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Michigan reports. v. 17-18. William Jenni- romain. 2e éd. revue et corrigée. 505 pp.

son, reporter. 80. Detroit, W'. A. Throop 1 l. 80. Paris, A. Durand, 1868. & co. 1869.

(v. 3 of his Cours de droit romain approfondi). [2 copies of v. 17).

Moore (Edmund F.) Reports of cases heard Middleton (Charles). Trial. See Shotwell and determined by the judicial committee (Edmund).

and the lords of her majesty's most honoraMinnesota (State of). Laws, 1869. 80. Saint

ble privy council, on appeal from the sudder Paul, Press printing company, 1869.

dewanny adawlut and high courts of judica[2 copies).

ture in the East Indies, 1866–67. v. 11. 8. The general statutes of the state of

London, Stevens & sons, [1869). Minnesota: revised by commissioners ap- More (John Schank). Lectures on the law of pointed under an act approved February 17, Scotland. Edited by John McLaren, 2 v. 1863, and acts subsequent thereto, amended xix, 647 pp ; viii, 566 pp. 89. Edinburgh, by the legislature, and passed at the session Bell of Bradfute, 1864. of 1866. xi, 874 pp. 89. St. Paul, David Morris (Phineas Pemberton). A practical son & Hall, 1866–67.

treatise on the law of replevin of the United (3 copies).

States ; with forms and a digest of statutes. Minnesota reports. v. 12–13. By William 2d ed. revised. v, 404 pp. 80. Philadelphia,

A. Spencer. 89. Chicago, E. B. Myers of Kayf brother, 1869. Chandler; and St. Paul, Combs & Whitney, Morrison (Charles R.) The town officer ; 1868-69.

with directions, forms, decisions, and statutes, [2 copies of v. 12; 3 copies of v. 13).

adapted to the general statutes of New Mississippi reports. v. 40-41. By R. O. Rey- Hampshire. vi, 427 pp. 80. Concord, B.

nolds. 80. New York, Banks brothers, 1867–68. W. Sanborn fico. 1868. Missouri (State of). An index to the statute Morse (John T. jr.) A treatise on the law

laws of Missouri: comprising all the general relating to banks and banking ; with an apand special acts contained in the authorized pendix containing the national banking act editions of the laws from the inauguration of June 3, 1864, and amendments thereto. of its territorial government to the close of xxxix, 542 pp. 80. Boston, Little, Brown & 1868. Compiled by James S. Garland. 421

co. 1870. pp. 89. Saint Louis, book f: news co. 1868.

Moses (Halsey H.) The law of mandamus Missouri reports. v. 38–40. By Charles C. and the practice connected with it, with Whittlesey. 89. St. Louis, George Knapp forms.

8o Albany, William & co. 1867-68.

Gould f son, 1867. Mittermaier (Carl Joseph Anton). Traité Murray (James Andrew). A treatise on the

de la procédure criminelle en Angleterre, en proceedings in the United States courts, deÉcosse et dans l'Amérique du nord, envisagée signed for the use of attorneys and counseldans l'ensemble de ses rapports avec les in

lors practicing therein, and also for the depustitutions civiles et politiques de ces pays, et ties of the United States marshals, and other dans les détails pratiques de son organi- officers of the United States, with forms. 188 sation. Traduit par A. Chauffard. xci, 644

pp. 89. Albany, Weed, Parsons & co. 1869. pp. 89. Paris, E. Thorin, 1868.

Nevada (State of). Laws, 1869. 80. Car Mobile (City of). The code of ordinances of the city of Mobile, with the charter, and

son city, Henry R. Mighels, 1869.

[2 copies). an appendix. Pursuant to an order of the Nevada reports. v. 4. By Alfred Helm. 8o. mayor, aldermen, and common council, by

San Francisco, Bacon & co. 1869. hon. Alexander McKinstry. 2 p. 1. 442 pp. (2 copies). 11. 80. Mobile, S. H. Goetzel & co. 1859. New Hampshire reports. v.47.

