Collected Studies in Greek and Latin Scholarship

University Press, 1913 - 372 páginas
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Página 167 - O LORD : let them fall away like water that runneth apace ; and when they shoot their arrows let them be rooted out. 7 Let them consume away like a snail, and be like the untimely fruit of a woman ; and let them not see the sun. 8 Or ever your pots be made hot with thorns, so let indignation vex him, even as a thing that is raw.
Página 345 - Carthaginis inpiae] eius, qui domita nomen ab Africa lucratus rediit, clarius indicant 20 laudes, quam Calabrae Piérides; ñeque si chartae sileant, quod bene feceris, mercedem tuleris. quid foret Iliae Mavortisque puer, si taciturnitas obstaret meritis invida Romuli?
Página 325 - Scriberis Vario fortis et hostium Victor Maeonii carminis alite, Quam rem cumque ferox navibus aut equis Miles te duce gesserit.
Página 155 - ... explain to me before, many as were the ordeals to which he had gone forth. He had always departed as if to conquer, not to die. But now, as if he were a doomed man, he told me what portion of his substance I was to take for my dower, and how he would have his sons share their father's land amongst them. And he fixed the time; saying that, when a year and three months should have passed since he had left the country, then he was fated to die; or, if he should have survived that term, to live thenceforth...
Página 223 - A hazardous business... is periphrasis, unless it be handled with discrimination ; otherwise it speedily falls flat, with its odour of empty talk and its swelling amplitude. This is the reason why Plato (who is always strong in figurative language, and at times unseasonably so) is taunted, because in his Laws he says " that neither gold nor silver treasure should be allowed to establish itself and abide in the city.
Página 255 - Dicunt Eiarinon tamen poetae, Sed Graeci, quibus est nihil negatum Et quos 'Ape? "Ape? decet sonare: Nobis non licet esse tam disertis, Qui Musas colimus severiores.
Página 322 - Latinum, barbite, carmen, Lesbio primum modulate civi, qui ferox bello, tamen inter arma sive iactatam religarat udo litore navim, Liberum et musas Veneremque et illi semper haerentem puerum canebat et Lycum nigris oculis nigroque crine decorum.
Página 162 - May he come, may he come! Pause not the manyoared ship that carries him, till he shall have reached this town, leaving the island altar where, as rumour saith, he is sacrificing! Thence may he come, full of desire, steeped in love by the specious device of the robe, on which Persuasion hath spread her sovereign charm!
Página 325 - Conamur tenues grandia, dum pudor Imbellisque lyrae Musa potens vetat ' Laudes egregii Caesaris et tuas Culpa deterere ingeni.
Página 145 - ... Athens at all events not popular. Nowhere, I think, is there a trace of that enthusiasm for the trumpet-call which breaks out so often in modern poetry. Tydeus is indeed likened to ' a horse that waits panting for the sound of the trump...

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