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Bronté (Anne). Agnes Grey. By Acton Bell. Brooks (Rev. T. S.) Debate on baptism and

(pseudon.] 16°, London, Smith, Elder & kindred subjects. See Mathes (J. M.) and co. 1866.

Brooks. [With BRONTÉ (E. and A.) Wuthering heights, etc.) Brossard (Alfred de). Considérations hisThe tenant of Wildfell hall. By Acton

toriques et politiques sur les républiques de Bell. (pseudon.] A new ed. 371 pp. 16o. La Plata, dans leurs rapports avec la France London, Smith, Elder & co. 1859.

et l'Angleterre. 2 p. I. 471 pp. 80. Puris, Bronté (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne). Poems Guillaumin & cie. 1850. by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell. [pseudon.] Broughton (William Robert). Voyage de

169. London, Smith, Elder & co. découvertes dans la partie septentrionale de 1846.

l'océan Pacifique fait pendant les années The same. iv, 13–176 pp. 16°. Phil- 1795–1798; dans lequel il a parcouru et adelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1848.

visité la côte d'Asie, depuis le 35 degré nord, Bronté (Emily, and Anne). Wuthering

jusqu'au 52e; les côtes nord, est, et sud du heights, by Ellis Bell [Emily Bronté]; and

Japon, etc. Traduit de l'Anglais par J. B. B. Agnes Grey, by Acton Bell [Anne Bronté];

E[yriès). 2 v. 3 p. 1. xxxii, 244 pp. 11. 1 with a preface and memoir of both authors, map; 2 p. 1. 342 pp. 1 map. 89. Paris, by Currer Bell (Charlotte Bronté. pseudon.]

Dentu, 1807.
A new ed. xix, 446 pp. 16°. London, Smith, Broussais (François Joseph Victor). Cours
Elder & co. 1866.

de phrénologie. 2 p. 1. x, 850 pp. 11. 1 pl. Brooklyn (The) city and business directory

120. Paris, J. B. Baillière, 1836. for the year ending May 1, 1870. Contain- Brown (Edward). Life lyrics. 1 p. 1. 189 ing also a street and avenue directory, and an

pp. 80. New York, W. Wood & co. 1869. appendix. Compiled by George T. Lain. Brown (Henry T.) Five hundred and seven 80. Brooklyn, Lain & co. (1869).

mechanical movements, embracing all those Brooks (Charles). The christian in his closet;

which are most important in dynamics, hy. or, prayers for individuals, adapted to the

draulics, etc. 122 pp. sm. 4o. Nero York, various ages, conditions, and circumstances

Brown, Coombs & co, 1868.
of life. 316 pp. 12o. Bostori, J. Munroe & Brown (Mary R.) Maggie and her friends.

A story from real life. 243 pp. 1 pl. 18o.
Elementary course of natural history,

Nero York, A. D. F. Randolph & co. 1868. being an introduction to zoology: intended Brown (Peter). The fame and glory of Eng. for the college and the parlor. Elements of

land vindicated, being an answer to [Lesornithology. 324 pp. 28 pl. 12o. Boston,

ter's] “The glory and shame of England.” J. Munroe, 1847.

By Libertas. [pseudon.]

120. Brooks (Red. Charles T.) The simplicity of

New York, Wiley & Putnam, 1842. Christ's teachings, set forth in sermons. viii, Brown (Robert, the botanist of the British mu342 pp. 12o. Boston, Crosby, Nichols & co.

seum). Miscellaneous botanical works. v.3. 1859.

Atlas of plates. 2 p. 1. 15 pp. 38 pl. fol. Brooks (Edward). The normal written arith

London, 1866. metic, by analysis and synthesis ; designed

(RAY society publications). for common schools, normal schools, high Brown (Samuel). A treatise on the nature, schools, academies, etc. 337 pp. 12°. Phil.

origin, and progress of the yellow fever, with adelphia, Sower, Barnes & Potts, [1863]. observations on its treatment, comprising an Brooks (Rev. Thomas). Precious remedies

account of the disease, in several of the

capagainst satan's devices; being a companion itals of the United States, [etc.] 112 pp. for christians of all denominations. 1st Am.