By Amos The same. Compiled by Reuben A. Hadley. 8°. Concord, B. W. Sanborn & co. Lewis.

80. Mobile, Adrertiser 1869. and Register office, 1866.

[2 copies). Modern reports. 5th ed. by Thomas Leach. New Jersey (State of). Laws, 1869. 80. v. 12. 89. London, 1796.

Neo Brunswick, A. R. Speer, 1869. Molitor (J. P.) La possession, la revendica- New York (City of). Pilot laws, harbor and tion, la publicienne, et les servitudes en droit quarantine regulations of the port of New

iv, 268 pp.

274 pp.

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ers, 1869.

York. By George W. Blunt. 156 pp. 89. Otto (Everard). Ad Justiniani institutionum, New York, Blunt & co. 1869.

sive elementorum libros iv, a Cujacio emendNew York (State of). Laws, 1869. 2 v. 89.

atos, notæ criticæ et commentarius. 17 p. 1. Albany, C. Van Benthuysen & sons, 1869.

628 pp. 101. 4°. Trajecti ad Rhenum, J. (2 copies.)

van Poolsum, 1729. New York reports. v. 38–39. 1867–63. By Paparregopoulos (P.) Tevikai apxal TOV EV

Joel Tiffany. [v. 11 and 12 of Tiffany.] 8o. “Ελλαδι ισχυοντος αστυκου δικαιου. 2 ν. ια', Albany, William Gould & son, 1869.

514 pp. 11; 3 p. 1. 452 pp. 80. Ev Aonvais, The same. v. 40. 1869. By Samuel

Γ. Πασσαρη, 1865-66. Hard. v. l, 89. New York, Banks f. broth- Parker (Charles H.) Digest of California

reports and statutes from the organization of [2 copies).

the state to the present time. 2v. xxvi, 669 Ney (Michel). Procès du maréchal Ney,[etc.] pp ; 675 pp. 80. San Francisco, H. H.

prévenu de haute trahison et d'attentat contre Bancroft & co. 1869. la sureté de l'état. Instruction préparatoire,

(2 copies). et première procédure devant le conseil de Parsons (A. V.) Select cases in equity in guerre de la première division militaire. Dis- the court of common pleas of the first judicial cours du duc de Richelieu. 2e éd. 194 pp. district of Pennsylvania, from 1814 to 1850. 80. Paris, Plancher, etc. 1815.

v.1. viii, 602 pp. 89. Philadelphia, T. & J.

W. Johnson & co. 1859. Nicolas (Sir Nicholas Harris). A treatise on the law of adulterine bastardy, with a report

Parsons (Theophilus). A treatise on the law

of shipping, and the law and practice of ad. of the Banbury case, and of all other cases

miralty. 2 v. lxv, 647 pp ; xii, 931 pp. 8o. bearing upon the subject. xvi, 588 pp. 89.

Boston, Little, Brown & co. 1869. London, W. Pickering, 1836.

(2 copies). Nott (Henry Juvius) and McCord (David Paton (Thomas S.) Compendium of the law James). Reports of cases in the constitutional

of insurance. Comprising marine, fire, and court of South Carolina. 1817–20. 2 v. 5 p. 1. life insurance. xii, 227 pp. 80. Edinburgh, 604 pp. 15 1; 3 p. 1. 599 pp. 12 l. 80. Colum

T. and T. Clark, 1862. bia, Daniel Faust, 1820-21.

Pennsylvania (State of). A digest of the Ohio (State of). Laws, 1868-69. v. 66. 80.

laws of Pennsylvania, 1700–1861. By John Columbus, L. D. Myers & bro. 1869.

Purdon. 9th ed. by F. C. Brightly. XXX, Supplement to the revised statutes of

1264 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Kay & brother, the state of Ohio, embracing all laws of a 1862. general nature passed since the publication of Annual digest of the laws of PennsylvaSwan & Critchfield's revised statutes, 1860.

nia, for the years 1862 to 1869. By F. C. In force August 1, 1868. Collated by Joseph

Brightly. 8°, Philadelphia, Kay & brother, R. Swan, with notes to the decisions of the

1869. supreme court, by Milton Sayler. viii, 1199 (2 copies). PP. 80. Cincinnati, Robert Clarke & co.

