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Dr. Bess M. Mensendieck is one of the most interesting persons that I ever met ! She spoke a lot of languages, was lively, quick-speaking and really funny. Some people did not understand her kind of humour, but if you did (and so did I at an age of only 7 years), she was divine !
Apart from her wonderful behaviour, this very tiny little person had a brain so lustrous, that you should not think she had passed her 80'th birthday, when I met her in Aalborg, Denmark, where she litterally spoken transformed 20 heavy housewives into goddesses. She mixed up in everything - their clothing (which was quite necessary as they looked like and behaved as cows !!), their acquaintances, their lives, briefly spoken.
As a child of 6-7 years, I admired Dr. Mensendieck. Although she was a very tiny person, as said before, she had a radiance around her, so that you never ever would forget her, when you once had met her.
Her muscular training [not GYM, if you please !!! ] is exceptionnal. I have performed this system since the age of 5 years, and I have since got some extra knowledge concerning muscles, articulations and so forth, that I am a convinced "Mensendieck-fan". By the way, her husband too was very interested in the "Mensendieck-System". Kind regards, Inger Due, DK.

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