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122 pp.

Bowditch (Nathaniel)-continued.

Boyd (Joseph B.) Boyd's hand-book of Cina complete reckoning at sea, [etc.] 590 pp. cinnati. Being a complete guide to the city ; 1 l. 80. Newburyport, Mass. E. M. Blunt, its public buildings illustrated ; its railroad, for W. R. Wilder, 1802.

steamboat, stage, and omnibus lines; its
The same.
8, xx, 289,


hotels; its public resorts ; its churches; its 14 pl. 89. Washington, government print, parks ; briefly, Cincinnati as it is, and the 1868.

way to find it. Spring, 1869. 130 pp. 25 pl. The same.

Useful tables, from the 18o. Cincinnati, J. B. Boyd, 1869. “ Practical navigator.” A new edition, with Boyd (Mrs. Mary D. R.) Barby's shuttlo, additional tables. 92 1. 80. Washington,

and what it wrought. 169 pp. 2 pl. 180. government print, 1868.

Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869. Bowler (Rev. George). Chapel and church Stepping-stones over the brook. 262 pp.

architecture, with designs for parsonages. 3 pl. 18o. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1 p. 1. 15 pp. 171. 41 pl. folio. Boston, J. P.

1869. Jewett &. co. 1856.

Boyer (Lieut. —). A journal of Wayne's camBowles (Samuel). The Pacific railroad-open.

paign. Being an authentic daily record of How to go : what to see. Guide for travel

the most important occurrences during the to and through western America.

campaign of major general Anthony Wayne 16o. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869.

against the northwestern Indians, commencThe Switzerland of America. A sum

ing the 28th July and ending on the 2d Nomer vacation in the parks and mountains of

vember, 1794 ; including an account of the Colorado. 166 pp. 169. Springfield, (Mass.)

great battle of August 20. 23 pp. 4o. CinS. Boules & co. 1869.

cinnati, J. F. Uhlhorn, 1866. Boyce (William). Cathedral music; being a

(With JACOB (John J.) Life of captain Cresap). collection in score of the most valuable and

Boyle (Frederick). A ride across a continent : useful compositions for that service, by the

a personal narrative of wanderings through soveral English masters, of the last two hun

Nicaragua and Costa Rica. 2 v. xxviii, dred years. The whole selected and care

Lonfully revised. 2d ed. 3 v. fol. London,

299 pp. 1 pl; vii, 297 pp. 1 pl. 12o.

don, R. Bentley, 1868. J. Ashley, 1788. Boyd (Andrew, compiler). Boyd's business Boyle (Roger, earl of Orrery). Parthenissa, directory of cities and villages between Bos

that most fam'd romance. The six volumes ton and Albany, on the line of the Boston

compleat. 2 p. 1. 808 pp. fol. London, H. and Albany railway, 1869-70. With an ap

Herringman, 1676. pendix. 8o. Albany, (N. Y.) C. Van Ben- Boys (Thomas Shotter). Original views of thuysen & sons, 1869.

London as it is, [etc.] With historical and Boyd's business directory of over one descriptive notices of the views, by Charles hundred cities and villages in New York Ollier. 2 p. 1. 26 l. 26 pl. fol. London, T. state, together with post offices, post masters'

Boys, 1842. names, money.order post offices, and tele- Boys at Sandover; or, life in a public institugraph and express stations throughout the tion. [anon.] 264 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Bosstate, [etc.] 1869–70. 884 pp. 89. Albany, ton, congregational s. s. and publ. soc. [1868].

(N. Y.) C. H. Van Benthuysen & Sons, 1869. Brace (Charles Loring). The new west: or, Boyd (Andrew and W. Harry). Boyd's di- California in 1867–68. 373 pp. 12o. New

rectory of Elizabeth, Rahway, and Plain- York, G. P. Putnam & son, 1869.
field, with a business directory of Union Brachet (J. L. m. d.) Recherches sur la
county, 1868–69. 348 pp. 120. Elizabeth, nature et le siège de l'hystérie et de l'hypo-
A. & W. H. Boyd, 1868.

chondrie, et sur l'analogie et les différences de Boyd (Mrs. E. E.) Jack Bryson. 211 pp. 3 ces deux maladies. 178 pp. 8o. Paris, pl. 189. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869. Gabon, 1832.

