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258 pp.


Butler (Frederick). The farmer's manual ; | Byington (Cyrus). Holisso anumpa tosholi.

a plain practical treatise on the art of hus- An English and Choctaw definer ; for the bandry, designed to promote an acquaintance Choctaw academies and schools. 1st ed. with the moderu improvements in agriculture,

180. Nero York, S. 1. Benedict, with remarks on gardening, and a treatise on 1852. the management of bees. 1 p. 1. 224 pp. 16o. Bynæus (Antonius). De natali Jesu Christi Weathersfield, [Conn.] author, 1821.

libri duo. Accedit dissertatio de Jesu Christi Butler (Red. John). Aylaotpohoyla ; or, as

circumcisione. 16 p. 1. 582 pp. 24 1. 34 pp. trology a sacred science. Shewing the excel.

31. 1 portrait. 4o. Amstelædami, G. Borslency and great benefit thereof, where it is

tius, 1689. rightly understood, and religiously observed. Byrn (M. Lafayette, m. d.) The mystery of 23 p. 1.91 pp. 120. London, 1680.

medicine explained ; a family physician, and

household companion; prepared for the use Aotpohoyla ; or, the most sacred and divine science of astrology vindicated, against

of families, plantations, ships, travelers, etc.

473 pp. 4 col. pl. 89. New York, M. S. Byrn, dr. More's calumnies, in his Explanation of

1869. the grand mystery of godliness. 3 p. 1. 128

Byron painted by his compeers; or, all about pp. 89. London, 1680.

lord Byron, from his marriage to his death, as [With the preceding). Butler (Josephine E. editor). Woman's

given in the various newspapers of his day, work, etc. See Woman's work.

shewing wherein the American novelist gives

a truthful account, and wherein she draws on Butterfield (Consul W.) History of Seneca her own morbid imagination. [anon.] 112 county (Ohio); containing a narrative of

pp. 16°, London, S. Palmer, 1869. events since its first settlement to the present Cabanellas (Miguel Josef ). Ciencia de la time ; a history of the Indians that resided

vida ; 6, discurso physiológico sobre la docwithin its limits; geographical descriptions, trina browniana, [etc.] 8 p. 1. civ pp. 1 pl. early customs, biographical sketches, etc. 80. Cartagena, M. Muñiz, 1802. With a brief history of the state, from the Cabanis (Pierre Jean Georges). Du degré de discovery of the Mississippi river to 1817, certitude de la médecine. 3e éd. précédée de [and] an appendix containing tabular views, l'éloge de m. Cabanis par le chevalier Richeetc. 252 pp. 12°. Sandusky, D. Campbell rand. xvi, 158 pp. 89. Paris, Caille & & sons, 1848.

Ravier, 1819. Butterfield (Daniel, U. S. a.) Camp and

(MEDICAL pamphlets, v. 4). outpost duty for infantry. With standing

Cadena (Antonio Osorio de la). La virtud en orders, extracts from the revised regulations

el estrado. Visitas juiciosas. Critica espifor the army, [etc.] 124 pp. 5 pl. 189. New

ritual. 4 p. I. 375 pp. 16o. Madrid, B. York, Harper & brothers, 1863.

Ulloa, 1768.

Cadwalader (Gen. John). A reply to gen. Buxtorf (Johann). Lexicon hebraicum et

Joseph Reed's remarks, on a late publication chaldaicum. Accessit lexicon breve rabbini

in the Independent gazetteer, with some obco-philosophicum. Cum indice vocum lati

servations on his address to the people of Accessere huic editioni radices ebraicæ

Pennsylvania. 54 pp. 80. Philadelphia, cum versione belgica. 8 p. l. 976 pp. 70 1.

T. Bradford, 1783. 160. Amstelodami, J. Janson, 1654.

Cæsar (Caius Julius). De bello gallico comBuzeta (Manuel) and Bravo (Felipe). Dic- mentarii vii. Cum scholiis Franc. Hoto.

cionario geográfico, estadistico, histórico, de mani, Ful. Vrsini romani, [et] Ald. Manutii. las islas Filipinas. 2 v. 6 p. 1. vii, 567 pp. 7 p. 1. 213, 173 pp. 10 l. fol. Lugduni, B. 3 1. 7 tab. 2 portraits ; 476 pp. 1 1. 18 pp. Vincentius, 1574. 1 l. 14 tab. 89. Madrid, J. C. de la Peña, Calatayud (Pedro de). Doctrinas practicas, 1850-51.

que suele explicar en sus missiones el padre, Byfield (Nathanael). An account of the late dispuestas para desenredar, y dirigir las con

revolution in New England. London, 1689. ciencias, [etc.] 2v. sm. fol. Valencia, and 1 p. l. 26 pp. 11. 4o. New York, J. Sabin,

Valladolid, 1737-45. 1865.

