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Children of Staunton-Cerbet series. 3 v. 160. Chilton (W. editor). See Library (The) of

Philadelphia, American sunday school union,

China (The) mail. From Feb. 20, 1845, to


fol. Hongkong, A., ShortCousin Deborah's story. 209 pp.

rede, 1845–52.
Lady Lucy's secret; or, the gold thimble. 214 pp. Chipman (George). The American moralist.

Mabel; or, the bitter root. 248 pp.
Children's (The) hour. v. 1-3. sm. 4o. Phil.

Containing a variety of moral and religious

lessons, with humorous and entertaining adelphia, T. S. Arthur & son, 1866-68.

pieces. Designed principally for the use of Childs (F. S. d.d.) The heritage of peace; or,

schools. 216 pp. 12°, Wrentham, (Mass.) Christ our life. 166 pp. 180. New York,

author, 1801. A. D. F. Randolph & co. 1868.

Chittenden (N. W.) Life of sir Isaac NewChili. Departamento de hacienda. Cuenta ton. 80. New York, 1848. jeneral de las entradas i gastos fiscales de la (In Newton (Sir I.) Principia, 1848). república de Chile en 1864. 5 1.86, 28, 62 Cholula; or the young Mexican. [anon.] 233

40. Santiago, imprenta nacional, pp. 3 pl. 189. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & [1865).

co, 1869, Memoria que el ministro de es

Chorister's companion. Supplement. 16 pp. tado en el departamento de hacienda presenta

obl. 129. New Haven, S. Jocelin, 1792. al congreso nacional de 1860. 80. Santi- Chrēstomanos (Anastasios C.) Avahutikou ago de Chile, imprenta nacional, 1860.

πινακες, ητοι μεθοδος της ποιοτικης χημικης Departamento de justicia, culto, (etc.)

αναλυσεως δια της υγρας οδου. 9, 92 pp. 89. Memoria que el ministro de estado en el de

Αθηναις, τεχνοι Α. Κορομηλα, 1865. partamento de justicia, culto e instruccion Christian (The): dedicated to the advance. pública presenta al congreso nacional de 1860. ment of gospel holiness. Rev. S. J. Knapp 8o. Santiago de Chile, imprenta nacional, (and others] editors. January to December, 1860.

1868. v. 6. 89. New York, red. R. McGoreDepartamento de relaciones exteriores, gal, 1868. Memoria que el ministro de estado en el de-Christian (The) examiner. July, 1868, to partamento de relaciones exteriores presenta November, 1869. v. 85–87. New series, v. al congreso nacional de 1860 [y] 1865. 89. 6-8. 89. New York, J. Miller, 1868-69. Santiago de Chile, imprenta nacional, 1860–65. (Terminating the publication. Merged in "The old

and the new," from January, 1870." Colleccion de tratados celebrados

Christian (The) Indian; or, times of the first par la república de Chile con los estados es

settlers. [anon.] 251 pp. 12°, New York, trangeros. 4o. Santiago, imprenta

Collins & Hannay, 1825. nacional, 1857.

Christian (The) keepsake, and missionary an. Pièces principales de la cor

nual, for 1849. 12°. Philadelphia, Brower, respondance échangée entre les ministres

Hayes & co. 1849. du Chili et des États-Unis d'Amérique, a Christian (The) layman; or, the doctrine of Santiago et à Washington, au sujet d'une

the trinity fully considered, and adjudged capture faite par un détachement de l'escadre according to the bible. By a christian laychilienne dans la vallée de Sitana, territoire

man. [anon.) viii, 371 pp. 12o. Mobile, péruvien, le 9 mai 1821, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 509 Doubleday & Sears, 1840. pp. Bruxelles, H. Goemaere, 1861. Christian (The) psalmist; being a collection Oficina de estadistica.