89. Boston, Manning & Loring, 1800. ed. 319 pp. 11 1. 1 pl. 18o. Philadelphia, Brown (Thomas). The paradise of coquettes, J. Pounder, 1810.

a poem.

In nine parts. 201 pp. 16o.
Smooth stones from ancient brooks.

Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1816.
By rev. C. H. Spurgeon. Being a collection Brown William Wells). The American fu-
of sentences, illustrations, and quaint say. gitive in Europe. Sketches of places and
ings, from the works of that renowned puri.

people abroad. With a memoir of the autan, Thomas Brooks. 209 pp. 16o. Neu thor. 320 pp. 1 portrait. 12o. Boston, J. York, Sheldon & co. 1860.

P. Jewelt & co. 1855.

co. 1845.

306 pp.



76 pp.

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Brown (W. Leroy). Notes on artillery: from Browning (Elizabeth B.)—continued.

Robins, Hutton, Chesney, Mordecai, Dahl- Napoleon iii in Italy. And other poems. gren, Jacob, Greener, Gibbon, and Benton. 72 pp. 16o. New York, C. S. Francis &

80. Richmond, West & Johnson, co. 1860. 1862.

Browning (Robert). The ring and the book. Brown (Mr. - , son of Rev. Samuel Brown). 4 v. 16°, London, Smith, Elder & co, 1868

The captives of Abb’s valley; a legend of 69. frontier life. By a son of Mary Moore, Bruce (George) son & co. Anabridged speci. [married to Samuel Brown). 169 pp. 1 pl. men of printing types, made at Bruce's New 16°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of pub- York type-foundry. 166 pp. 4o. New York, lication, [1854] ?

G. Bruce, son & co. 1869. Browne (Charles Farrar). Artemus Ward Bruce (Peter Henry). Memoirs. Containing

his book. [pseudon.] 224 pp. 13 pl. 160. an account of his travels in Germany, Rus. New York, Carleton, 1865.

sia, Tartary, Turkey, and the West Indies, Artemus Ward's panorama. (As exhib- etc. as also several very interesting private ited at the Egyptian hall, London). [pseu- anecdotes of the czar, Peter i, of Russia. 6 don.] Edited by his executors, T. W. Rob- p. 1. 446 pp. 4o. London, author's widoro, ertson and E. P. Hingston. 213 pp. 34 pl. 1782.

16o. New York, G. W. Carleton, 1869. Brügger (Ch. Gr.) Die thermen von Bormio, Browne (D. J.) The etymological encyclo- [etc.] See Meyer-Ahrens (--). and Brüg

pædia of technical words and phrases used in gers(Chr. Gr.) the arts and sciences, and of many words in Brun (Charles). Récit des événements de décommon use, with popular quotations from cembre. Oui ou non. Appel à la nation. foreign languages, and their translations. Vote universel du 21 décembre 1851. 105

258 pp. 180. Boston, W. Hyde & co. 1832. pp. 1 1. 160. Paris, Ledoyen, 1851. Browne (Dunn, pseudon.) See Fiske (Sam- [With GALLOIS (N.) Vie politique de Ledru-Rollin). uel).

Brunck (Richard Franz Philipp). Anthologia. Browne (John Ross). Adventures in the See Selection (A) of Greek epigrams.

Apache country; a tour through Arizona Brunet (Gustave, editor). See Dinaux (Arand Sonora, with notes on the silver regions thur). Les sociétés badines, [etc.] of Nevada. 535 pp. 12o. New York, Har. Brunet (Jacques Charles). Recherches biblioper & brothers, 1869.

graphiques et critiques sur les éditions origiResources of the Pacific slope. A sta- nales des cinq livres du roman satirique de tistical and descriptive summary of the mines

Rabelais, et sur les différences de texte qui se and minerals, climate, topography, agricul

font remarquer, particulièrement dans le preture, commerce, manufactures, and miscella

mier livre du Pantagruel et dans la Garganneous productions of the states and territories

tua ; on y a joint une revue critique des édi. west of the Rocky Mountains.