The same.

v. 3. Opusculos y doc(SABIN's reprints, no. 1).

trinas practicas, que para el gobierno inte.


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per, 1667–71.


sm. 4o.

Calatayud (Pedro de)-continued.

Calvert (George Henry). Comedies. 125 pp. rior, [etc.] da a luz el padre. sm. fol. Co- 12o. Boston, Phillips, Sampson & co. 1856. groño, F. Delgado, 1754.

s. Calvin (Jean). Opera omnia. Ed. novisJuizio de los sacerdotes, doctrina prac- sima. 9 v. fol. Amstelodami, J.J. Schiptica, y anatomia de sus conciencias, [etc.] 18 p. 1. 292 pp.

Valencia, J. Estedan Dolz, 1736.

v.1. Commentaria in Pentateuchum,et librum Iosu.

v. 2. Homiliæ in Samuelem, et conciones in Jobum, Calderon de la Barca (Pedro). Mysteries v. 3. Commentaria in Psalmos, et Isaiam. of Corpus Christi. From the Spanish. By

V. 4. Prælectiones in Jeremiam, et Ezechielem.

v.5. Prælectiones in Danielem, et prophetas minores. Denis Florence MacCarthy. viii, 352 pp. v. 6. Commentaria in euangelia, et acta apostolorum. sm. 4o. Dublin, J. Duffy, 1867.

v. 7. Commentaria in epistolas Pauli et canonicas.

v. 8. Opuscula varia theologica. CONTENTS.

v.9. Institutiones religionis christiana, quibus sub

junguntur epistolæ et responsa ad diversos. An introduction to the Autos sacramentales, (etc.) From the German of F, Lorinser.

Cambridge chronicle, (weekly). Dec. 27, An essay on the Autos sacramentales. From the

1849, to June 24, 1854. fol. Spanish of E. G. Pedroso.

Cambridge, Autos sacramentales. Belshazzar's feast. The di- (Mass.) J. Ford, 1849–54.

vine Philothea. Appendix. Scene from El Veneno y la triaca.

Cambridge (The) directory and almanac for Caldwell (G. C.) Agricultural qualitative

1850. By John Ford. lvi, 92 pp. 1 map.

180. Cambridge, Mass.) Chronicle office, and quantitative chemical analysis. After

1850. E. Wolff, Fresenius, Krocker, and others. 307 pp. 120. New York, 0. Judd & co.

Cambridge platform. A platform of church [1869)

discipline: agreed upon in the synod at

Cambridge in New England, 1648. 16o. Caledoniad (The). A collection of poems, written chiefly by Scottish authors. 2 v. 1 p. l.

Boston, J. Boyles, 1772.

(In WISE (J.) Works, pp. 181-231). ii, 170 pp. 3 1; 1 p. 1. 236 pp. 21. 16o. Lon. Cambro-Briton (The). September, 1819 to don, W. Hay, 1775.

1821. 3 v. 89. London, Mills & Rhynd, Calendario democrático para 1862, que regala

1820-21. la empresa de la discusion á sus suscritores. Camden society publications. 2 v. sm. 4o. [anon.] 113 pp. 11. 16o. Madrid, J. A.

London, 1868. Garcia, 1862.

s. Calhoun county, (Michigan). Business di- DINGLEY (Thomas). History from marble. (Edited) rectory for 1869–70, containing complete

by J. G. Nichols. 2 v. [No. 94 and 97). alphabetical and classified lists of all profes- Camerarius (Joachim). See Kammermeis. sions, trades, [etc.); together with a history ter (Joachim). of the county, giving a detailed historical Camlan (Goronya, pscudon.) Sce Williams and descriptive sketch of each township, (Rev. Rowland). city, and village.


80. Camp (David N.) Geography, embracing the Battle creek, Michigan, E. G. Rust, 1869.

key to Mitchell's series of outline maps. California medical gazette. July, 1868, to 200 pp. 4o. Hartford, O. D. Case & co. Aug. 1869. v.1. 4o. San Francisco, A.