Estadistica co- of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs commercial de la república de Chile correspon- piled from the most approved authors, and diente al año de 1858, 1859, [y] 1864. 3 v. designed as a standard hymn-book, for public 4o. Valparaiso, 1859-65,

and social worship [anon.] 596 pp. 320. Repertorio nacional formado por Irvington, (N. J.) M. Cummings, 1856. la oficina de estadistica, en conformidad del Christian (The) sabbath vindicated, and the articulo 12 de la lei de 17 de setiembre de 1847. sabbath in its political aspect. By Ignotus. 4 p. 1. 184 pp. 36 1. 15 tab. 80. Santiago, (pseudon.] 249 pp.


Philadelphia, imprenta del progreso, 1850.

Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1869.

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Christison (John). A complete grammar of Church of England -continued. the French language; with exercises and

The same.

143 1. 189. London, M. dialogues, for the use of schools and private Baskett, 1766. students. 1st C. S. A. from 15th Edinburgh The same. 132 pp. 189. Oxford, Clared. Revised by F. W. Rosier. 143 pp. 18o. endon press, 1780. Richmond, G. Dunn & co. 1863.

The same. With notes upon the epis-
Christliches gemüths-gespräch von dem tles, gospels, and psalms. By a member of

geistlichen und seligmachenden glauben, und the established church. xxvi, 482 pp. 89.
erkenntniss der wahrheit, so zu der gottse- London, Otridge of son, 1813.
ligkeit führet in der hoffnung des ewigen The same. Pictorial edition. xl, 711 pp.
lebens, [etc. anon.] 256 pp. 18o. Lan- 89. London, Ward & Lock. (n. d.]
caster, (Pa.) J. Bär, 1836.

Cicero (Marcus Tullius). The republic of
Christmas (The) stocking. By“ Consin Vir-

Cicero, translated from the Latin ; and acginia." (pseudon). 155 pp. 3 pl. 16o. New

companied with a critical and historical York, Wilcor & Rockwell, 1869.

introduction. By G. W. Featherstonhaugh. Christmas (The) tribute and new-year's gift ;

7, 148 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, G. & C. a souvenir for 1851. [1st year]. 120. Phi.

Carrill, 1829. delphia, E. H. Butler & co. 1851.

Select orations. With explanatory Christopherson or Lyschander (Claus).

notes, by George Stuart. 334 pp. 16°. PhilDend grönlandske chronica hvorudi kor

adelphia, Eldredge & brother, 1869. telig beskrives, hvorledes landet i fordom tid er först fundet. [etc.] Med mange de

Tully's two essays, Of old age, and Of norske kongers og alle Grönlands bisper

friendship, with his stoical paradoxes, and klare og ordentlige fortegnelse, [etc.] Med

Scipio's dream. Render'd into English by

8. Parker. 2d ed. 5 p. 1. 213 pp. 169. Lonkonnings Christian den fierdes trende lyksalige tog, [etc.] Alle Danske og Nord

don, J. Wilford, 1720. bagger til ære og Aminde prentet udi Ki

The same.

Extracts from, and obseröbenhavn af Benedickt Laurentz, 1608. 4

vations on, Cicero's dialogues, De senectute, p. 1. 144 pp. 16° Kiöbenharn, Hans, 1826. and De amicitia, and a translation of his [With CLAUSSEN (Peder). Norriges og omliggende Somnium Scipionis, with notes, etc. By öers beskrivelse, etc.)

William Danby. iv, 129 pp. 89. London, Chronicles of four little Christmas stockings.

J. G. & F. Rivington, 1832. [anon.] 136 pp. 3 pl. 184. Philadelphia,

[With YOUNG (E.) Extracts from Young's Night Presbyterian publication committee, [1869). thoughts). Chronicles. See Cronycles.

Cincinnati (City of). The Cincinnati direc-
Chronik (Eine); oder, geschichtbiichlein von tory for 1825), containing the names of its

der sogenannten mennonisten gemeinde. citizens, their occupation, places of residence,
Zum dienst und lehre für alle liebhaber der and places of nativity, [etc.] By Harry
wahrheit, [etc.] Durch J. St. [anon.] 2e Hall. 137 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 1 map. 12o. Cin-
auflage. 439 pp. 16o. Lancaster, J. Bär cinnati, S. J. Browne, 1825.
& söhne, 1859.