tions collectives du même roman, et, de plus, sketch of the settlement and exploration of

le texte original des grandes et inestimables lower California. 678, 200 pp. 8o. Nero

chroniques de Gargantua, complété pour la York, D. Appleton & co. 1869.

première fois d'après l'édition de 1533, pour Browne (Junius Henri). The great metrop- servir de supplément à toutes les éditions des

olis ; a mirror of New York. A complete æuvres de Rabelais. 2 p. 1. 144, 58 pp. 80. history of metropolitan life and society, with Paris, L. Potier, 1852. sketches of prominent places, persons, and Brunet (Pierre, de Nantes). Voyage à l'Isle de things in the city, as they actually exist.

France, dans l'Inde, et en Angleterre ; suivi 700 pp. 16 pl. 80. Hartford, American pub- de mémoires sur les Indiens, sur les vents des lishing co. 1869.

mers de l'Inde, et d'une notice sur la vie du Browning (Elizabeth Barrett). Casa Guidi général Benoit Déboigne, commandant l'arwindows.

viii, 140 pp. 16o. mée maratte sous Scindia. I p. 1. iv, 390 pp. London, Chapman & Hall, 1851.

8o. Paris, P. Mongie ainé, 1825. Lady Geraldine's courtship. 1 p.1. Brünnich (Martin Thrane). Ichthyologia iv, 74 pp. 12 pl. 8. New York, C. Scrib- massiliensis, sistens piscium descriptiones, ner & co, 1870.

eorvmqve apud incolas nomina. Accedunt

With a

A poem.





320 pp.

Brünnich (Martin)-continued.

Buccellati (Federico, m. d.) Studj teorici Spolia maris adriatici. 8 p. 1. 110 pp. 80. e pratici sulle orine. [Extract). 128 pp. Hafniæ, et Lipsia, apud Rothii viduam et 89. Milano, annali universali di medicina, Proft, 1768.

1860. (With his Ornithologia borealis).

Bucer or Kuhhorn (Martin). Judgment conOrnithologia borealis, sistens collec- cerning divorce; written to Edward vi. in tionem avium ex omnibus, imperio danico his 2nd book of the kingdom of Christ, and subjectis, provinciis insulisqve borealibus now English'd [by J. Milton). fol. [LonHafniæ factam, cum descriptionibus nova- don]? 1697. rum, nominibus incolarum, locis natalium et (In MILTON (J.) Works. (London)? 1697. pp. icone. 3 p. 1. 80 pp. 1 pl. 89. Hafniæ, J.


Buchanan (Reo. Claudius, Il.d.) The star C. Kall, 1764.

in the east ; a sermon preached in the parish Brunnow (Ernst von). Ulrich von Hutten,

church of St. James, Bristol, on Sunday, der streiter für deutsche freiheit. Historisches

Feb. 26, 1809. To which is added an apgemälde aus den zeiten der reformation. 3

pendix, containing the interesting report of 18°. Leipzig, B. G. Teubner, 1842.

the rev. dr. Kerr to the governor of Madrass, Brunson (Rev. Alfred) and Pitman (Rev. on the state of the ancient christians in Co

Charles). The sweet singer of Israel : a chin and Travancore, and an account of the collection of hymns and spiritual songs, discoveries made by rev. dr. Buchanan of usually sung at camp, prayer, and social 200,000 christians in the sequestered region meetings, and in revivals of religion. Se- of Hindostan. 16°. Philadelphia, 1815. lected and compiled, at the request of the [In WOODWARD (W. W.) A pious selection, pp. publishers, by the rev. Alfred Brunson, and

297 to 355). the rev. Charles Pitman. New ed. much en. Bucher (Anton von). Die jesuiten in Baiern larged. 320. Philadelphia, J.

vor und nach ihrer aufhebung. 3 v. 12o. Hannstead, 1840.

München, E. A. Fleischmann, 1819.

