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Who bids me proudly climb and sometimes see
With joy a glimpse of him in glory clad;
Who, further, bids your life be proud and glad,
When I have climb'd and seen, for joy in me.
My lowly-minded, gentle-hearted Love!

I bring you down his gifts, and am sustain'd:
You watch and pray-I climb-he stands above.
So, now the task is ended, what is gain'd?


This knowledge.-Better in your arms to rest, Better to love you till my heart should break, Than pause to ask if he who would be blest Should love for more than his own loving's sake. So closer, closer still; for (while afar,

Mile upon mile toward the polar star,

Now in the autumn time our Poet's dust

Sucks back thro' grassy sods the flowers it thrust To feel the summer on the outer earth)

I turn to you, and on your bosom fall.
Love grows by giving. I have given my all.

So, smile-to show you hold the gift of worth.


Ay, all the thanks that I on earth can render
To him who sends me such good news from God,
Is, in due turn, to thy young life to tender

Hopes that denote, while blossoming in splendour,
Where an invisible Angel's foot hath trode.
So, Sweet-Heart, I have given unto thee,
Not only such poor song as here I twine,
But Hope, Ambition, all of mine or me,
My flesh and blood, and more, my Soul divine.
Take all, take all! Ay, wind white arms about
My neck and from my Soul draw bliss for thine
Smile, Sweet-Heart, and be happy-lest thou doubt
How much the gift I give thee makes thee mine!




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