Williams' Cincinnati directory, city
Chubbuck afterwards Judson (Emily). Al-

guide and business mirror ; or, Cincinnati derbrook; a collection of Fanny Forester's

in 1855. 288 pp. 1 map. 1 pl. 8. Cin. village sketches, poems, etc. [pseudon.]

cinnati, C. S. Williams, 1855. 11th ed. Revised with additions. 2 v. in 1.

The same: embracing a full alpha285 pp; 285 pp. 12o. Boston, Ticknor 8.

betical record of the names of the inbabiFields, 1856.

tants of Cincinnati, a business directory, Church of England. The book of common prayer. 80 pp. fol. London, assigns of

municipal record, city maps, etc. June, 1869.

Nineteenth annual issue. 8o. Cincinnati, T. Newcomb & H. Hills, 1679. (With BIBLE (English). Amsterdam ed. 1679).

directory office, (1869). The same. Reformed upon unitarian Cincinnati chamber of commerce and merprinciples ; together with the psalms of Da- chants' exchange. Twenty-first and twenvid. 120. Newcastle, 1709.

ty-second annual report for the fiscal years The same.

With the psalter or psalms 1868 and 1869, 2 v. 89. Cincinnati, Gaof David. 18o. Cambridge, J. Bentham, 1753. zette printing establishment, 1869.

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201 pp.

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163 pp.

Cincinnati (The) commercial. (Daily). Clark (Rev. John A.) A walk about Zion.

July, 1868, to December, 1869. 3 v. fol. 351 pp. 16°. Philodelphia, W. Marshall &
Cincinnati, M. Halstead & co. 1868–69.

co. 1835,
Cincinnati (Deutscher lehrerverein). Lese- Clark (M. L.) Rainy day stories. A rainy

buch ; oder, der anschauungs- und sprachun. day at school. By Mada. [pseudon.]. 194 terricht für amerikanische volksschulen.

pp. 4 pl. 189. Boston, D. Lothrop & co. 120. Cincinnati, J. Eggers & 1868. Wilde, 1868.

Clark (Orton S.) The one hundred and six. Circular (A) letter from the general republi

teenth regiment of New York state voluncan committee of the city and county of New

tcers: being a complete history of its organYork, to their republican fellow-citizens

ization and nearly three years' active service throughout the state, in vindication of the

in the great rebellion. [With] memorial measures of the general government, [etc.] sketches, and a muster roll of the regiment, xxi, 105 pp. 89. New York, F. White f. co.

[etc.] 348 pp. 1 portrait. 120 Buffalo, 1869.

Matthews & Warren, 1868. Cist (Lewis J.) Trifles in verse ; a collection

Clark (Spencer M.) Report on the first diviof fugitive poems. 184 pp. 1 portrait. 12o.

sion national currency bureau. See United Cincinnati, Robinson & Jones, 1845.

States. ( Treasury department). Cisterne de Courtiras (N. ricomtesse de St.

Clark (Stephen Watkins). First lessons in Mars). Mademoiselle fifty millions ; or, the

English grammar. 156 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Nero adventures of Hortense Mancini. By the

York, A. S. Barnes & co. 1857. countess Dash. [pseudon.] Translated by

The science of the English language. A Adelaide de V. Chaudron.


practical grammar: in which words, phrases, New York, D. Appleton & co. 1869.

and sentences are classified according to Claggett (William). A looking-glass for

their offices; and their various relations to elder Clarke and elder Wightman, and the

one another illustrated by a comparative church under their care. Wherein is fairly

system of diagrams. 40th ed. revised. 309 represented the very image of their transac

pp. 120. Nero York, A. S. Barnes & Burr, tions. 26, 228 pp. 16o. Nevport, (R. I.)

1865. J. Rhodes, 1721.

Clark (Thomas M. d.d.) Primary truths of re[Imperfect: all after p. 228 wanting). Claparède (Jean Louis René Antoine

ligion. 312 pp. 160. New York, D. Apple

to 8 co. 1869. Edouard). Anatomie und entwicklungsgeschichte der neritina fluviatilis. [Extract

Discourses on

Clarke (Rep. Adam, ll.d.) from Müller's Archiv fiir anatomie, 1857. pp.

various subjects relative to the being and at

tributes of God, and his works in creation, 109-248, pl. 4-8]. 80. Berlin, 1857. Clark (Rev. B. F.) Mirthfulness and its ex

providence and grace. 304 pp. 8o. Nero citers; or, rational laughter and its promoters.