Lily's looking glasses. 102 pp. 2 pl. (MEDICAL pamphlets, v. 4). 189. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869. Traité complet de l'hypochondrie; ou

Mary Morne and her friend. 197 pp. vrage couronné par l'académie royale de 2 pl. 189. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. médecine. xx, 739 pp. 1 tab. 89. Paris, 1868.

J. B. Baillière, 1844.




384 pp;

160 pp.

Brackenbury (Capt. Charles Booth). Euro-Bradley (Mrs. M. E.) and Neily (Kate J.)

pean armaments in 1867. Based upon letters The proverb series. v. 1-3. 16o. Boston, reprinted, by permission, from “The times." Lee 8: Shepard, 1869. viii, 143 pp. 12o. London, Chapman & Hall, 1867.

v. 1. Birds of a feather. By mrs. Bradley. 233 pp. Brackenridge (Henry M.) Recollections of

3 pl.

v.2. Fine feathers do not make fine birds. By Kato persons and places in the west. 2d ed. en- J. Neily. 1 p.1. 174 pp. 3 pl.

v. 3. Handsome is that handsome does. By mrs. larged. 331 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Bradley. I p. 1. 323 pp. 3 pl. Lippincott & co. 1868.

Bradley (W.J.) After years. A sequel to Reise nach Südamerika. Unternommen

Culm rock. By Glance Gaylord. [pseudon.] auf befehl der amerikanischen regierung in

324 pp. 3 pl. 12o. Boston, H. Hoyt, 1867. den jahren 1817 und 1818 auf der fregatte

Bright nook; or, aunt Maggie's corner. Congress. Aus dem Englischen. 2 v. iv,

By Glance Gaylord. (pseudon.] 138 pp. 2 1

p. 1. 452 pp. 80. Leipzig, G. I. Göschen, 1821.

pl. 18o. New York, Carlton f. Porter, 1866. Bradbury (William B.) Bradbury's fresh

Culm rock, the story of a year. What laurels for the sabbath schools. A new and

it brought and what it taught. By Glance extensive collection of music and hymns.

Gaylord. [pseudon.] 432 pp. 4 pl. 16o. obl. 16o. Nero York, Biglow &

Boston, H. Hoyt, [1867 ]. Main, [1867).

Donald Deane and his cross. By Glanco Bright jewels for the sunday school. Gaylord. [pseudon.] 390 pp. 3 pl. 16o. A new collection of sunday school songs.

Boston, Mass. s. s. soc. [1867). rev. R. Lowry, editor, [etc.] 160 pp. obl. 16o. Gay cottage. By Glance Gaylord. New York, Biglow & Main, [1869).

[pseudon.] 144 pp. 1 pl. 18o. Boston, AmeriThe new golden trio; or, Bradbury's cun tract society, 1866. golden series of Sabbath school melodies,

Gilbert's last summer at Rainford, and comprising the “New golden chain,"? "New

what it taught. By Glance Gaylord. (pseugolden shower," and "Golden censer.” 126

don.] 328 pp. 4 pl. 16o. Boston, Grates pp. 31. obl. 16o. New York, W. B. Brad

& Young, 1868. bury, 1866.

(RAINFORD series, no. 2). The singing bird ; or, progressive music

Gilbert Starr and his lessons. By Glance reader, [etc.] 176 pp. obl. 8o. New York,

Gaylord. [pseudon.] 383 pp. 4 pl. 16o. Newman & Irison, 1852.

Boston, A. F. Grares, 1868.
The victory: a new collection of sacred

(RAINFORD series, no. 1). and secular music. 400 pp, 1 portrait. obl.

Jack Arcombe. The story of a waif. So. New York, Biglow & Main, (1869).

By Glance Gaylord. [pseudon.] 306 pp. Bradbury (William F.) Eaton's elementary 4 pl. 16o. Boston, A. F. Graves, 1868.

algebra, designed for the use of high schools (RAINFORD series, no. 4). and academies.