Büchler (Johann Ulrich). Land- und seeBruyas (Jacques). Radices verborum iro

reisen eines St. Gallischen kantonsbürgers quæorum; [or], radical words of the Mohawk

nach Nordamerika und Westindien, über language, with their derivatives. 2 p. 1. 123

Amsterdam nach Baltimore, Pitzburg, [etc.] pp. 4o. New York, Cramoisy press, 1862. s.

und wieder zurück nach Amsterdam, in den [SHEA's library of American linguistics, v. 10).

jahren 1816, 1817 und 1818, [etc.] 228 pp. Bryan (R. T.) Departmental monthly and daily

16o. St. Gallen, Zollikofer & Zühlin, 1819. pay tables. Showing the gross and net pay Buchon (Jean Alexandre C.) Choix de moon all salaries from $60 to $25,000, per annum,

ralistes français, avec notices biographiques. with the amount taxable and income tax on

lii, 783 pp. 80. Paris, A. Desrez, 1836. all over $1,000 per annum, as paid by the executive departments of the United States,

CHARRON (Pierre). De la sagesse. under the laws of the thirty-ninth congress. PASCAL (Blaise). Pensées. 41 l. 4o. Washington, government printing

Des caractères de ce siècle. office, 1867.

VAUVENARGUES. Euvres. Bryant (William Cullen). The embargo ; Buck (D. D. d. d.) The closing scenes of

the life of Christ [etc.] See Bible (English). or, sketches of the times. A satire. 2d ed. enlarged. [With] the Spanish revolution,

Buds and blossoms of piety, with some fruit and other poems.

120. Boston,

of the spirit of love ; and directions to the

divine wisdom. Being a collection of papers author, 1809.

written by B. A. [anon.] 4th ed. 4 p. 1. Letters from the east. 256 pp. 16o.

128 pp. 16o. London, T. S. Raylton, 1743. Nero York, G. P. Putnam & son, 1869.

Buechler (Johann Ulrich). See Büchler (J. Poems.

120. Cambridge, Hilliard & Metcalf, 1821.

Buell (Jonathan S.) The cider-maker's manBrydges (Sir Samuel Egerton, bart). Atavia

ual ; a practical hand-book, which embodies regiæ : consisting of sixty copies only, com- treatises on the apple, construction of cider piled for private use. 2 p. I. 118 pp. 3 1. mills, cider presses, etc. 174, vii pp. 120. 4 pl. 8°. Florence, J. Marenigh, 1820. Buffalo, Haas & Kelley, 1869.


Sentences et maximes.


36 pp.

44 pp.






Buffalo (City of). A directory for the city of Bullock (Cynthia). A bunch of pansies.

Buffalo, containing the names and residences [Poems). 143 pp. 16o. New York, J. A. of the heads of families and householders in Gray, 1852. said city on 1st of July, 1832. To which is Bullock (William). Mexiko in 1823; of beadded a sketch of the village, from 1801 to schrijving eener reis door Nieuw-Spanje 1832. 122 pp. 160. Buffalo, L. P. Crary, van m. Beulloch, voorafgegaan door eene in1832.

leiding van sir John Byerley, [etc.] Uit het Buffier (Claude). Géographie universelle, Engelsch. 2 p. I. 280 pp. 1 pl. 8o. Delft,

exposée dans les différentes métodes qui weduwe J. Allart, 1825. peuvent abréger l'étude et faciliter l'usage Bulwer-Lytton (Sir Edward George Earle de cette science. Avec le secours des vers

Lytton, baron Lytlon). The last of the barartificiels. 3e éd. 2 v. in l. xxiv, 274 pp

xvi, 464 pp. 1 pl. 120. London, 14 maps ; 120 pp. 4 maps. 16°, Paris, P.

Routledge, 1859. F. Giffart, 1722.

Bumstead (John). On the wing. A book Histoire chronologique du dernier siècle.

for sportsmen. 274 pp. 4 pl. 160. Bos[anon.] 5 p. 1. cccxxix, 70 pp. 29 l. 80.

ton, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869. Paris, P. F. Giffart, 1724.

