Iphigenia in Tauris. — Supplices. By FA Paley, MA, LL.D. Homer. Iliad. Book I. By FA Paley, MA, LL.D. 1«.
Página 8 - Oxford. 3s. 6d. MARTIAL. SELECT EPIGRAMS. By FA PALEY, MA, LL.D., and the late WH STONE, Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. With a Life of the Poet. 4s. 6d. OVID. The Six BOOKS OF THE FASTI. By FA PALEY, MA, LL.D. New Edition. 3s. 6d. Or Books I. and II. 1«.

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