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Página 11 - Tho' the world could turn from you. This, at least, I learn from you : Beauty and Truth, tho' never found, are worthy to be sought, The singer, upward-springing, Is grander than his singing, And tranquil self-sufficing joy illumes the dark of thought. This, at least, you teach me, In a revelation : That gods still snatch, as worthy death, the soul in its aspiration.
Página 2 - HAYDN'S DICTIONARY; OF DATES, relating to all Ages and Nations. For Universal Reference. Edited by BENJAMIN VINCENT, Assistant Secretary and Keeper of the. Library of the Royal Institution of Great Britain ; and Revised for the Use of American Readers. 8vo, Cloth, $5 00 ; Sheep, $6 00.
Página 162 - ANTONY IN ARMS. Lo, we are side by side ! — One dark arm furls Around me like a serpent -warm and bare ; The other, lifted 'mid a gleam of pearls, Holds a full golden goblet in the air : Her face is shining through her cloudy curls With light that makes me drunken unaware, And with my chin upon my breast I smile Upon her, darkening inward all the while. And thro...
Página 57 - Dusky-leaved, shaggy-rooted, Is a pillow well suited To a hybrid like me, Goat-bearded, goat-footed; For the boughs of the glade Meet above me, and throw A cool, pleasant shade On the greenness below; Dusky and brown'd Close the leaves all around; And yet, all the while, Thro' the boughs I can see A star, with a smile, Looking at me.
Página 7 - SEAMAN'S FRIEND. Containing a Treatise on Practical Seamanship, with Plates ; a Dictionary of Sea Terms ; Customs and Usages of the Merchant Service ; and the American Laws relating to the Practical Duties of Masters and Seamen.
Página 53 - Dian white-arm'd has given me this cool shrine Deep in the bosom of a wood of pine : The silver-sparkling showers That hive me in, the flowers That prink my fountain's brim, are hers and mine ; And when the days are mild and fair, And grass is springing, buds are blowing, Sweet it is, 'mid waters flowing, Here to sit and know no care, 'Mid the waters flowing, flowing, flowing, Combing my yellow, yellow hair. The ounce and panther down the mountain side Creep thro...
Página 56 - So tenderly I keep this cool, green shrine, Deep in the bosom of a wood of pine ; Faithful thro' shade and sun, That service due and done May haply earn for me a place divine Among the white-robed deities That thread thro' starry paths, attending My sweet Lady, calmly wending Thro' the silence of the skies, Changing in hues of beauty never ending, Drinking the light of Dian's eyes.
Página 83 - I HIDE myself in the cloud that flies From the west and drops on the hill's gray shoulder, And I gleam thro' the cloud with my panther-eyes, While the stars turn paler, the dews grow colder ; I veil my naked glory in mist, Quivering downward and dewily glistening, Till his sleep is as pale as my lips unkist, And I tremble above him, panting and listening. As white as a star; as cold as a stone, Dim as my light in a sleeping lake, With his head on his arm he lieth alone. And I sigh " Awake ! Wake,...
Página 163 - ... curls With light that makes me drunken unaware, And with my chin upon my breast I smile Upon her, darkening inward all the while. And thro' the chamber curtains, backward roll'd By spicy winds that fan my fever'd head, I see a sandy flat slope yellow as gold To the brown banks of Nilus wrinkling red In the slow sunset ; and mine eyes behold The West, low down beyond the river's bed, Grow sullen, ribb'd with many a brazen bar, Under the white smile of the Cyprian star.
Página 164 - tis a hero's task to kiss away! And then she loosens from me, trembling still Like a bright throbbing robe, and bids me "Go!"^ When pearly tears her drooping eyelids fill, And her swart beauty whitens into snow; And lost to use of life and hope and will, I gaze upon her with a warrior's woe, And turn, and watch her sidelong in annoy — Then snatch her to me, flushed with shame and joy.

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