Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages

Ernest Flagg Henderson
George Bell and sons, 1905 - 477 páginas

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Página 357 - I say to thee that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Página 464 - SHARPE (S.) The History of Egypt, from the Earliest Times till the Conquest by the Arabs, AD 640.
Página 445 - Cribbage, Loo, Vingt-et-un, Napoleon, Newmarket, Pope Joan, Speculation, &c., &c. BOND'S A Handy Book of Rules and Tables for verifying Dates with the Christian Era, &c. Giving an account of the Chief Eras and Systems used by various Nations ; with the easy Methods for determining the Corresponding Dates. By JJ Bond. 5*.
Página 450 - DONALDSON'S The Theatre of the Greeks. A Treatise on the History and Exhibition of the Greek Drama. With numerous Illustrations and 3 Plans. By John William Donaldson, DD 5*. DRAPER'S History of the Intellectual Development of Europe.
Página 460 - IV. — Philebus, Charmides. Laches, Menexenus, Hippias, Ion, The Two Alcibiades, Theages, Rivals, Hipparchus, Minos, Clitopho, Epistles. Translated by G. Burges. V — The Laws. Translated by G. Burges. VI.— The Doubtful Works. Translated by G. Burges. Summary and Analysis of the Dialogues. With Analytica'.
Página 465 - Histories of the Church from AD 332 to AD 427 ; and from AD 431 to AD 544. Translated from the Greek. 5^.
Página 460 - PICKERING'S History of the Races of Man, and their Geographical Distribution. With AN ANALYTICAL SYNOPSIS OF THE NATURAL HISTORY OF MAN by Dr.
Página 392 - John, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine...
Página 454 - Notes on. Original and Selected from the best Commentators. By DW Turner, MA With Coloured Map. ',s. Analysis and Summary of By JT Wheeler. 5*.
Página 462 - RUSSIA. History of, from the earliest Period, compiled from the most authentic sources by Walter K. Kelly. With Portraits. 2 vols. y. 6d. each. SALLUST, FLORUS, and VELLEIUS PATERCULUS. Translated by JSWatson, MA Ss. SCHILLER'S Works. Translated by various hands. 7 vols. 3*. each: — I.— History of the Thirty Years

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