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Same title as no. 543f, but after the words 'à chaque Satire' : & d'une Table des Matières. Ornamental woodcut. A Paris, Chez Saugrain fils, Grand' Salle du Palais, à la Providence. M.DCC XXXVI. 8°. ff. (18) + pp. 356ff. (12). M, BN.

The figure in the frontispiece is as in no. 543 e. I have another copy which is the same page for page, except that on the title page is the name of a different member of the Compagnie des Libraires (see the last leaf), thus: Chez Le Clerc, Quay des Augustins, à la Toifon d'Or.' Mr. Fearing has seen one in the Musée Calvet at Avignon, printed 'A Amsterdam, Par la Compagnie M.DCC.XXXVI. 8°.'

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