Lady's and Gentleman's Diary

Company of Stationers., 1841

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Página 70 - ... the points of intersection of the three pairs of opposite sides, of a hexagon inscribed in a conic, lie in one straight line.
Página 49 - The simple modifications are thus named and defined. 1. Cirrus. Parallel, flexuous, or diverging fibres, extensible in any or in all directions. 2- Cumulus. Convex or conical heaps, increasing upwards from a horizontal base. 3. Stratus.
Página 57 - Three times the sum of the squares of the sides of a triangle is equal to four times the sum of the squares of the medians.
Página 68 - It is with the deepest regret that we have to record the lamented death of Dr. Gregory, late editor of the Ladies
Página 46 - In one hand he bore a branch of laurel, and in the other a truncheon. He was carried in a magnificent chariot, adorned with ivory and plates of gold, usually drawn by two white horses, although sometimes by other animals, such as elephants, lions, tigers, and deer.
Página 51 - ... 1. GIVEN the three angles of a plane triangle, and the radius of its inscribed circle, to determine its sides. 2. The specific gravities of two fluids, which will not mix, are to each other as n : 1, compare the quantities which must be poured into a cylindrical tube, whose length is (a) inches, that the pressures on the concave surfaces of the tube, which are in contact with the fluids, may be equal. 3. Determine that point in the arc of a quadrant from which two lines being drawn, one to the...
Página 74 - A hemisphere oscillates about a horizontal axis which coincides with a diameter of the base ; it is required to prove that if the plane of the base at the commencement of motion be inclined to that of the horizon at an angle of 60°, the maximum pressure on the axis is to the weight of the hemisphere as 173 to 128.
Página 45 - ... presume that gleaning in the harvest-field is not an hereditary right of the poor. I believe it is not sanctioned by the English law, but is practised by suffrance only, of the occupier of the land. It is stated in the * Ency. Brit.' that by the customs of some countries, particularly those of Melun and Estampes in France, all farmers and others are forbid, by themselves or servants, to put any cattle into the fields, or prevent the gleaning in any manner whatever, for the space of twentyfour...
Página 73 - A particle is projected from a given point, in a given direction, and with a given velocity...
Página 21 - Die for thy country ! Thou romantic fool ! Seize, seize the plank thyself, and let her sink : Thy country ! what to thee ? — The GOdhead, what ? (I speak with awe!) though He should bid thee bleed?

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