York, McElrath & Bangs, 1829. 348 pp. 120. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1870. Clarke (Alexander Ross). Determination of Clark (Colonel George Rogers.) Sketch of

the positions of Feaghmain and Haverfordhis campaign in the Illinois, in 1778–79.

west, longitude stations on the great EuroWith an introduction by hon. Henry Pirtle,

pean arc of parallel. Being an appendix to

the account of the principal triangulation of of Louisville, and an appendix containing

Great Britain and Ireland. the public and private instructions to col.

62 pp. 4 pl.

4o. London, 1867. Clark, and major Bowman's journal of the

(GREAT BRITAIN. War department: ordnance surtaking of post St. Vincents. vi pp. 1 1. 119

vey). pp. 1 portrait. 8o. Cincinnati, R. Clarke & Standards of length of England, France, co. 1869.

etc. Also, Triangulation. See Great Brit(Ohio valley historical series, v. 3).

ain. (War department). Clark (John). Hymns on various subjects, Clarke (Dorus, d. d.) The oneness of the and occasions. 4 p. 1. 186 pp. 89. Trow- christian church.

120. Boston, bridge, T. Long, 1799.

Lee f: Shepard, 1869.
Poems on several occasions, both moral Clarke (Rev. Henry). A history of the sab-
and entertaining. 188 pp. 8o. Trowbridge, batarians, or, seven-day baptists, in Amer-
T. Long, 1799.

ica. Containing their rise and progress to

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105 pp.



171 PP.

171 pp. 171 pp.

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| Clarke (Reo. Henry)-continued.

Clausel (Bertrand, comte, maréchal de). Exthe year 1811, with their leaders' names, and plications. 189 pp. 1 1. 3 maps. 80. Paris, their distinguishing tenets, etc. 196 pp. 2 1. A. Dupont, 1837.

S. 16o. Utica, Seward & Williams, 1811. Claussen (Peder). Norriges og omliggende Clarke (Hewson). The saunterer, a periodi- öers sandfærdige beskrivelse, indholdendis

cal paper. 2d ed. with additions, and a hvis værd er at vide, baade om landets og
sketch of the author's life. 2 v. 2 p. l. xxi, indbyggernis leylighed og vilkor. 1 p.1. 174
237 pp; 2 p. 1. 190 pp. 6 l. 16o. London, pp.5 l. 16o. Kiöbenhavn, Hans, 1727.
J. f E. Hodson, 1806,

Clavigero (Francisco Xavier). Storia antica
Clarke (James Freeman). Eleven weeks in del Messico cavata da' migliori storici spag-

Europe; and what may be seen in that time. nuoli, e da' manoscritti, e dalle pitture xv, 328 pp. 12o. Boston, Ticknor, Reed & antiche degli indiani, [etc.) e dissertazioni Fields, 1852.

sulla terra, sugli animali, e sugli abitatori del Clarke (Mrs. Mary Cowden). The complete Messico. 4 v. 4o. Cesena, G. Biasini, 1780.

concordance to Shakspere: being & verbal Storia della California. 2 v. in 1. 276
index to all the passages in the dramatic pp. 11; 212 pp. 11. 1 map. 80. Venezia,
works of the poet. 4 p. 1. 860 pp. 89. Lon- M. Fenzo, 1789.
don, C. Knight, 1847.

s. Clavius or Schlosser (Christopher). Opervm Clarke (R. S.) Dotty Dimple stories. By mathematicorvm libri v. 5 v. in 4. fol.