120. Boston,

Mr. Pendleton's cup. A story for boys. Taggard & Thompson, 1868.

By Glance Gaylord. [pseudon.] 248 pp. [Eaton's mathematical series).

16o. Boston, H. A. Young & co. The same. Key to Eaton's elementary

[1868]. algebra, giving answers to the examples.

Patience Hathaway. Her friends and 28 pp. 12o. Boston, Taggard & Thompson,

her enemies, and how she returned them good 1869.

for evil. By Glance Gaylord. (pseudon.] Bradford (Rev. John). Writings. Contain

370 pp. 4 pl. . 16o. Boston, H. A. Young & ing letters, treatises, remains. Edited by

co. [1868]. A. Townsend. xlviii, 432 pp. 89. Cam

Will Rood's friendship. By Glance bridge, university press, 1853.

Gaylord. (pseudon.] 254 pp. 4 pl. 16o. [PARKER society publications).

Boston, Grares & Young, 1867. Bradford (Oliver K.) Guilty or not guilty ; [RAINFORD series, no. 3). or, an appeal to the people. 89 pp. 1 por

Willie's conquest. By Glance Gay. trait. 80. Boston, J. E. Farwell & co. lord. (pseudon.] 74 pp. 1 pl. 24°. New York, 1869,

Carlton g. Porter, 1866.


252 PP.

3 pl.





216 pp.

Bradshaw's monthly continental railway, Bravo (Felipe). Dictionario de las islas

steam transit, and general guide, for travellers Filipinas. See Buzeta (Manuel) and Bravo through Europe. October, 1869. sm. 4o. Lou- (Felipe). don, W.J. Adams, 1869,

Brayley (Edward Wedlake) and Herbert Brady (Matthew B.) Brady's national pho- (William). Syr Reginalde; or, the black

tographic collection of war views, and por- tower. A romance of the twelfth century. traits of representative men: New York and With tales and other poems.

2 p.1. 168 Washington, D. C. 140 pp. 120. Nero pp. 5 pl. 16o. London, J. Swan, 1803. York, C. A. Alcord, 1869.

Brayton (Mary Clark) and Terry (Ellen F.) Brady (Nicholas, d. d.) and Tate (Nahum).

Our acre and its harvest. Historical sketch A new version of the psalms of David,

of the soldiers' aid society of northern Ohio. fitted to the tunes used in the churches. 210,

Cleveland branch of the United States sanix pp. 189. London, E. James, 1755.

tary commission. 511 pp. 1 map. 8 pl. 80. (With CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Book of common 1753. Imperfect; wanting all after page

Cleveland, Fairbanks, Benedict & co. 1869. 210). The same.

180, London,

Part 1. General history, by M. C. Brayton. company of stationers, 1771.

Part 2. Special relief, by E. F. Terry. [With CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Book of common Brazer (John, d. d.) Sermons. xvi, 367 prayer. 1766). The same. Ist Worcester ed. 358 pp.

pp. 12o. Boston, W. Crosby & H. P.

Nichols, 1849. 24°. Worcester, (Mass.) I. Thomas, 1788.

Bread (The) of life. By a sunday school Bragge (Robert). Church discipline accord

teacher. [anon.] 80 pp. 180. Boston, ing to its ancient standard, as it was practiced

American tract society, [1868]. in primitive times. 183 pp. 120. New

Breckenridge (Rev. John) and Miller London, T. Green, 1768.

(Samuel, d. d.) A memorial of mrs. Margaret Brainard (John Gardner Calkins). Poems.

Breckenridge. In two parts. Part 1. MeA new and authentic collection, with an

moir, and funeral sermon. Part 2. Letters original memoir of his life. 221 pp. 2 pl.

to her surviving children. 2 parts in 1 v. 16o. Hartford, S. Andrus & son, 1817. Braithwaite (W. and J. editors). See Retro

90 pp. 1 portrait; 103 pp. 129. Philadel.

phia, W. S. Martien, 1839. spect (The) of medicine.

