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Parsons College saved my life.. just after this Life article I left school at the end of the semester, 1966.. transfered to Univ of Miami.. where I got my degree and achieved a successful career in Mass Communications.. So I messed up my freshman year at a Big Ten school and got bounced.. which nearly landed me in the Army.. but Parsons gave me a chance to get it back together.. studies and fun.. I even appeared in my first theatrical performance at Parsons.. this article was a complete smear.. but I do know the whole story.. what actually took place.. a reporter and photographer were sent to our campus and commisioned to write it.. One night they got "hammered" and embarassed at a local fraternity party.. the reporter then wrote two versions of this artlcle.. submitted one to the college and the "Hackjob" that appeared in this issue.. I will never forget my parents reaction when they read it.. I was fortunate enough to miss being in the photo showing many of my friends wearing former collegiate sweatshirts.. they paid these guys to wear them for a "fun group shot".. how about that crap?.. well they did it.. it's been nearly 46 years.. but I still have vivid memories.. I still say BS.. and have finally found a way to vent..after reading this article again.. Thanks again to Doc Bob and the little school in the middle of Iowa's cornfields.. it may be gone.. but not forgotten by those of us who enjoyed being there..  

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