Sophie May. [pseudon.] Nos. 1-6. 180. Moguntiæ, A. Hierat, 1611.
Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1869.


v. 1. Commentaria in Evclidis elementa Commen. 1. Dotty Dimple at her grandmother's.

taria in Theodosii Tripolitæ phæricorvm libros tres. 2. Dotty Dimple at home.

v. 2. Geometria practica. Epitome arithmeticæ prac3. Dotty Dimple out west.

ticæ. Algebra. Commentaria in sphæram loannis 4. Dotty Dimple at school. 66 pp.

de Sacrobosco. 5. Dotty Dimple at play. 184 pp.

v. 3. Astrolabium tribvs libris explicatvm. 6. Dotty Dimple's flyaway. 200 pp.

v. 4. Gnomonices libri octo. Fabrica et vsus in

strvmenti ad horologiorvm descriptionem peropporClarke (Rer. Samuel, minister of St. Bennet's

tuni. Horologiorvm nova descriptio. Compen. Fink.) A new description of the world; or, divm brevissimvm describendorym horologiorvm

horizontalium ac declinantium, a compendious treatise of the empires, king- v. 5. Romani calendarii a Gregorio xiii, restituti ex. doms, [etc.] With an account of the na

plicatio S. Clementis viii. jussu edita. Novi calen

darii romani apologia adversus Michaelem Maentli. tures of the people, in their habits, customs, nun goppingensem in tubingensi acadeinia mathe.

maticum. Appendix ad novii calendarii romani etc. Also of the rarities, wonders, and curi

apologiam, in qua J. Scaliger (etc.) seorsim singuli osities, etc. 3 p. 1. 218 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 180.

confutantur. Accessit refutatio cyclometriæ ejus

dem Scaligeri. London, H, Rhodes, 1712.

Claybaugh (Rev. Joseph). Relations of bapClarke (Red. Samuel, of Cambridge, son of the

tized youth to the church. 12. Cincinnati, preceding). A sermon of communion with


s. God. pp. 369 to 396. 4°. London, J. Rob

[In RITCHIE (Rev. A.) The sacramental cate. inson, 1693,

chism. 1855). [With BIBLE. (English). A survey of the bible). Clayton (Capt. John William). The sunny

A survey of the bible. See Bible. south. An autumn in Spain and Majorca (English).

xii, 332 pp. ) pl. 89. London, Hurst & Clarke (Thomas Curtis). An account of the Blackett, 1869,

iron railway bridge across the Mississippi Cleary (William P.) and co. Business di river at Quincy, Illinois. 70 pp. 11. I map. rectory of the cities of New York, Philadel

21 pl. 4o. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1869. phia, Boston, and Baltimore; and a business Clarke (William H.) New method for reed register of the principal manufacturers in the

organs, a comprehensive system of instruc- eastern states. 1869. 4o. Nero York, W.
tion, and an improvement on all other meth- P. Cleary & co. 1869.
ods for the simplicity and progressive char- Cleaveland or Clieveland (John). J.
acter of its studies, exercises, scales, volun- Cleaveland revived : poems, orations, epis-
taries, and recreative pieces. 100 pp. obl. tles, and other of his genuine incomparable
4o. Boston, 0. Ditson & co. [1869.]

pieces. With some other exquisite remains The same. [New ed ?] 160 pp. obl. of the most eminent wits of both the uni4o. Boston, 0. Ditson, 1869.

versities that were his contemporaries. This Claudius(Martin, pseudon.) See Petzel(Rosa). 3d ed. besides other additions, is enriched

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Cleaveland (John)-continued.

Clemente (Claudio). Tablas chronologicas, with the author's Midsummer-moon; en qve se contienen los svcessos eclesiasticos Lunacy-rampant. Now at last publisht from y seculares de España, Africa, Indias orienhis original copies, by some of his intrusted tales y occidentales, desde su principio, friends. 8 p. I. 182 pp. 249. London, A. hasta el año 1642. Ilustradas, y añadidas Brook, 1662.

desde el año 1642, hasta el presente de 1689, Cleaveland (Rev. John). Infant baptism con las noticias que se hallan entre estas, por