Bungener (Rev. Félix). Three days in the Buffin (-). Dictionnaire des familles qui ont life of a father. From the French. 93 pp.

fait modifier leurs noms par l'addition de la 18°, New York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1867. particule ou autrement en vertu d'ordon- Bunyan (John). Den heyligen oorlog. Uyt nances ou des décrets depuis 1803 jusqu'à 't Engels vertaalt. 12 p. 1. 518 pp. 6 pl. 1867. 4e éd. 131 pp. 80. Paris, Bache

189. Amsterdam, J. Morterre, 1767. lin-Deflorenne, 1869,

The pilgrim's progress from this world Buffum (Edward Gould). Sights and sensa- to that which is to come. With original

tions in France, Germany, and Switzerland; notes, by Thomas Scott. 360 pp. 6 pl. 1 or, experiences of an American journalist in portrait. 160. Hartford, S. Andrus, 1830. Europe. 310 pp. 120. New York, Harper

The same.

With notes and a life of the & brothers, 1869.

author, by the rev. T. Scott. 1 p.I. 384 pp. Builder (The); an illustrated weekly, for the

18o. Middletown, W. H. Niles, 1833. architect, engineer, archæologist, constructor,

The same.

In words of one syllable, sanitary reformer, and art lover. Conducted

by mrs. Edward Ashley Walker. 335 pp. by Geo. Godwin, 1868. v. 26. sm. fol. Lon

Nero York, Geo. A. Leavitt, don, [Wyman & sons, printers, 1868].


Buonamici (Pietro Giuseppe Maria, afterwards Bulfinch (Stephen Greenleaf, d. d.) Poems.

Castruccio). De rebus ad Velitras gestis 108 pp. 18o. Charleston, J. S. Burges, 1834. Studies in the evidences of christianity.

[anno mdccxliv] commentarius. 4 p. 1. 97 pp.

80. Lugduni Batavorum, (Luca), 120. vi pp. 1 1. 274 pp. Boston, IV. V.

1746. Spencer, 1869.

Bureau (The); or, repository of literature, poliBull (Marcus). Experiments to determine the

tics, and intelligence. By S. C. Carpenter. comparative value of the principal varieties

v. J. March 28, 1812, to Dec. 30, 1812. 4o. of fuel used in the United States, and also in

Philadelphia, editor, 1812. Europe ; and on the ordinary apparatus used Burgess (Alexander, d.d.) Memoir of the life for their combustion. x, 104 pp. 1 pl. 8o.

of the rt. rev. George Burgess, d.d. first bishop Philadelphia, J. Dobson, 1827.

of Maine. 419 pp. 1 portrait. 89. PhilaBull (Thomas, m.d.) The maternal manage- delphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger,

ment of children, in health and disease. 1869. From the 3d London ed. 406 pp. 12o. Burgess (Rev. George). The book of psalms;

Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1849. translated into English verse. 276 pp. 12o. Bullions (Peter). The principles of English New York, F. J. Huntingdon & co. 1840.

grammar; a new ed. xii, 225 pp. 120. Burgess (Thomas). An essay on the study of New York, Pratt, Woodford & co. 1851. antiquities. 2d ed. corrected and enlarged.

See, also, Jacobs (C. F. W.) Latin 1 p. 1. v, 142 pp. 80. Oxford, D. Prince, etc. reader.


9 pl.

sm. 4o.




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pp. 1].

v. 2.

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Burgon (Rev. John William). England and Burton (Alfred). The adventures of Johnny
Rome: three letters to a pervert. 283 pp.

Newcome in the navy ;

a poem in four can16o. Boston, E. P. Dutton & co. 1869. tos. With plates by Rowlandson, from the Burke (Sir John Bernard). A genealogical

author's designs. 259 pp. 15 col. pl. 89. and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and

London, W. Simpkin & R. Marshall, 1818. baronetage of the British empire. 31st ed. Burton (Capt. Richard Francis). The highxlviii, 1316 pp. 80. London, Harrison,

lands of the Brazil. 2 v. 1 p. 1. xii, 443 pp. 1869.

