Cato major sive, De senectute, Laelius sive De amicitia, et Epistolae selectae

Whittaker & Company, G. Bell, 1884 - 262 páginas

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Página vi - ... the child doubteth in nothing that his master taught him before. After this, the child must take a paper book, and sitting in some place, where no man shall prompt him, by himself, let him translate into English his former lesson. Then showing it to his master, let the master take from him his Latin book, and pausing an hour at the least, then let the child translate his own English into Latin again in another paper book. When the child bringeth it turned into Latin, the master must compare it...
Página 8 - An Elementary Treatise on Mensuration. By BT Moore, MA 5s. ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY AND DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS. An Introduction to Analytical Plane Geometry. By WP Turnbull, MA 8vo. 12s. Problems on the Principles of Plane Co-ordinate Geometry. By W. Walton, MA 8vo. 16s. Trilinear Co-ordinates, and Modern Analytical Geometry of Two Dimensions.
Página 201 - Epistularum genera multa esse non ignoras, sed unum illud certissimum, cuius causa inventa res ipsa est, ut certiores faceremus absentes, si quid esset, quod eos scire aut nostra aut ipsorum interesset.
Página 13 - The New Testament for English Readers. By the late H. Alford, DD Vol. I. Part I. 3rd Edit. 12s. Vol. I. Part II. 2nd Edit. 10s.
Página 15 - Richardson's Philological Dictionary of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Combining Explanation with Etymology, and copiously illustrated by Quotations from the Best Authorities. New Edition, with a Supplement containing additional Words and further Illustrations. In 2 vols.
Página 5 - Crown 8vo. 4s. 6d. Greek Particles and their Combinations according to Attic Usage. A Short Treatise. By FA Paley, MA 2s.
Página xiii - AFTER the child hath learned perfectly the eight parts of speech, let him then learn the right joining together of substantives with adjectives, the noun with the verb, the relative with the antecedent.
Página 17 - Illustration. *The Old Boathouse. Bell and Fan; or, A Cold Dip. *Tot and the Cat. A Bit of Cake. The Jay. The Black Hen's Nest.
Página 5 - CLASSICAL TABLES. Latin Accidence. By the Rev. P. Frost, MA Is. Latin Versification. Is. Notabilia Qusedam ; or the Principal Tenses of most of the Irregular Greek Verbs and Elementary Greek, Latin, and French Construction.
Página viii - Loquendo, male loqui discunt"; and that excellent learned man G. Budaeus, in his Greek commentaries, sore complaineth that when he began to learn the Latin tongue, use of speaking Latin at the table and elsewhere unadvisedly did bring him to such an evil choice of words, to such a crooked framing of sentences, that no one thing did hurt or hinder him more all the days of his life afterward, both for readiness in speaking and also good judgment in writing.

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