" from heaven," and immersion as the only V. I. Migvel. 8 p. l. 275 pp. sm. 4o. Vamode of baptism and a term of christian lencia, I. de Bordazar, 1689. communion " of men;" or, a short disserta. Clemm (Wilhelm). De compositis græcis tion on baptism, in two parts, [etc. With] quæ a verbis incipiunt. x, 173 pp. 89. a short postscript containing a few observa. Gissæ, Keller, 1867. tions on mr. Foster's divipe right of immer- Cler (General). Reminiscences of an officer sion. 113, 13 pp. 16o. Salem, S. Hall, of zouaves. Translated from the French. 1784.

visi, 317 pp. 16o. New York, D. Appleton Clef(La) des songes; ou, l'art cabalistique d'in- & co. 1860.

terpréter les songes, visions, apparitions, etc. Cleveland ( Rev. Horace A.) Golden sheaves par Ebbark. [pseudon.] viii, 104 pp. 160. gathered from the fields of ancient and Paris, Bernardin-Béchet, 1867.

modern literature. A miscellany of choice Clemens (Samuel L.) The innocents abroad ; reading. vi, 583 pp. 8 pl. 89. Philadel.

or, the new pilgrim's progress ; being some phia, Zeigler, McCurdy & co. [1869). account of the steamship Quaker City's Cleveland, past and present ; its representapleasure excursion to Europe and the Holy tive men; comprising biographical sketches Land; with descriptions of countries, na- of pioneer settlers and prominent citizens, tions, incidents, and adventures as they ap- with a history of the city, [etc.] 3 p.1.500 peared to the author. By Mark Twain. pp. 3 pl. 81 portraits. 80. Cleveland, M. [pseudon.] 651 pp. 16 pl. 89. Hartford, Joblin, 1869.

(Conn.) American publishing co. 1869. Cloppenburg (Johann). Syntagma selectaClemens, alerandrinus (Titus Flavius). Writ- rum exercitationum theologicarum. 8 p.1.

ings. Translated by rev. William Wilson. 738 pp. 18o. Franekera, H. & J. Deuringius, 2 v. 470 pp; viii, 542 pp. 80. Edinburgh, T. 1645. & T. Clark, 1868-69.

Theologica opera omnia, nunc demum (ANTE-NICENE library, v. 4 and 12).

conjunctim edita, [etc.] et Didactica. 2 v.

8 p. 1. 1134 pp. 211; 2 p. 1. 1008 pp. 20 1. 4o. Exhortation to the heathen; the instructor; the mis. 40. Amstelodami, G. Borstius, 1684.

cellanies, or, stromata.
Stromata, continued.
See, also, Caussin (N.) De symbolica v. 1. Exegetica et didactica.
Ægyptiorum sapienta.

v. 2. Elenchtica, cum tractatu novo de sabbatho

christiano, Clemens, romanus. Recognitions. Transla

Clough (Arthur Hugh). Poems and prose ted by Thomas Smith. 89. Edinburghi, 1868.

remains; with a selection from his letters (ANTE-NICENE library, v. 3, pp. 135 to 485).

and a memoir. Edited by his wife. 2 v. The two epistles to the Corinthians. A

3 p. 1. 426 pp. 1 portrait ; viii, 502 pp. 12o. revised text, with introduction and notes.

London, Macmillan & co. 1869. By J. B. Lightfoot, d. d. 2 p. I. 220 pp. 80.

The bothie of Toper-na-fuosich. A London, Macmillan & co, 1869.

long vacation pastoral. 205 pp. 16o. CamThe same. 8o. Edinburgh, 1868.

bridge, (Mass.) J. Bartlett, 1849. (ANTE-NICENE library, v. 1, pp. 7–63). Clemens xiv. [Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Clubs (The) of London ; with anecdotes of

Ganganelli). Breve sobre la reduccion de their members, sketches of character, and asilos en todos los dominios de España y de

conversations. [anon.] 2 v. 1 p. 1. 352 pp; las Indias, cometida à los ordinarios eclesiás- 1 p.1. 331 pp. 89. London, H. Colburn f. R. ticos, expedido à instancia de s. m. [Carlos Bentley, 1832. iv]. 169. [Madrid], 1773.

Cluver (Philipp). Mundus chartaceus ; sive, (Extract from Mercurio historico y politico. Marzo, geographia totius mundi acuratissima cluve

riana ; das ist: ausführliche und gründliche





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