1 pl; 1 p. I. viii, 478 pp. 1 pl. 1 map.

London, Tinsley brothers, 1869.
Burke's weekly for boys and girls. An illus-
trated journal of instruction and entertain.

Burton (Robert). Melancholy anatomized; ment. T. A. Burke, editor. July, 1868, to

showing its causes, consequences, and cure.

With anecdotic illustrations drawn from anJune, 1869. v. 2. 49. Macon, (Ga.) J. W.

cient and modern sources, and principally Burke & co. 1869.

founded on the larger work entitled, Burton's Burnaby (Red. Andrew). Voyages dans les col

anatomy of melancholy. [anon.] ix pp. 1 1. onies du milieu de l'Amérique Septentrionale,

292 pp. I pl. 160. London, W. Tegg, 1865. faits en 1759 et 1760. Avec des observations Burton (Warren). Cheering views of man sur l'état des colonies. Traduit d'après la

and providence, drawn from a consideration seconde édition, par M. Willd.

I p. I. 181

of the origin, uses, and remedies of evil. xii, 160. Lausanne, société typo

264 pp. 16o. Boston, Carter, Hendee & co. graphique, 1778.

1832. Burnet (Gilbert, bishop of Salisbury). History White slavery; a new emancipation of his own time.

fol. Dublin, A. cause presented to the people of the United Rhames, 1734.

States. By the author of “The district school (v. 1 wanting).

as it was."

[anon.] 199 pp. 180. Wor The memoirs of the lives and actions cester, M. D. Phillips, 1839. of James and William, dukes of Hamilton Burtt (Andrew). A practical grammar of the and Castleherald. In which an account is English language, synthetic and analytic. given of the civil wars of Scotland. With 320 pp. 129. Pittsburgh, A. H. English & letters, instructions, and other papers written

co. 1869. by king Charles the i. Never before pub- Bury (Richard de). Histoire de Saint Louis, lished. 10 p. 1. 440 pp. 61. 2 portraits. fol. roi de France, avec un abrégé de l'histoire London, J. Grover for R. Royston, 1677.

des croisades. 2 v. xii pp. 1 1. 456 pp. 1


pl ; 2 p. 1. 451 pp. 1 1. Burnham (Rev. Richard). Hymns particularly

Paris, veuve designed for the use of the congregation

Desaint, 1775. meeting together in Grafton street, Soho. I

Moral uses of dark

Bushnell (Horace). p. 1. 6,406, xiv pp. 180. London, J. Whit.

things. 360 pp. 16o. New York, C. Scribing, 1803,

ner & co. 1869,

Women's suffrage; the reform against Burns (Robert). Poetical works; with his

nature. life. Ornamented with engravings. on wood

184 pp. 120. New York, C. Scribby mr. Bewick. 2 v. 266 pp. 1 portrait; Bushnell (William H.) White wolf. A story

ner & co. 1869. 8 pl. 270 pp. 5 pl. 16o. Alnrick, I.

of the Santa Fe trail. 100 pp. 16o. Boston, Davison, 1868.

Elliott, Thomes & Talbot, [1868].
Burrows (Montagu). Constitutional progress. Bustillo (Lorenzo de Santayana). See San.
Seven lectures delivered before the university

tayana y Bustillo.
of Oxford. viii, 295 pp. 12o. London, J. Butler (Mrs. Caroline H.) The ice king and
Murray, 1869.

the sweet south wind. 176 pp. 1 pl. 16o. Burt (Nathaniel C. d. d.) The land and its Boston, Phillips, Sampson & co. 1852,

story; or, the sacred historical geography of Butler (Charles). The silver bell, a new Palestine. 381 pp. 11 maps. 4o. New York, singing book for schools, academies, select D. Appleton & co. 1869.

classes, and the social circle, arranged with Burt (W. H. m. d.) Characteristic materia piano-forte accompaniment; also, a complete

medica. 460 pp. 12°, Philadelphia, A. J. course of elementary instruction. 256 pp. Tafel 1869

obl. 120. New York, S. T. Gordon, 1869.

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