Laws. 1869. 80. Harrisburg, B. 1868.

Singerly, 1869. Okey (J. W.) and Miller (S. A.) The mu- Pennsylvania state reports. v.56–58. By

nicipal code of Ohio; containing the statutes P. Frazer Smith. 89. Philadelphia, Kay & relating to cities and incorporated villages. brother, 1869. With notes of legislation and judicial decis- (2 copies of v. 57). ions. 252 pp. 8o. Cincinnati, Miami print- Philadelphia (City of). digest of laws reing co. 1869.

lating to the city of Philadelphia, from its Ordronaux (John, Il.l. m.d.) The jurispru

territorial extension, by act of assembly, apdence of medicine in its relations to the law proved February 20, 1854, until the close of of contracts, torts, and evidence, with a sup

the extra session of the legislature in 1861. plement on the liabilities of vendors of drugs.

xiv, 125 pp.

go Philadelphia, King di xvi, 310 pp. 80. Philadelphia, T. & J. W. Baird, 1861. Johnson fi co. 1869.

The laws of Pennsylvania in relation to Oregon reports. v. 2. By J. G. Wilson. 80. the board of health and the health laws of the New York, Banks brothers, 1869.

city of Philadelphia; the acts of congress 13 copies).

relating to quarantines, health laws, and

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v. 15.


passenger vessels; also the rules and regu- mon carriers of goods and passengers, telelations adopted by the board of health. 1 p.1. graph companies, constitutional law, invest137 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Crissy & Mark ments, etc. 4th ed. greatly enlarged. 2 v. ley, 1858.

xcii, 693 pp ; lxx,748 pp. 89. Boston, Little, Philadelphia reports. v.5. By Henry E. Brown & co. 1869.

Wallace, 80, Philadelphia, King f: Baird, The law of wills. 3d ed. v. 1. lxxiii, 1867.

676 pp. 80. Boston, Litlle, Brown & co. 2 copies).

1869. Porter (David). A report of the trial of com

Leading American railway cases, on modore David Porter, of the navy of the most of the important questions involved in United States, before a general court-martial, the law of railways, arranged according to held at Washington, in July, 1825. By subjects. · With notes and opinions. Being Robert Beale. [With] a review of the court's a supplement to the author's work on raildecision. viii, 244, 68 pp. 80. Washington, ways. xliii, 656 pp. 89. Boston, Little, 1825.

Brown & co. 1870. Pothier (Robert Joseph). Traité des cheptels, Renouard (Augustin Charles). Traité des

selon les règles, tant du for de la conscience, droits d'auteurs, dans la littérature, les scique du for extérieur. Par l'auteur du Traité ences et les beaux-arts. 2 v. 480 pp; 501 pp. des obligations. [anon.] iv, 116, 10 pp. 21. 80. Paris, Jules Renouard & cie. 1838. 180. Paris, Debure, 1765.

Rhode Island (State of). Acts and resolves [With his Traité du contrat de louage, [etc.]

passed at the January session of the general Traité du contrat de louage; ou, traité assembly of the state of Rhode Island and des contrats de louage maritimes. [Supplé- Providence plantations, 1869. 80. Prori ment). Par l'auteur du Traité des obliga- dence, Providence press co. state printers, tions. [anon.] viii, 238 pp. 11. 189. Paris,

1869. Debure, 1765.

Richardson (J.S. G.) Reports of cases at law Traité du contrat de société, selon les in the court of appeals and court of errors of règles, tant du for de la conscience, que du South Carolina.