1857. Roman & co. [1869].

editor. See American year-book, Callières (François de). Tratado de la ciencia

1869. del mundo, y de las noticias utiles para la Camp (H. editor). The freemen’s glee-book : conducta de la vida. Compuesto en Frances. a collection of songs, odes, glees, and bal. Traducido en Español. 8 p. I. 269 pp. 16o. lads, with music, [etc.] Published under Madrid, B. Román, 1778.

the auspices of the Central Fremont and DayCallimachus. Hymnes de Callimaque. Nou- ton glee club of the city of New York. 108 velle éd. avec une version française et des

pp. 180. New York, Miller, Orton 8: Mul. notes. Par J. F. G. de La Porte du Theil. ligan, 1856. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. 104 pp; 142 pp. 24o, Paris, Campaign (The Washington weekly). June Gail, [1795).

12 to Oct. 30, 1852. nos. 1-21 in 1 v. Calliope: a collection of poems, legendary fol. Washington, R. Armstrong, 1832.

and pathetic. By various authors. 1 p. 1. Campbell (Alexander, editor). Psalms, 308 pp. ) pl. 24°. Baltimore, E. J. Coale, hymns, and spiritual songs, original and se1814.

lected. Compiled by A. Campbell, W. Scott,


426 pp.


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Campbell (Alexander)-continued.

Camp-meeting (The) hymn book: containB. W. Stone, and J. T. Johnson, elders of the ing the most approved hymns and spiritual christian church. With numerous and vari- songs used by the methodist connexion in ous additions and emendations. Adapted to the United States. 6th ed. 125 pp. 320. personal, family, and church worship. By Ithaca, Mack, Andrews & Woodruff, 1836. Alexander Campbell. 2d ed. 511 pp. 320. Campo (Manuel del). Coleccion de opusculos, Bethany, (Va.) A. Campbell, 1860.

sobre materias interesantes en las circunCampbell (George Douglas, 8th duke of Ar- stancias del dia. 4 parts in l. 16o. Mad

gyll). Primeval man. An examination of rid, Villaamil, 1835. some recent speculations. ix pp. 11. 200 pp. Campos (Ramon), Desigualdad personal en 1 pl. 120. London, Strahan & co. 1869.

la sociedad civil. 270 pp. 1 l. 16o. BarceCampbell (John, II. d.) Beknopte histori lona, M. Sauri, 1838.

en tegenwoordige staat van het spaansche Canada (Dominion of). Sessional papers, v. ryk in Amerika : benevens een byzonder ver

1-3, 5-7. First session of the first parliahaal van den koophandel uit Oud-Spanje,

ment. Session 1867–8. 1-3[and] 8–38. 6 v, met de galjenen, flota enz; en

van den

80. Ottawa, Hunter, Rose & co. 1866-67. verboden handel der Franschen, Engelschen, Journals of the senate of Canada, being Hollanderen, Denen en Portugezen, in West

the first session of the first parliament, 1867 – Indie. Verzameld mit spaansche schryvers

68. v.1. 89. [Ottawa, 1868]. en in't engelsch beschreven. 4 p. 1. 328 pp. Journals of the house of commons of 80. Amsterdam, Jan 't Lam, 1745,

the dominion of Canada, 1867–68. v.1. 80. Campbell (John, basron Campbell, lord higk [Ottawa, 1868].

chancellor). Lives of lord Lyndhurst and Canadian (The) portfolio. Conducted by J. lord Brougham, lord chancellors and keepers

A. Roebuck, esq. [etc.] This work will conof the great seal of England. 1 p. l. xvi, tain a faithful exposition on the causes that 596 pp. 80. London, J. Murray, 1869.

have produced the civil war in Canada, (etc.) Campbell (J. F.) A short American tramp Nos. 1-3 in 1 v. 89. London, C. Fox, 1838.

in the fall of 1864, by the editor of “Life in Cancelada (Juan Lopez). Conducta del exNormandy.” [anon.] vii, 427 pp. 1 pl. 1 celentisimo señor don José Iturrigary, durante

Edinburgh, Edmonston & Doug- su gobierno en Nueva-España. Se contesta a las, 1865.

la vindication que publicó don Facundo LiCampbell (John P.) The southern business zarza. Cuaderno, tercero y segundo en la directory and general commercial advertiser, materia. 2 p. 1. 135 pp.

