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Página 9 - The Greek Testament: with a critically revised Text; a Digest of Various Readings; Marginal References to verbal and Idiomatic Usage; Prolegomena; and a Critical and Exegetical Commentary. For the Use of Theological Students and Ministers, By HENRY ALFORD, DD, Dean of Canterbury. Vol. I., containing the Four Gospels. 944 pages, Svo, Cloth, $6 00; Sheep, $6 50.
Página 49 - The objects of. this society are : — TEMPORARY. ASSISTANCE to Governesses in distress, afforded privately and .delicately , through the Ladies' Committee. ANNUITY, FUND. — Elective Annuities to Aged Governesses, secured on invested capital, and thus independent of the prosperity of the Institution. PROVIDENT FUND. — Provident Annuities purchased by Ladies in any way connected with Education, upon Government security, .agreeably to the Act of Parliament. This branch includes a Savings Bank....
Página 19 - Post 8vo. 7s. 6d. Part II. Select Passages for Translation into Latin Lyric and Comic Iambic Verse. 3rd Edition. Post 8vo. 5s.
Página 567 - This commonwealth is a union of seventeen colleges, or societies, devoted to the study of learning and knowledge, and for the better service of the Church and State. All these...
Página 32 - In addition to the Dictionary of Words, with their pronunciation, etymology, alternative spellings, and various meanings, illustrated by quotations and numerous woodcuts, there are several valuable appendices, comprising a Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World ; Vocabularies of Scripture, Greek, Latin, and English Proper Names ; a Dictionary of the noted Names of Fiction : a Briei History of the English Language ; a Dictionary of Foreign Quotations, Words, Phrases, Proverbs, &c.
Página 127 - ... Pitch and rapidity of vibration. Measures of absolute, and of relative, pitch. Resonance. Analysis of compound sounds. Helmholtz's theory of musical quality. Motion of sounding strings. The pianoforte and other stringed instruments. Motion of sounding air-columns. Flue and reed stops of the organ. Orchestral wind-instruments. The human voice. Interference. Beats. Helmholtz's theory of consonance and dissonance. Combination-tones. Consonant chords. Construction of the musical scale. Exact and...
Página 97 - Graduate presiding shall then bring forward arguments or objections for the Candidate to answer, and shall examine him orally as well on questions connected with his Thesis as on other subjects connected with Medicine of a more general nature; the whole exercise being made to continue at least one hour.
Página 788 - ... by the students of this college, in the following order: — One medal of 15 guineas for the best Latin Dissertation on some evidence of Christianity ; another of 15 guineas for the best English Composition on some Moral Precept of the Gospel ; and one of 10 guineas to the most distinct and graceful reader in, and regular attendant at, chapel.
Página 137 - Certificate1 shall be given by the University stating the conditions under which she was admitted to the examinations of the University, the examinations in which she has satisfied the Examiners, and the Class and place in the Class if indicated to which she has attained in each of such Examinations.
Página 97 - Divinity, shall be required, at some time after the expiration of four yean from his creation, either (1) to keep one Act, or (2) to print a Dissertation composed by himself in Latin or English on some subject connected with Biblical Criticism, Exegesis, or History, or with the Evidences of Christianity, or with Dogmatic Theology, or with (Ecclesiastical History, Literature, or Antiquities. 2. The Act shall be...

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