Columbia, for extérieur, [etc.] Par l'auteur du Traité Bryan & McCarter, 1869, des obligations. [anon.] viii, 267 pp. 189. Reports of cases in equity in the court Paris, Debure, 1764.

of appeals and court of errors of South Caro(With the preceding).

lina. v. 13-14. 80. Charleston, E. J. Dawson Quebec (Province of). Laws, 1869. 8o. & co. Columbia, Bryan & McCarter, 1868–69. Quebec, C. F. Langlois, 1869.

Riddle (Daniel S.) The law and practice in Ralle (G. Α.) Ερμηνεια του ελληνικου εμπο- proceedings supplementary to execution, un

ρικου δικαιου. Εκδοσις δευτερα. 2 ν. 2 p.1. der the New York code. With forms. viii, 18',584 pp; 575 pp. Εν Αθήναις, Α. 380 pp. 89. New York, Diossy & Cockcroft, Κορομελ, 1863.

1866. Recueil de factums et mémoires, sur plusieurs Riego (Gen. Raphael del). Procès du géné

questions importantes de droit civil, de coû. ral R. del Riego, précédé d'une notice biotume, et de discipline ecclésiastique. 2 v. graphique. 1 p. 1. 377 pp. 89. Paris, Pon 3 p. 1.744 pp. 14 1; 750 pp. 171. 4o. Lyon, tlieu, 1823. Antoine Boudet, 1710,

[With JOVELLANOS (G. M. de). Mémoires poli

tiques). Redfield (Isaac Fletcher). The law of carriers Roberts (David). A treatise on admiralty and

of goods and passengers, private and public, prize: together with some suggestions for the inland and foreign, by railway, steamboat, guide and government of United States naval and other modes of transportation; also, the commanders in maritime wars. xxxviii, 709 construction, responsibility, and duty of tele- pp. 89. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1869. graph companies, the responsibility and duty Robinson (Conway). The practice in courts of innkeepers, and the law of bailments of

of justice, in England and the United States. every class, embracing remedies. lvii, 599 v.5. 89. Richmond, Woodhouse & Parham, op. 8° Cambridge, ( Mass.) H. 0. Houghton 1869. & co, 1869.

(2 copies). (2 copies).

Reports of cases in the court of queen's The law of railways: embracing cor- bench. v. 26. 8oToronto, Henry Rorsell, porations, eminent domain, contracts, com- 1868.

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Robinson (Richard P.) Trial for the murder Session cases. Cases in the court of session,

of Helen Jewett, [Dorcas Dyon), New York, teind court, etc. and house of lords. 30 June, 1836. 89. New York, 1867.

series. v. 6. 89. Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, [DUNPHY (T.) and CUMMINS (T. J.) Remarkable 1868. trials. pp. 128-225).

Sharswood (George). An essay on proRoutier (Charles). Principes généraux du

fessional ethics. 3d ed. 220 pp. 12°. Philadroit civil et coutumier de la province de Normandie, [etc.] 4 p. 1. xvi, 632 pp. (pp. 329–

delphia, T. & J. W. Johnson f. co. 1869. 332). 6 1. 4°. Rouen, P. Le Boucher, 1742. Sheares (Henry and John). Their trial, conRules of the supreme court of the United

viction, and execution for high treason, in

Ireland in 1798. 80. New York, 1867. States, and rules of practice for the circuit

(In DUNPHY (T.) and CUMMINS (T. J.) Remarkable and district courts of the United States in

trials. pp. 48-111). equity and admiralty cases. Order in refer- Shearman (Thomas G.) and Redfield (Amaence to appeal from court of claims and gen

sa). A treatise on the law of negligence. eral orders in bankruptcy. 105 pp. 120.

lvi, 713 pp. 89. New York, Baker, Voorhis Washington, government printing office, 1869.

fico. 1869. (2 copies).

