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Cluver (Philipp)-continued. beschreibung des gantzen erd-kreises, [etc.] Richtig und in reiner teutscher sprach übersetzet, mit karten gezieret. Wobey auch hinzugethan, die gründliche beschreibung der erd-kugel nach ihrer beschaffenheit. 6 p. 1. 622 pp. 19 1. 120 pp. 3 1. 25 maps. 8 pl. 180. Nürnberg, L. Loschge, 1683. Clymer (George, surgeon U. S. n.) The principles of naval staff rank: and its history in the United States navy, for over half a century. By a surgeon in the U. S. navy. [anon.] 240 pp. 8°. [Washington] ? 1869. Coale (Joseph). Some account of the life, service, and suffering of an early servant and minister of Christ, Joseph Coale, collected out of his own writings: who, after near six years imprisonment in Reading goal, died, prisoner for his christian testimony. 6 p. 1. 363 pp. 180. London, T. Sowle, 1706. Coates (Rev. Charles). The history and antiquities of Reading. xvi, 467 pp. 16 1. 8 pl. 40. London, author, 1802.

Coates (Reynell, m. d.) Reminiscences of a voyage to India. 120. Philadelphia, 1833. [In GODMAN (J.) Rambles of a naturalist, pp. 127151].

[blocks in formation]


Cochelet (Anastase). Calvini infernvs adversus Ioannem Polyandrvm ministrum caluinistam. 20 p. 1. 192 pp. 3 1. 169. Antverpiæ, Joannes Moretus, 1608. Cochinat (Victor). Lacenaire, ses crimes, son procès et sa mort, suivis de ses poésies et chansons. 2e éd. xii, 336 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. Paris, J. Laisné, 1864. Cochrane (Charles Stuart). Reise in Columbia in den jahren 1823 und 1824. Vom Englischen. (Aus dem Ethnographischen archiv abgedruckt). 1 p. 1. 264 pp. 8°. Iena, Bran, 1825. Cockburn (Sir Alexander). Nationality; or, the law relating to subjects and aliens, considered with a view to future legislation. 1 p. 1. 217 pp. London, W. Ridgway, 1869. Cocq or Cock (Gisbert). Hobbesianismi anatome; qua innumeris assertionibus ex tractatibus de homine, cive, Leviathan, juxta seriem locorum theologiæ christianæ philosophi illius à religione christiana apostasia demonstratur et refutatur. 12 p. 1. 632 pp. 6 1. 16. Trajecti ad Rhenum, F. Halma, 1680. Codorniu (Antonio). El buen soldado de Dios y del rey armado de un catecismo, y seis platicas, que contienen sus principales obligaciones. 4 p. 1.202 pp. 31. 160. Madrid, Marin, 1797.

A new year's gift to the democrats. 71 pp. Cobbin (Ingram, editor). The French preacher; or, sermons translated from the most eminent French divines, catholic and protestant; with biographical notices of the authors, and a concise account of other distinguished orators of the French pulpit, [with] an historical view of the reformed church of France.

lii, 570 pp. 8°. London, J. Black, 1816. Cobbler's (The) daughter; or, a summer vacation. [anon.] 411 pp. 1 pl. 160. Boston, Massachusetts sabbath school society, [1868]. Cobden (Richard). England and Russia; being a fifth edition of England, France. Russia, and Turkey, revised. xxiii, 197 pp. 80. London, Ridgway, 1835.


Desagravio de los autores, y facultades, que offende el Barbadiño en su obra: Verdadero methodo de estudiar, etc. Segun la traduccion castellana, del todo conforme al original Portugués. 15 p. 1. 236 pp. 1 1. sm. 40. Barcelona, M. A. Marti, 1764. S. Indice de la philosophia moral, christiano-politica, dirigido a los nobles de nacimiento y espiritu, [etc.] 2a impression. 11 p. 1. 443 pp. 21. sm. 40. Gerona, A. Oliva, 1753.