89. Cadiz, im[etc.] v.1, 404, 172 pp. 8o. Charleston, prenta del estado mayor-general, 1812. Walker & James, 1854.

s. Canfield (Russel). A candid review of Ten Campbell (Sir Neil). Napoleon at Fontain- letters, containing reasons for not embracing bleau and Elba, being a journal of occur

the doctrine of universal salvation, by rev. rences in 1814-1815, with notes of conversa

Joel Hawes. To which are added thirteen tions. With a memoir of the life and ser

friendly letters to a candidate for the ministry. vices of that officer. By his nephew Archi

260 pp. 11. 12o. Hartford, author, 1827. bald Neil Campbell Maclachlan. xii, 398

8 pp.

Cannon (Charles James). The practical spell1 portrait. 89. London, J. Murray, 1869.

ing book. 168 pp. 16o, New York, E. Duni. Campbell (Thomas). Gertrude of Wyoming.

gan & brother, 1852. 12o. Albany, 1864.

Cantemir (Demetrius). The history of the [STONE (W. L.) The poetry and history of Wyo.

growth and decay of the Othman empire. ming).

From the year 1300 to 1703. Written origiCampi (Pietro Maria). Dell' historia ecclesi- nally in Latin. Translated into English by

astica di Piacenza. Con l'historia antichis- rev. N. Tindal. With the heads of the Turkish sima, nè mai più uscita in ce, della fonda- emperors. 2 parts in 1 v. 1 p. 1. xvi, 460 pp. tione della città stessa, di Tito Omusio, apol- 22 portraits. 1 map. fol. London, J.J.G. P. ogia della vita di Gregorio x. et discorso his- Knapton, 1734–35. torico circa la patria e nascità di Cristoforo Capmany y de Montpalau (Antonio de). Colombo. 3 v. fol. Piacenza, G. Bazuchi, Teatro historico-critico de la eloquencia espa1651-62.

ñola. 5 y. 8°. Madrid, A. de Sancha, 1786-94.

map. 80.

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Capodistrias or Capo d'Istria (Joannes). Cardelli (P.) and Lionnet-Clémandot (J.)

Επιστολαι, γραφεισαι απο 1827 μεχρις 1831, Nouveau manuel complet du confiseur et du συλλεγεισαι μεν και καταταχθεισαι φροντισι chocolatier. Nouvelle éd. 397 pp.5 pl. 18o. των αδελφων αυτου, εκδοθεισαι δε παρα Ε. Α. Paris, Roret, 1863. Βεταν. Μεταφρασθεισαι εκ του Γαλλικου παρα

(MANUELS Roret). Μιχαηλ Γ. Σχινα. 4 ν. 80. Αθηνησιν, τυποις | Career of the champions ; a history of Tom K. Ilaa?.n, 1841.

Sayers and John C. Heenan, and their Capron (S. M. compiler). School lyrics ;

achievements in the ring. Collated from

Bell's life in London, Boxiana, [etc.] With collection of sacred hymns for devotional exercises in schools. 164 pp. 320. Nero

a full report of the great fight for the cham. York, Harper & brothers, 1868.

pionship of the two hemispheres, between

Sayers and Heenan, April, 1860. And the Captain Waltham ; a tale of southern India.

rules of the prize ring. [anon.] 105 pp. [anon. Edited by J. W. D.) 280 pp. 6 pl.

2 col. portraits. 80. New York, F. A. Brady, 16°. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication

[1860]. committee, 1869.

Carême (Marie Antonin). Le pâtissier royal Carabelli (Georg, edler ron Lunkaszprie).

parisien ; ou, traité élémentaire et pratique Anatomie des mundes. xvi, 244 pp. 80.

de la pâtisserie ancienne et moderne, de l'enWien, Braumüller & Seidel, 1842.

tremets de sucre, [etc.] suivi d'une revue (Imperfect; 34 plates wanting).