Breed (Reo. William P. d.d.) Jenny GedBrandt (Johann Friedrich). Symbolæ sire

des ; or, presbyterianism and its great connologice fasciculus i et iii. Sireniorum, pachydermatum, zeuglodontum et cetaceo

flict with despotism, 480 pp. 160. Philarum ordinis osteologia comparata, nec non

delphia, presbyterian board of publication,

[1869). sireniorum generum monographiæ. 3 p.1.

The prisoners. 288 pp. 3 pl.

180. 384 pp. 9 pl. 4°. Petropoli, 1861-68. s.

Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publica(Extrait des mémoires de l'académie impériale des sciences).

tion, [1868]. Brassart (-, secretary of the hospitals of Bremen (Venerandum ministerium). Neues

Douai). Notes historiques sur les hôpitaux bremisches psalm- und gesangbuch zur öfet établissemens de charité de la ville de fentlichen und besondern erbauung der reforDouai. vii, 368 pp. 1 pl. 8o. Douai, A. mirten stadt- und landgemeinen, [etc.] Neud'Aubers, 1842.

este ausgabe. xvi, 448, 44 pp. 16o. Bremen, Brauer (Dr. Friedrich). Neuropteren. 105 pp. 1802. 2 1. 2 pl. 4°. Wien, 1868.

s. Brent (Linda). Incidents in the life of a [In WÜLLERSTORF-URBAIR (B. von). Reise der

slave girl. Written by herself. Edited by Novara, v. 2, abth, 1, A). Brauns (Ernst Ludwig). Amerika und die

Lydia Maria Child. 306 pp. 12o. Boston, moderne völkerwanderung. Nebst einer dar

for the author, 1861. stellung der gegenwärtig zu Economy am

Brentano (Bettine). See Arnim (Bettine Ohio angesiedelten Harmoniegesellschaft,

von). [etc.] xvi, 400 pp. 1 portrait. 12o. Pots-Bresse (-, prof. à l'école des ponts et chaus. dam, H. Vogler, 1833.

sées). Hydraulic motors. From the French Brave (The) heart. By Fleta. [pseudon.]

Cours de mécanique appliquée, by F. A. 216 pp. 3 pl. 189. Philadelphia, presby.

Mahan. Revised by D. H. Mahan, 11.d. 165 terian board of publication, [1868].

pp. 2 pl. 8o. Nero York, J. Wiley & son, 1869.

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216 pp.

Breton (Nicholas). The court and country; Breynat (Jules). Les socialistes depuis fév

or, a briefe discourse dialogue-wise set downe rier. 3e éd. 304 pp. 1 l. 160. Paris, Garbetweene a courtier and a country-man. nier, 1850. Contayning the manner and condition of Briand (P. César). Le livre de poche du their lives, [etc.] Also, necessary notes

voyageur en France, [etc.] xxxii, 192 pp. for a covrtier. 4°. London, G. Eld for 1.

1 map. 320. Paris, Lavigne, [1833). Wright, 1618. Reprinted, London, Roxburghe Bridger (N.) Stenographie and cry[p]tolibrary, 1868.

graphie; or, the arts of short-hand and secret(In HAZLITT (W. C.) Inedited tracts, etc. pp. 168– 211. ROXBURGHE library).

writing, [etc. anon.] 6 p. 1. 66 pp. 24 pl. 18o. Bretos or Vretos (Andreas Papadopoulos). London, author, 1659.

Neoanvien olo2oyla, ntou kataloyos TWV Bridgman (William). Translations from the απο πτωσεως της βυζαντινης αυτοκρατοριας Greek, viz. Aristotle's synopsis of the virtues μεχρι εγκαθιδρύσεως της εν Ελλαδι βασιλειας and vices. The similitudes of Demophilus. τυπωθεντων βιβλιων παρΕλληνων εις την The golden sentences of Democrates. And ομιλουμενην, η εις την αρχαιαν Ελληνικης the Pythagoric symbols, with the explanaγλωσσαν, με βιβλιογραφικας και κριτικας tions of Jamblichus. (With] the Pythagoric σημειωσεις περι των αξιων λογου συγγραμ- sentences of Demophilus, by T. Taylor. Matov. 2 v. 70', pp. 11, 272 pp; is', 364 pp. xvi, 135 pp. 12o. London, W. Bridgman, 2 1. 80. Εν Αθήναις, τυποις Φ. Καραμινη 1804. και Κ. Βαφα, 1854-57.


