The Complete Poems of Sir Philip Sidney ...

private circulation only [Robson & sons], 1873
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Página xxxix - O take fast hold! let that light be thy guide In this small course which birth draws out to death, And think how evil becometh him to slide Who seeketh Heaven, and comes of heavenly breath.
Página 27 - Despair at me doth throw. 0 make in me those civil wars to cease: 1 will good tribute pay, if thou do so. Take thou of me smooth pillows, sweetest bed, A chamber deaf to noise and blind...
Página 72 - Which breaks the clouds and opens forth the light That doth both shine and give us sight to see.
Página lix - Above all others this is he, Which erst approved in his song, That love and honour might agree, And that pure love will do no wrong. Sweet saints, it is no sin or blame To love a man of virtuous name.
Página 21 - Poles' right king means, without leave of host, To warm with ill-made fire cold Muscovy; If French can yet three parts in one agree; What now the Dutch in their full diets boast; How Holland hearts, now so good...
Página 59 - STELLA, think not that I by verse seek fame, Who seek, who hope, who love, who live but thee; Thine eyes my pride, thy lips mine history : If thou praise not, all other praise is shame. Nor so ambitious am I, as to frame A nest for my young praise in laurel tree : In truth, I swear I wish not there should be Graved in my epitaph a Poet's name. Nor, if I would, could I just title make, That any laud thereof to me should grow, Without my plumes from others...
Página liii - ... goes twitching and hopping in our language like a man running upon quagmires, up the hill in one Syllable, and down the dale in another, retaining no part of that stately smooth gate which he vaunts himselfe with amongst the Greeks and Latins.
Página 4 - Not at first sight, nor with a dribbed shot Love gave the wound, which while I breathe will bleed : But known worth did in mine of time proceed, Till by degrees it had full conquest got. I saw and liked; I liked, but loved not; I loved, but straight did not what Love decreed; At length to Love's decrees I, forced, agreed, Yet with repining at so partial lot.
Página 6 - Cupid's dart An image is which for ourselves we carve, And, fools, adore in temple of our heart Till that good god make church and churchman starve. True, that true beauty virtue is indeed, Whereof this beauty can be but a shade, Which elements with mortal mixture breed. True, that on earth we are but pilgrims made, And should in soul up to our country move; True, and yet true that I must Stella love.
Página 37 - FY, schoole of Patience, Fy, your lesson is Far far too long to learne it without booke: What, a whole weeke without one peece of looke, And thinke I should not your large precepts misse? When I might reade those letters faire of blisse, Which in her face teach vertue, I could brooke Somewhat thy lead'n counsels, which I tooke As of a friend that meant not much amisse: But now that I, alas...