Bell's Latin Course for the First Year in Three Parts, Parte2

G. Bell & Sons, 1901

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Página v - The Exercises, from the very start, are coherent and sensible, some of the dialogues being founded on the Colloquia of Erasmus. All the Exercises on verbs are given in the form of letters, dialogues, or stories, so as to introduce freely all the three persons of the verb. Fullest use is made of the eye, first by employing conspicuous and varied type\ secondly by employing pictures. In practising vocabulary, it will be found useful to place a picture before the child and ask for the Latin names of...
Página v - SPENCER, BA THIS Latin Course is intended to be used for the instruction of children who have not hitherto done any Latin. The Course is complete in itself, and may be used without the aid of dictionary or grammar. Each part consists of two divisions— the one containing the 'Latin into English,' the other the
Página vi - It will be a revelation to some teachers to find how quickly the child will learn the words. Believing that the elementary teaching of Latin has made more advance on the Continent than in England, the authors have examined the most successful German works on the subject. They have also sought the advice of leading authorities on education, both English and American; and it is hoped that their method will commend itself to training colleges as well as to preparatory schools.

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