Coe (Richard). Poems. 200 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Smith, English & co. 1862. Coe (Spencer W.) Madison square church collection of sacred quartettes, for the service of the presbyterian church. 136 pp. obl. 8°. New York, Pond & co. 1867. Coelho (Gaspar). Sumarium und kurtzer bericht von den newerfundnen japponischen inseln und königreichen. Gezogen auss einem sendtbrieff am obersten uund general der societat Jesu, 1582. [Mit einer] Kurtze relation welcher massen vier priester und ein bruder der societat Jesu, sampt etlich andern weltlichen personen, in orientalischen India, umb


Coelho (Gaspar)-continued.

dess christlichen glaubens wegen, umbgebracht, und gräuwlich gemartert worden im jahr 1583. Aus einem schreiben Alexandri Valignani gezogen. 322 pp. 18°. Freyburg, A. Gemperlin, 1586.

[In CYSAT (R.) Bericht von den japponischen inseln]. Coen (Cornelis Jansz.) Journaal op het schip Castricum. See Vries (Maarten Gerritsz.) Coffin (Charles Carleton). Our new way round the world. xviii, 522 pp. 1 pl. 5 maps. 80. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869. Coggeshall (William T.) Lincoln memorial. The journeys of Abraham Lincoln: from Springfield to Washington, 1861, as president elect, and from Washington to Springfield, 1865, as president martyred; comprising an account of public ceremonies on the entire route, and full details of both journeys. 327 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Columbus (0.) Ohio state journal, 1865.

Cohen (E. A.) & co's. directory of [congress]. 16°. Washington, 1834.

See United States, Congressional directory. Cohen (Jean). Notice historique sur l'arianisme, depuis la mort de St. Athanase jusqu'à nos jours. 8°. Paris, 1840.

[In MÄHLER (J. A.) Athanase le grand. v. 3, pp. 271420].

Cohen (J. Solis, m. d.) The use of the laryngoscope in diseases of the throat, [etc.] See Mackenzie (Morrell, m. d.) Coke (Roger). A detection of the court and state of England during the reigns of k. James i. Charles i. Charles ii. and James ii. As also the interregnum. Consisting of private memoirs, etc; with observations and reflections. 4th ed. Continued to the death of queen Anne. 3 v. 8°. London, J. Brotherton & W. Meadows, 1719.

Colardeau (Charles Pierre). Astarbé, tragédie. iv, 80 pp. 160. Paris, Bordelet, 1758.

[With CHAPLAIN (F. D.) Mélanges de litterature]. Colas de La Noue (Édouard). Du prêt à l'intérêt en Grèce, à Rome, en Judée, dans le droit canonique, le droit barbare et les coutûmes féodales, d'après les ordonnances des rois de France, le code Napoléon, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 277 pp. 11. 8°. Paris, A. Parent, 1867.

Colbert (E.) Astronomy without a telescope; being a guide-book to the visible heavens, with all necessary maps and illustrations. Designed for the use of schools. 104 pp. 14

[blocks in formation]

Colburn (Zerah) and Maw (William H.) The water-works of London, together with a series of articles on various other waterworks. iv, 165 pp. 21 pl. 8°. London, E. & F. N. Spon, 1867. Colburn's New monthly magazine. See New monthly magazine.

Colburn's United service magazine and naval and military journal; January to December, 1869. 3 v. 8°. London, Hurst & Blackett, [1869].

Colby (Charles). Hand-book of Illinois, accompanying Morse's new map of the state. 36 pp. 1 col. map. 180. New York, R. Blanchard, 1855.

Colden (Cadwallader D.) A vindication of the steamboat right granted by the state of New York [to Livingston and Fulton], in answer to the letter of mr. [W. A.] Duer. 178 pp. 8°. Albany, Webster & Skinner, 1818.

The same. 96 pp. 8°. New York, W. A. Mercein, 1819. Cole (Alfred W.) Legends in verse; humorous, serious, sarcastic, sentimental, and supernatural. xi, 335 pp. 6 pl. 169. London, J. Blackwood, 1855. Cole (Frederick Wing). Poems: with a sketch of his life and character; by rev. S. W. Fisher. xxx pp. 1 1. 128 pp. sm. 4°. Albany, Van Benthuysen & co. 1845. Cole (Henry). A hand-book for the architecture, sculptures, tombs, and decorations of Westminster abbey: with fifty-six embellishments on wood, engraved by ladies; and four etchings by David Cox, jun. By Felix Sum. merly. [pseudon.] xiv, 148 pp. 5 pl. 16o. London, G. Bell, 1852.


