Pronunciation of English Vowels, 1400-1700

W. Zachrissons boktryckeri, 1913 - 232 páginas

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Página 20 - The French Garden : for English Ladyes and Gentlewomen to walke in. Or, A Sommer dayes labour. Being an instruction for the attayning vnto the knowledge of the French tongue...
Página 161 - ... affectation. The solemn pronunciation, though " by no means immutable and permanent, is yet always less remote from the orthography, and less " liable to. capricious innovation. They have, however, generally formed their tables according to " the cursory speech of those with whom they happened to converse, and, concluding that the " whole nation combines to vitiate language in one manner, have often established the jargon of the " lowest of the people as the model of speech.
Página 166 - Whereof and of this my treatise the summe, effect, and ende is one. Which is, to vse as many letters in our writing, as we doe voyces or breathes in our speaking, and no more ; and neuer to abuse one for another, and to write as we speake : which we must needes doe if we will euer haue our writing perfite.
Página 160 - Most of the writers of English grammar have given long tables of words pronounced otherwise than they are written; and seem not sufficiently to have considered, that, of English, as of all living tongues, there is a double pronunciation; one cursory and colloquial; the other, regular and solemn.
Página 20 - çauoir : and not after the rate of the english word ale, for if a Frenchman should write it according to the English sound, hee would write it in this wise esl and sound it as if there were no >." This passage seems to indicate clearly that French a was rather (aa) than (AA).
Página 182 - All Grammars are rules of common speech: yet I have not been guided by our vulgar pronunciation, but by that of London and our Universities, where the language is purely spoken...
Página 120 - A. ought to be pronounced from the bottom of the stomak and all openly. E. a lytell hyer in the throte there proprely where the englysshe man soundeth his...
Página 120 - ... which ought to make French я = (a) ; " your e, as ye do in latyn, almost as brode as ye pronounce your a in englysshe.
Página 171 - While nothing was set down in writing, sound and his complices were in hope of som recouerie, which hope was cut of, when the writings were made, and the conditions set certain. The notarie to cut of all these controuersies, and to brede a perpetuall quietnesse in writing, was Art, which gathering al those roming rules, that...
Página 14 - Ch se sonnent quasy comme s'il y auoit vn T deuant le C, et faut auant que les prononcer, coucher la langue ferme contre le pallaix, et en la retirant fair ouir vostre Ch" sollen nach Spira auf die eigenartige artikulation des englischen t deuten.