A Manual of Style

University of Chicago Press, 1911
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Página 66 - For an ellipsis at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a sentence four periods, separated by a space (en-quad), should ordinarily be used, except in very narrow measures.
Página 104 - O, when I am safe in my sylvan home, I tread on the pride of Greece and Rome; And when I am stretched beneath the pines, Where the evening star so holy shines, I laugh at the lore and the pride of man, At the sophist schools, and the learned clan; For what are they all, in their high conceit, When man in the bush with God may meet?
Página 42 - Aurea prima sata est aetas, quae vindice nullo, sponte sua, sine lege fidem rectumque colebat. poena metusque aberant nec verba minantia fixo aere legebantur nec supplex turba timebat iudicis ora sui, sed erant sine vindice tuti.
Página 58 - But inasmuch as the cultivation in ourselves of a sensitive feeling on the subject of veracity is one of the most useful, and the enfeeblement of that feeling one of the most hurtful, things to which our conduct can be instrumental...
Página 15 - The earth hath kindness, The sea, the starry poles ; Earth, sea, and sky, and God above — But, ah, not human souls ! ' In summer, on the headlands, The Baltic Sea along, Sits Neckan with his harp of gold, And sings this plaintive song.
Página 67 - He trode the unplanted forest floor, whereon The all-seeing sun for ages hath not shone; Where feeds the moose, and walks the surly bear, And up the tall mast runs the woodpecker. He saw beneath dim aisles, in odorous beds, The slight...
Página 81 - English : mu-cha-cho, ba-ta-lla, bu-116, ba-rre-no, ci-ga-rro; ac-ce-so, ac-ci-on, en-no-ble-cer, in-ne-ga-ble. • c) The liquid consonants I and r, when preceded by any consonant other than s, must not be separated from that consonant, except in uniting parts of compound words: ha-blar, po-dria, ce-le-bra-ci-on, si-glo; but sub-lu-nar, sub-ra-yar, es-la-bon.
Página 104 - No man is born into the world, whose work Is not born with him; there is always work, And tools to work withal, for those who will; And blessed are the horny hands of toil! The busy world shoves angrily aside The man who stands with arms akimbo set, Until occasion tells him what to do; And he who waits to have his task marked out Shall die and leave his errand unfulfilled.
Página 60 - An apostrophe is used to mark the omission of a letter or letters in the contraction of a word, or of figures in a number: ne'er, don't, 'twas, "takin' me 'at"; m'fg; the class of '96.
Página 57 - Men lose their high aspirations as they lose their intellectual tastes, because they have not time or opportunity for indulging them, and they addict themselves to inferior pleasures, not because they deliberately prefer them, but because they are either the only ones to which they have access or the only ones which they are any longer capable of enjoying.

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