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Página 577 - Monosyllables, and words accented on the last syllable, when they end with a single consonant preceded by a single vowel, double their final consonant before an additional syllable that begins with a vowel : as, rob, robber ; permit, permitt,ng.
Página 11 - ... the other. The same qualities, which raised him to the ascendency he possessed over the will of a nation as the commander of armies and chief magistrate, caused him to be loved and respected as an individual. Wisdom, judgment, prudence, and firmness were his predominant traits. No man ever saw more clearly the relative importance of things and actions, or divested himself more entirely of the bias of personal interest, partiality, and prejudice, in discriminating between the true and the false,...
Página 273 - Intercalary, tn-ter-kal'J-re. a. inserted out of the common order to preserve the equation of time, as the 29th of February, in a leap-year is an Intercalary day Intercalate, In-ter'ka-Ute. ra to insert an extraordinary day Intercalation, in-tfr-ka-U'shftn. s. insertion of days out of the ordinary reckoning Intercede, Jn-Ur-seed'.
Página 11 - ... pillars should fall, and its gorgeous decorations be all covered by the dust of the valley. All these might be rebuilt. But who shall reconstruct the fabric of demolished government? Who shall rear again the well-proportioned columns of constitutional liberty? Who shall frame together the skilful architecture which unites national sovereignty with State rights, individual security, and public prosperity?
Página 11 - Let us trust to the virtue and the intelligence of the people, and to the efficacy of religious obligation. Let us trust to the influence of Washington's example. Let us hope that that fear of Heaven, which expels all other fear, and that regard to duty, which transcends all other regard, may influence public men and private citizens and lead our country still onward in her happy career. Full of these gratifying anticipations and hopes, let us look forward to the end of that century which is now...
Página 248 - In the ancient Roman calendar the 15th day of March. May. July, and October, and the 13th day of the other months.
Página 76 - A blank paper, a paper to be filled up with such conditions as the person to whom it is sent thinks proper.
Página 144 - The line which, passing through the centre of a circle, or other curvilinear figure, divides it into equal part*.
Página 40 - See Art. The limb which reaches from the hand to the shoulder ; the large bough of a tree ; an inlet of water from the sea ; power, might, as the secular arm.
Página 35 - Aphaeresis is the taking of a letter or syllable from the beginning of a word ; as, 'n'eath for beneath; 'gainst for against. " But his courage 'gan fail, For no arts could avail.

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