Coleccion de algunos cuentos morales. 2 p. 1. 228 pp. 18°. Barcelona, J. F. Piferrer, [about 1830].


El heredero desgraciado. Por el señor Ymbert.
Azema; [o, infanticidio. Por J. B. A. Ymbert].
La educacion pedantesca. Por el señor Ymbert.
Quien yerra y se enmienda, à Dios se encomienda.
Por el señor Ymbert.

El convito. Por el señor Ymbert.
La consulta. Por el señor Ymbert.
Constanza; ó, el arrepentimiento virtuoso. [anon.]
Anselmo y Rosaida. [anon.]

Coleccion de anecdotas; 6, sean rasgos caracteristicos de la vida y viajes de Joseph ii. emperador de Romanos. Sacados de las relaciones mas veridicas, y de varios papeles públicos. [anon.] 6 p. 1. 443 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. Madrid, B. Cano, 1790.

Coleman (James). Coleman's general index to printed pedigrees. vii, 156 pp. 8°. London, J. Coleman, 1866.

Colenso (John William, bishop of Natal). Natal sermons. Second series of discourses preached in the cathedral church of St. Peter's, Moritzburg. 2 p. 1. 349 pp. 8°. London, N. Trübner & co. 1868. Coler (Johann Christoph). La vie de Benoit de Spinoza. 169. Paris, 1842.

[In SPINOZA (B. de). (Euvres, 1842-43. 1re sér. pp. 1-50].

Coleridge (Hartley). Poems. With a memoir of his life by his brother [Derwent Coleridge ]. 2d ed. 2 v. ccxxxii, 168 pp. 1 portrait; xii, 367 pp. 16°. London, E. Moxon, 1851. Coleridge (Henry Nelson). Zes maanden in de West Indien, in 1825. Vrij vertaald uit het engelsch door J. G. S. [anon.] lx, 349 pp. 80. Dordrecht, Blussé & Van Braam, 1826.

Coleridge (Samuel Taylor).

A dissertation

on the science of method; or, the laws and regulative principles of education, [1818]. 8th ed. 75 pp. 21. 120. London, C. Griffin & co. [1859]? Coleridge (Mrs. Sara Henry). Phantasmion: prince of Palmland. [anon.] 2 v. 197 pp; 204 pp. 120. New York, S. Colman, 1839. [COLMAN'S library of romance, v. 1-2]. Coles (Elisha). A dictionary, English-Latin, and Latin-English, containing all things necessary for the translating of either language into the other. 2 v. in 1. 8°. London, J. Richardson, 1677.

The newest, plainest, and the shortest short-hand, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 27 pp. 1 portrait. 14 pl. 16°. London, P. Parker, 1674.


Coleti (Giandomenico). Dizionario storicogeografico dell' America meridionale. 2 v. in 1. viii, 196 pp. 1 1; 192 pp. 1 map. 4°. Venezia, Coleti, 1771.

Colins (-). Qu'est-ce que la science sociale? 2 v. 432 pp; 2 p. 1. 507 pp. 8°. Paris, Colins, 1853.

Collados (Diego). Dictionarivm; sive, thesavri lingvæ japonica compendivm. 355 pp. 40. Romæ, sacr. congr. de prop. fide, 1632. Collection (A) of poems, on religious and moral subjects. Extracted from the most celebrated authors. 2 p. 1. 124 pp. 16°. Elizabethtown, S. Kollock, 1797. Collection (A) of psalms and hymns, from various authors; for the use of serious and devout christians of every denomination. New ed. with additions. xxii, 269 pp. 160°. York, Walker & Pennington, 1780. Collection (A) of scarce and valuable treatises upon metals, mines, and minerals, [etc.] 2d ed. 8 p. 1. 319 pp. 1 pl. 160. London, J. Hodges, 1740.


BARBA TOSCANO (A. A.) A treatise of metals, mines, etc.

PLATTES (G.) Discovery of all sorts of mines, from gold to coal.

HOUGHTON (T.) Rara avis in terris; or, the compleat miner.