(2 copies). Saliceti or Saliceto (Bartolommeo da). Lec- Shotwell (Edmund) Lukins (Joseph) and ture tertia pars super codicis quinto et sexto

Middleton (Charles). Report of the trial of libris edita. Quā vltra modernas ad veteres

friends Shotwell, Lukins, and Middleton, in additiones, castigatissimāque in plerisque

the city of Philadelphia, in June, 18:28, belocis limam Andreas Barbacia sicculus

fore the hon. Edward King. Taken in shortp nữeros s’m. s[e]n[tent]ia[rum] varietatē

hand by M.T.C. Gould. 154 pp. 1 1. 80. distinxit. clxxxiji l. fol. Impressa in op

Philadelphia, J. Harding, 1828. pido Tridini, impēsis Joannis de Ferrariis

Sietze (Carl Friedrich Ferdinand). Grundal's de lolitis : ac d. Berardi, 1520. Sanguineti (Carlos Massa). Diccionario ju

begriff preussischer staats- und rechts-geridico-administrativo; 6, compilacion gen

schichte als einleitung in die wissenschaft eral de leyes, decretos y reales órdenes dic

des preussischen rechts. xvi, 702 pp. 11. 89. tados en todos los ramos de la administracion

Berlin, F. Lane, 1829. pública. Hecha por una sociedad de abo. Sim ons (James). A digest of Wisconsin gados y escritores. 5v. 49. Madrid, J.

reports, from the earliest period to the year Morales, 1858.

1868; comprising all the published decisions Savigny (Friedrich Carl von). Private inter- of the supreme court of Wisconsin, presented national law. A treatise on the conflict of

in Burnett's, Chandler's, and 20 vols. Wislaws, and the limits of their operation in

consin reports. With references to statutes. respect of place and time. Translated, with

8, 191 pp. 89. Albany, William Gould of notes, by William Guthrie. xli pp. 1 1. 387

(2 copies). pp. 80. Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1869. Schering (August Ferdinand). Zusammen- Snell (Edmund Henry Turner). The princistellung der bestehenden vorschriften iiber die

ples of equity, intended for the use of prüfung und beschäftigung der auskultatoren,

students and the profession. xxviii, 564 pp. referendarien und assessoren bei den ge.

89. Philadelphia, Kayf brother, 1868. richten; desgleichen über die anstellung Socueba (Gonzalez de). Instruccion manual der richterlichen beamten, der staatsanwalte, para la mas breve expedicion de los casos rechtsanwalte und notarien in Preussen, mit practicos, y disputas de immunidad local. ausschluss der Rheinprovinz. 2e auflage.

Noticia historica de su origen, progressos, y viii, 144 pp. 89. Berlin, G. Heymann, 1851. estado, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 336 pp. 89. Sevilla, Schmitt (Ludwig von). Resultate der rechts- G, de Castilla, 1776.

S. pflege bei den gerichten der Pfalz, während South Carolina (State of). Laws, 1868–69. des gerichts-jahres 1868-69. 69 pp. 12o. 80. Columbia, John W. Denny, 1869. Zweibrücken, A. Kranzbühler, 1869.

(2 copies). Scottish jurist: being reports of cases in the Spain. Coleccion legislativa de España. ed. supreme courts of Scotland, and in the house oficial, 1867 and 1868. v.97-100.

sm. 4o. of lords on appeal from Scotland.

Madrid, imprenta del ministerio de gracia y 4o. Edinburgh, T. Constable, 1868.

justicia, 1867–68.

son, 1868.

v. 40.


Starkie (Thomas). A practical treatise of the Taylor (John N.) A treatise on the American

law of evidence. 9th Am, from the 4th Lond. law of landlord and tenant. 5th ed. revised ed. With notes and references to American and enlarged. Ixii, 736 pp.


Boston, cases, by George Sharswood. xlviii, 828 Little, Brown & co. 1869. 89. Philadelphia, T. and J. W. Johnson & co. Tennessee (State of). Laws. 1868–69. 8o. 1869.

Nashville, S. C. Mercer, 1869, Treatise on the law of slander and libel; Texas (State of). A digest of the laws of including the pleading and evidence, civil and criminal, with forms and precedents ;

Texas; containing laws in force, and the also, malicious prosecutions, contempts of

repealed laws on which rights rest. Care

fully annotated. court, etc. 3d ed. By Henry Coleman

By George W. Paschal.

