Prefatory note. The text. Introduction. Chronology. Genealogical table. A sermon. The sullen lovers. The royal shepherdesse. The humorists

Fortune Press, 1927
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Página 299 - There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip, Nay, her foot speaks ; her wanton spirits look out At every joint and motive of her body. O, these encounterers, so glib of tongue, That give a coasting welcome ere it comes. And wide unclasp the tables of their thoughts To every ticklish reader ! set them down For sluttish spoils of opportunity, And daughters of the game. [Trumpet within. All. The Trojans
Página ccxxv - With lust and violence the house of God? In courts and palaces he also reigns, And in luxurious cities, where the noise Of riot ascends above their loftiest towers, And injury and outrage: and when night Darkens the streets, then wander forth the sons Of Belial, flown with insolence and wine.
Página ccxx - Prepare for death, if here at night you roam. And sign your will before you sup from home.
Página 299 - All that at home no more can beg or steal, Or like a gibbet better than a wheel...
Página 275 - Ben Jonson used to say he had rather have been the author of it than of all his works. Sir Philip Sidney, in his discourse of poetry, speaks of it in the following words : ' I never heard the old song of Percy and Douglas, that I found not my heart more moved than with a trumpet...
Página lxx - I'll only say as I have touched before, that plays have no great room for that which is men's great advantage over women, that is learning; we all well know that the immortal Shakespeare's plays (who was not guilty of much more of this than often falls to women's share) have better pleased the world than Jonson's works...
Página lxviii - Wife. By your leave, gentlemen all ; I'm something troublesome : I'ma stranger here ; I was ne'er at one of these plays, as they say, before; but I should have seen "Jane Shore" once; and my husband hath promised me, any time this twelvemonth, to carry me to " The Bold Beauchamps,
Página lxxxvi - Works do yet impart, Great Proofs of force of Nature, none of Art; With just bold Strokes he dashes here and there, Showing great Mastery, with little Care; Scorning to varnish his good Touches o'er, To make the Fools and Women praise 'em more.
Página liv - To the King's house by chance, where a new play : so full as I never saw it ; I forced to stand all the while close to the very door till I took cold, and many people went away for want of room.
Página xli - Mustapha," before their Majesties at Court, at which I was present, very seldom going to the public theatres for many reasons, now as they were abused to an atheistical liberty, foul and undecent women now (and never till now) permitted to appear and act...

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