Brief (A) and impartial history of the life and Bretschneider (Carl Gottlieb). Die grund

actions of Andrew Jackson, president of the lage des evangelischen pietismus ; oder, die

United States. By a free man. [anon.] lehren von Adams fall, der erbsünde, und

16o. Boston, Stimpson & Clapp, dem opfer Christi, [etc.) xii, 426 pp. 1 1.

1831. 8o. Leipzig, F. C. Il'. Vogel, 1833.

Briefe in die heimath, geschrieben zwischen Heinrich und Antonio, oder die pro

October 1829 und May 1830, während einer selyten der römischen und der evangelischen

reise über Frankreich, England, und die kirche, 2e auflage. xii, 308 pp. 89. Go

Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerica nach tha, J. Perthes, 1827.

Mexico. [anon.] x, 201 pp. 89.

StuttDie religiöse glaubenslehre nach der

gart, und Tübingen, J. G. Colla, 1835. vernunft und der offenbarung für denkende

(REISEN und landesbeschreibungen, 6e auflage). leser dargestellt. 2° aufl. viii, 406 pp. 80. Brieven over het bestuur der colonien EsseHalle, Schwetschke & sohn, 1843.

quebo en Demerary. Gewisseld tusschen de Systematische entwickelung aller in der

heeren Aristodemus en Sincerus. Nevens dogmatik vorkommenden begriffe nach den

bylagen, tot deeze briefwisseling, en eene symbolischen schriften der evangelisch-lu

voorreden van den nederlandschen uitgeever. therischen kirche, [etc.] Nebst der litera

[anon.] 12 v. 84. Amsterdam, W. Holtrop, tur, [etc.] über alle theile der dogmatik. 3e

1785–88. auflage. xvi, 870 pp. 1 l. Leipzig, Bright (Mrs. A. M.) The three Bernices; or, J. 4. Barth, 1825.

Ansermo of the crag. 380 pp. 12°. PhilaBrewster (Anne M. H.) Compensation; or,

delphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1869. always a future. 2d ed.


Bright (John). Speeches on questions of pubPhiladelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1870.

Jic policy. Edited by James E. Thorold Brewster (Rev. John) Meditations for the

Rogers. 2 v. xix, 535 pp. 1 portrait; vii, aged ; adapted to the progress of human

567 pp. 89. London, Macmillan f. co. 1868. life. 3d ed. viii, 435 pp. 89. London, F. Brion (G.) Illustrations to “Les misérables, ": C. f. J. Rivington, 1814.

of Victor Hugo. Scenes and characters phoMeditations for penitents, and for those

tographed by A. A. Turner, after the original engaged in the important duty of self-exam

designs of G. Brion. 8 pp. 26 pl. 4o. ination. xxviii, 366 pp. 89. London, F.

New York, Carlton, 18633, C. & J. Rivington, 1813.

Brisbin (Gen. James S.) The lives of Ulysses The meditations of a recluse; chiefly S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax. 437 pp. 2 on religious subjects. 4th ed. viii, 387 pp. portraits. 169. Cincinnati, C. F. Vent &co. 3o. London, F. C. f. J. Rivington, 1816. 1869.


322 pp.



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Brisée. [anon.] 255 pp. 120. Philadelphia, British museum- - continued.
J. B. Lippincott & co. 1862.

Catalogue of diurnal lepidoptera of the
Brisson (Pierre Raymond de). Historia do family satyridæ in the collection of the Brit-

ish museum. naufragio, e cativeiro de mr. de Brisson, com

By Arthur Gardiner Butler, a descripção dos desertos d'Africa, desde o vi, 211 pp. 5 pl. 89. London, by order of Senegal, até Marrocos: escrita, e publicada

the trustees, 1868. por elle mesmo em 1789 ; mas agora tradu- Catalogue of the specimens of blattazida em portuguez, [etc.] 265 pp. 31. 18o. riæ in the collection of the British museum. Lisboa, S. T. Ferreira, 1800.