critique des grands bals de 1810 et 1811. 2 Caracas (Real compaña guipuzcoana de). No

v. 4 p. 1. 482 pp. 32 pl ; 2 p. 1. 448 pp. 38 pl. ticias historiales practicas de los sucessos, y 89. Paris, J. G. Dontu, 1815. adelantamientos de esta compañia, desde su Carew (Thomas). Poetical works. 223 pp. fundacion año de 1728, hasta el de 1764, por 180. London, H. G. Clarke & co. 1845. todos los ramos, que comprehende su nego- Carey (Henry Charles, Il.d.) Manual of social

ciation. 183 pp. 89. [Caracas, ] 1765. S. science; being a condensation of the “PrinCaraccioli (Louis Antoine, marquis de). Car- ciples of social science " of H. C. Carey, by

acteres ; 6, señales de la amistad. Traducidos Kate McKean. 548 pp. 1 pl. 12°. Philade Francés en Castellano. Por d. Francisco delphia, H. C. Baird, 1864. Mariano Nipho. 44 imp. 4 p. 1. 262 pp. 18o. Carli (Dionigio). Il moro trasportato nell' Madrid, M. Escribano, 1787.

inclita città di Venetia ; overo, curioso racLa conversacion consigo mismo. Tra

conto de costumi, riti e religione de popoli ducida de Francés en Castellano por d. F.M.

dell' Africa, America, Asia, e Europa. 7 p. 1. Nipho. xxiv, 388 pp. 2 l. 16o. Madrid,

402 pp. 91. 4o. Bassano, A. Reniondini, 1687.

The same. M. Escribano, 1782.

Der nach Venedig über

brachte mohr; oder, curiose und warhaffte Ultima despedida de la mariscala a sus

erzehlung und beschriebung aller curiositäten hijos ; compuesta en Francés, y traducida

und denckwürdigkeiten, welche [ihm] in en Castellano por d.Francisco Mariano Nipho.

seiner etlich-jährigen mission in Africa, Amer2a impresion, 8p. I. 390 pp. 16o. Madrid,

ica, Asia, und Europa aufgestossen, (etc.) M. Escribano, 1780.

Erstlich in welscher sprach beschrieben, anEl universo enigmatico, compuesto en jetzo aber in die hoch-teutsche sprache überFrancés por el marques Caracciolo, y tra- setzt. 7 p. 1. 342 pp. 5 1.1 pl. 4o. Augspurg, ducido en Castellano, por F. M. Nipho. 2a L. Kroniger, 1692. imp. xvi, 236 pp. 6 1. 16o. Madrid, M. Carli or Carli-Rubbi (Giovanni Rinaldo, Escribano, 1779.

conte). Delle lettere americane. 3 v. 12o. Verdaderos intereses de la patria. Tra- Cosmopoli e Cremona, 1780-83. ducidas de Francés en Castellano por d. F.

The same.

Briefe über Amerika. Mit M. Nipho. 4 p. 1. 295 pp. 18o. Madrid, dem dritten theile übersetzt, von C. G. HenM. Escribano, 1785.

s. nig. 3 v. 16o. Gera, C. F. Bekmann, 1785. La vie de madame de Maintenon, insti- Elementos de moral para instruction de tutrice de la royale maison de Saint-Cyr.

la noble juventud. Escritos en Italiano, y [anon.] 2e éd. xvi, 316 pp ; 2 p. 1. 306 pp.

traducidos por el capitan don Juan Munar11. 169. Paris, Buisson, 1788.

riz. 4 p. 1. 257 pp. 18o. Valladolid, ciuda (Portrait wanting).

& hijos de Santander, 1792.


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Carnicero (José Clemente). El liberalismo Carson (Joseph)-continued.

convencido por sus mismos escritos; 6, ex- sketches of the lives of deceased professors. amen critico de la constitucion de la monar- xii-17, 227 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Lindquia española publicada en Cadiz, y de la obra


say & Blakiston, 1869. de Francisco Marina, “Teoria de las cortes," Carstairs (J.) Practical system of shorty de otras que sostienen las mismas ideas

hand; a selection of the practice of the art, acerca de la soberania de la nacion. 2 v. in 1.

divested of all theoretical and extraneous 4 p. 1. 120 pp ; 168 pp. 89. Madrid, E.

matter, intended to lead the young beginner Aguado, 1830.

to an immediate acquaintance with the useCaro y Cejudo (Geronimo Martin). Expli

ful and necessary information requisite for cacion del libro iv y quinto del arte nuevo its rapid attainment; containing easy rules de grammatica, [etc.] Con nuevas addi.

and exercises. 1 p. 1. 80 pp. 8o. London, ciones, [etc.] 12 p. 1. 404 pp. 18o. Sevilla,

E, Wilson, 1829. imprenta de los Recientes, 1757.

