The Satires, Epistles, and Art of Poetry of Horace

G. Bell, 1892 - 201 páginas
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Página xvi - It is not by comparing line with line that the merit of great works is to be estimated, but by their general effects and ultimate result.
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Página 195 - A childish waste of philosophic pains; But truths on which depends our main concern, That 'tis our shame and misery not to learn, Shine by the side of every path we tread With such a lustre, he that runs may read.
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Página 179 - tis done elsewhere, and there made known. A thing when heard, remember, strikes less keen On the spectator's mind than when 'tis seen. Yet 'twere not well in public to display A business best transacted far away, And much may be secluded from the eye For well-graced tongues to tell of by and by. Medea must not shed her children's blood, Nor savage Atreus cook man's flesh for food, Nor Philomel turn bird or Cadmus snake, With people looking on and wide awake.
Página 12 - CAESAR'S SEVENTH CAMPAIGN IN GAUL, BC 52. DE BELLO GALLICO. Lib. VII. Edited, with Notes. Excursus, and Tables of Idioms, by the Rev. W. COOKWORTHY COMPTON. MA , Assistant Master in Uppingham School.

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