By Francis Walker. 2 p. 1. 239 pp. 80. Brissot (A.) Voyage au Guazacoalcos, aux

London, 1868. Antilles et aux États-Unis. 2 p. 1. iv, 390

Catalogue of the specimens of dermappp. 1 map. 1 pl. 80. Paris, A. Bertrand,

tera saltatoria, and supplement to the blatta1837.

riæ, in the collection of the British museum. Bristol (Augusta Cooper). Poems. 190 pp.

2 p. 1. 224 pp. 89. London, 1869. 129. Boston, Adams & co. [1868].

Catalogue of the specimens of hemipBritish (The) almanac [and] companion to

tera heteroptera in the collection. By Franthe almanac, for 1869. 2 v. in 1. 169. Lon

cis Walker. Part iii. (pp. 419-599). 80. don, Knight & co. 1869.

London, trustees of the British museum, 1868.

A guide to the exhibition rooms of the British archæological association. The journal

departments of natural history and antiquiof the British archæological association, established in 1843, for the encouragement and

ties. 2 p. l. 139 pp. 1 map. 89. [London),

trustees, 1869. prosecution of researches into the arts and monuments of the early and middle ages.

British [The] partizan: a tale of the olden v. 1-22, 1846 to 1866. 89. London, 1846

time. By a lady of South Carolina. [anon.] 66.

157 pp. 16o. Macon, (Ga.) Burke, Boykin (v. 10 (no. 36 and 39) and v. 11 wanting).

& co. 1864. [Programme and list of officers and Brittan (Harriette G.) Kardoo, the Hindoo members). 12 pp. 80. London, 1847. girl. 183 pp. 1 pl. 160. New York, W. B. The same. Worcester congress, 1848.

Dodge, 1869. 4 pp. 89. [London, 1848].

Brock (Miss Sallie A. editor). The southern
Transactions of the British archæolog-

amaranth. A carefully selected collection of ical association, at its second annual congress, poems growing out of and in reference to the held at Winchester, August, 1845, [and] at

late war.

1 p. 1. 65! pp. 80. New York, its third annual congress, held at Gloucester, G. S. Wilcor, 1869. August, 1846, [and] at its sixth annual meet- Brockett (L.P.) Camp, battle-field, and hosting, Chester, 1849, consisting of the papers pital ; or, lights and shadows of the great read at the several meetings, together with an rebellion. Illustrated. 512 pp. 34 pl. 89. account of the exhibitions and excursions

Philadelphia, national publishing co. 1866. made by the association. 3 v. 89. London, Broken (The) rein. By the author of " Nora's 1846-49.

life at Derncleugh.” [anon.] 230 pp. 16o. British association for the advancement of

Philadelphia, American sunday school union, science. Report of the thirty-eighth meeting, (1869). held at Norwich in August, 1868. lxxvi, 520, Bromley (Sir George). A collection of royal 236 pp. 4 pl. 89. London, J. Murray, 1869. s.

letters, written by king Charles the first, and British homeopathic association. Truths and second, king James the second, and the king

their reception, considered in relation to the and queen of Bohemia; together with origidoctrine of homeopathy. [By M. B. Samp- nal letters, written by prince Rupert, Charles son). To which are added various essays on Louis, count palatine, the duchess of Hauthe principles and statistics of homoeopathic over, and several other distinguished persons ; practice. 2d ed. 3 p. 1. 251 pp. 89. Lon- from the year 1619 to 1665. xl, 320 pp.5 pl. don, S. Highley, 1849.

1 chart. 89. London, J. Stockdale, 1787. British museum. Catalogue of the carnivorous, Bromme (Traugott). Reisen durch die Verei

pachydermatous, and edentate mammalia. nigten Staaten und Ober-Canada. 3 v. 120. By J. E. Gray. 89. London, 1869,

Baltimore, C. Scheld & co. 1834.

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