2d ed. Ixxiv, 1085 pp. 80. Washington, Folkard. xliii, 876 pp. 80. London, But. terworths, 1869.

(D. C.) W. H. & 0. H. Morrison, 1870. Stephen (Henry John). New commentaries Texas reports. v. 21. By 0. C. and R. K. on the laws of England. (Partly founded

Hartley. 8°. Galveston, The civilian book on Blackstone). 6th ed. by James Stephen.

ofice, 1859. 4 v. 89. London, Butterworths, 1868.

The same. v. 25–supplement, v. 28 and A treatise on the principles of pleading

29. By George W. Paschal. 80. Washingin civil actions. 9th Am. ed. By Franklin

ton, (D. C.) W. H. & O. H. Morrison, 1869. Fiske Heard.

[4 copies of v. 25 and 28). xxv, 457, clxxvi pp. 80, Philadelphia, Kay & brother, 1867.

Thompson (Isaac Grant). The assessors’, colStephen (James Fitzjames). A general view

lectors' and town clerk's manual: containing of the criminal law of England. xii, 499 pp.

a full and accurate exposition of the law re 89. London, Macmillan f. co. 1863.

lating to the powers and duties of these offi Stephens (Archibald John). A treatise on

cers, with forms. iv, 223 pp. 89. Albany, the municipal corporation acts, mandamus,

John D. Parsons, jr. 1870. quo warranto, and criminal information. 2d The supervisors' manual. Containing ed. 2 v. xlvi, 544 pp; cccclxxviii pp. 12o.

the laws relating to the powers and duties of London, Stevens f- sons, 1837.

supervisors, both in their individual and colStewart (Charles). A treatise on the law of

lective capacities. With forms. vi, 292 pp. Scotland relating to rights of fishing, com

89. Albany, Gladding & Parsons, 1869. prising the law affecting sea fishing, salmon

Tillinghast (John L.) and Shearman (T. G.) fishing, trout fishing, oyster and mussel

Practice, pleadings, and forms, in civil acfishing, etc. With an appendix of statutes

tions in courts of record in the state of New and bye-laws. 472 pp. 89. Edinburgh, T.8;

York. 2d ed. revised. v.l. xxxii, 774 pp. T. Clark, 1869.

80. • New York, Lewis brothers, 1865. Stirling (Charles, vice-admiral r.n.) The case

Tomkins (Frederick). The institutes of the of vice-admiral Stirling, with an appendix,

Roman law. Part i. Containing an account

of the sources of the Roman law from the earcontaining the minutes of the court-martial, and mr. Coust's observations. 115 pp. 160.

liest period till the decline of the western Chertsey, IV. S. Castell, 1821.

empire. 89. London, Butterworths, 1867. Stone (C. Francis). An analytical index of Tudor (Owen Davies). The law of charitable parallel reference to the cases cited in the

trusts : with the statutes and the orders, “New York reports.”. vi pp. 1 1. 428 pp.

regulations, and instructions issued pursuant

thereto ; and a selection of schemes. 2d ed. 89. New York, Diossy & co. 1869. (2 copies).

xxvi, 667 pp. 120. London, Butterworths, Surtees (R. S.) The horseman's manual ;

1862. being a treatise on soundness, the law of The statutes for the improvement of the warranty, and generally on the laws relating jurisdiction of equity, for the abolition of the to horses. xii, 132 pp. 180. New York,

office of master, and for the relief of suitors IV. R. H, Treadway, 1832.

in chancery ; also, the trustees' extension Swan (Joseph R.) Commentaries on pleading act, and other acts: [and] all the new orders.

under the Ohio code, with precedents of pe. xv, 219, xix pp. 20 1. 120. London, John titions, answers, demurrers, and replies. Crockford, 1852. xxxi, 562 pp. 80. Cincinnati, Robert Clarke Two friends (Ship). Proceedings of the trial & co. 1861.

of the ship Two friends, in the court of vico


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