Universal Science Or the Cabinet of Nature and Art, Comprising Above One Thousand Entertaining and Instructive Facts and Experiments, Volumen2

G. et W.B. Whittaker, 1821

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Página 12 - And they said, Go to, let us build us a city, and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven ; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
Página 82 - The works of those who have stood the test of ages, have a claim to that respect and veneration to which no modern can pretend.
Página 182 - My lord (quoth the king), presently deposit your hundred pounds in gold, or else no going hence all the days of your life. I have been your physician, to cure you of your squeezie stomach, and here, as I deserve, I demand my fee for the same.
Página 12 - The upper stories have been forcibly broken down, and fire has been employed as an instrument of destruction, though it is not easy to say precisely how or why. The facing of fine bricks has partly been removed, and partly covered by the falling down of the mass which it supported and kept together.
Página 85 - ... wall. The artist who has his mind thus filled with ideas, and his hand made expert by practice, works with ease and readiness; whilst he who would have you believe that he is waiting for the inspirations of genius, is in reality at a loss how to begin; and is at last delivered of his monsters with difficulty and pain.
Página 192 - Constantinople ; that many cities of the East were left vacant; and that in several districts of Italy the harvest and the vintage withered on the ground. The triple scourge of war, pestilence, and famine, afflicted the subjects of Justinian, and his reign is disgraced by a visible decrease of the human species, which has never been repaired in some of the fairest countries of the globe.136 136 After some figures of rhetoric, the sands of the sea, &c.
Página 47 - It is composed of seven square inclosures, one within the other, the walls of which are twenty-five feet high, and four thick. These inclosures are three hundred and fifty feet distant from one another, and each has four large gates, with a high tower ; which are placed, one in the middle of each side of the inclosure, and opposite to the four cardinal points. The outward wall is near four miles in circumference...
Página 190 - Justinian and his successors,88 first appeared in the neighborhood of Pelusium, between the Serbonian bog and the eastern channel of the Nile. From thence, tracing as it were a double path, it spread to the East, over Syria, Persia, and the indies, and penetrated to the West, along the coast of Africa, and over the continent of Europe. In the spring of the second year, Constantinople...
Página 352 - Turkish robe which covers them is raised ; so that the construction both of the figure and chest internally is displayed. In this state the automaton is moved round for the examination of the spectators ; and to banish all suspicion from the most sceptical mind, that any living subject is concealed within any part of it, the exhibitor introduces a lighted candle into the body of the chest and figure, by which the interior of each is, in a great measure, rendered transparent, and the most secret comer...
Página 182 - Tower, kept close prisoner, fed for a short time with bread and water. Yet not so empty his body of food as his mind was filled with fears, creating many suspicions to himself, when and how he had incurred the king's displeasure. At last a sirloin of beef was set before him, on which the abbot fed as the farmer of his grange, and verified the proverb that ' Two hungry meals make the third a glutton.' In springs King Henry out of a private lobby where he had placed himself, the invisible spectator...

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