S. Cartera (La) cubana. Director Vicente AnCaroline Westerley; or, the young traveller tonio de Castro. Julio, 1838-octubre, 1840. from Ohio. Containing the letters of a

v. 1-5. 8o. Habaña, D. Patiño, etc. 1838– young lady of seventeen, written to her sis.

40. ter. [anon.] 233 pp. 18o. New York, J. Carver (Jonathan). Travels in Wisconsin, & J. Harper, 1833.

From the 3d London ed. 376 pp. I portrait. (Boys' and girls' library, v. 16).

2 maps. 4 pl. 80. New York, Harper & Carové (Friedrich Wilhelm). Der messian- brothers, 1838. ismus, die neuen templer [etc.] in Frank

(A reprint of “Travels through the interior parts of reich, nebst einer übersicht des gegenwär

North America, in the years 1766, 1767, and 1768.

By J. Carver." 3d ed. and with the original title tigen zustandes der pbilosophie in Italien. 1 reproduced at p. vii]. p. 1. xvi, 368 pp. 1 l. 8o. Leipzig, J. C. Cary (R. Milton). Skirmisher's drill and bayHinrichs, 1834.

ouet exercise, (as now used in the French Der Saint-Simonismus und die neuere army), with suggestions for the soldier in französische philosophie. 3 p. 1. 232 pp. 1 1.

actual conflict. Compiled and translated 8o. Leipzig, J. C. Hinrichs, 1831.

[from the French) for the use of the volun[With the preceding).

teers of the state of Virginia and the south. Carré de Montgeron (Louis Basil). See

48 pp. 29 pl. 16o. Richmond, (Va.) Wrst Montgeron (Louis Basil Carré de).

& Johnston, 1861. Carriere (Moriz). Aesthetik. Die idee des Caryl (Red. Joseph). Seed-thoughts; or, seschönen und ihre verwirklichung durch

lections from Caryl's exposition of Job. natur, 'geist und kunst. 2 v. xiv, 531 pp;

With an introduction by J. E. Rockwell, d. d. xiii, 634 pp. 89. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus,

16o. Philadelphia, presbyterian 1859.

board of publication, [1869).

Opere. Edizione Carrillo (Martin). Historia o elogios de las Casa (Giovanni della). mugeres insignes de que trata la sagrada es

veneta novissima. Con giunte di opere

dello critura en el viejo testamento: entretexida

stesso autore, e di scritture sovra le medesime. con los sucesos mas memorables de los pa

[Pubblicate per G. B. Casotti e A. F. Segheztriarcas, profetas, reyes, y varones illustres de zi). 5 v. 4o. Venezia, A. Pasinello, 1728. sus tiempos. 4 p. 1. 448 pp. 1 1.

sm. 4o. Madrid, J. Doblado, 1783.

v. 1. Rime, e annotazioni varie sovra le stesse.

v. 2. Spozizioni di Sertorio Quattromani sopra tutte Carrion (José). Manual del jugador de la

le riine, e quelle di m. Aurelio Severino, e di Gre. loteria primitiva. 192 pp.

120. Madrid, gorio Caloprese sopra i xxi. primi sonneti.

v. 3. Prose volgari si stampate, che inedite; ed. alM. Gonzalez, 1858.

cune accresiute di annotazioni da autore anonimo. Carruthers (Robert). The life of Alexander

(Lettere. Galateo, ovvero de' costumi-Orazioni).

v. 4. Cose latine : (Carmiua. Vita Petri Bembi et Pope. Including extracts from his corres- Gayparis Contareni. De officiis inter potentiores et

tenuiores amicos. Epistolae, etc.) pondence. 2d ed. revised and considerably v. 5. La vita e 'l testamento, e alcune cose inedite enlarged. xiv, 490 pp. 7 pl. 12o. London,

dell' autore, con varie lettere, annotazioni, e ra

gionamenti intorno alla suddetta vita, e intorno H. G. Bohn, 1857.

all' opere del medesimo. Carson (Joseph, m. d.) A history of the med. Cassany (Francisco). Arithmetica deseada.

ical department of the university of Pennsyl- Breves, y claros methodos para instruirse por vania, from its foundation, in 1765. With si mismo con mediana aplicacion el que lo

180 pp.


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