Collectionneurs (Les) de l'ancienne Rome. Notes d'un amateur. [anon.] 2 p. 1. vii, 128 pp. 11. 12°. Paris, A. Aubry, 1867. Collet (Pierre). Traité des devoirs des gens du monde, et surtout des chefs de famille. 16o. xxxiv pp. 1 1. 440 pp. 1 1. Paris, J. Debure, etc. 1763. Collier (Rev. William). A new selection of hymns; designed for the use of conference meetings, private circles, and congregations, as a supplement to dr. Watts' psalms and hymns. 452 pp. 11. music. 180. Boston, S. T. Armstrong, 1812. Collin d'Harleville (Jean François). Théatre, et poésies fugitives. 4 v. 8°. Paris, Dumenil-Lesueur, 1805. Collin de Plancy (Jacques August Simon). Godefroid de Bouillon; chroniques et légendes du temps des deux premières croisades, 10951180. [Illustrated]. 2 p. l. iv, 479 pp. 8°. Bruxelles, société des beaux-arts, 1842. Collyer (William Bengo, d. d.) Hymns, partly collected, and partly original, designed as a supplement to dr. Watts' psalms and hymns. viii pp. 10 1. 956 pp. 61. 12°. London, Longman & co. 1812.


Colman (Henry). First report on the agri-Columbian (The)-continued. culture of Massachusetts. County of Essex. 139 pp. 2 pl. 8°. Boston, 1838. [MASSACHUSETTS. Agricultural survey].

[blocks in formation]

de las repúblicas hispano-americanas. xvi, 387 pp. 11. 160. Madrid, A. Calleja, 1847. Colombo, or Colon (Cristoforo). De insulis in mari indico nuper inuentis, epistola quam Aliander de Cosco ab hispano ideomate in latinum conuertit. fol. Basileæ, 1494. [With VERARDI (C.) In laudem Ferdinandi].

Lettere autografe [una, a Raffaele Saxis, con testo originale spagnuolo]. Nuovamente stampate [con un discorso di Cesare Correnti. Pubblicati da G. Daelli]. xvi, 142 pp. 1 1. 160. Milano, G. Daelli & comp. 1863. Colorado: its resources, parks, and prospects as a new field for emigration; with an account of the Trenchara and Costilla estates, in the San Luis park. Privately printed. [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. 55 pp; 3 p.1. 133, 16 pp. 3 maps. 4°. London, Ranken & co. 1869.

Colt (John C.) The science of double entry book-keeping, simplified, arranged, and methodized. Also, a key, explaining the manner of journalizing, and the nature of the business transaction of the day-book entries. With practical forms for keeping books. 3d ed. 209 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, N. G. Burgess & co, 1838.

Colton (Rev. Charles Caleb).

Modern an

tiquity, and other poems. xxiii, 176 pp. 18°. London, B. B. King, 1835. Colton (Joseph H.) Traveler and tourist's guide-book through the western states and territories. 109 pp. 1 col. map. 180. New York, J. H. Colton & co. 1856. Columbia college, (New York city.) Catalogue of the governors, trustees, and officers, and of alumni and other graduates, [etc ] from 1754 to 1864. 112 pp. 8°. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1865.


Catalogue of the officers and students of Columbia college for the year 1867–1868; being the 114th since its foundation. 127 pp. 8. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1868.

The charter of the [King's] college of New York, in America. 13 pp. fol. New York, Parker & Weyman, 1754. Columbian (The) phenix and Boston review. Containing useful information on literature, religion, morality, politics, and philosophy;


[etc. Edited by Joseph Hawkins]. vol. 1. for 1800. 452 pp. 2 pl. 8°. Boston, J. Hawkins, 1800.

Columbian (The) telescope and literary compiler; being a miscellaneous repository of literary productions. June 16, 1819, to May 20, 1820. iv, 204 pp. 4°. Alexandria, (D. C.) S. H. Davis, 1819-20. Colyer (Vincent). Report of the services rendered by the freed people to the United States army, in North Carolina, in the spring of 1862, after the battle of Newbern. 63 pp. 21 pl. 8°. New York, V. Colyer, 1864. Comelin (François). Voyage pour la redemp tion des captifs, etc. See La Faye (J. B. de.) Comenius (Ian Amos). See Komensky. Comet (The); or, the earth, in her varied phases, past, present, and future, as deduced from the highest and most reliable authorities. In three parts, [etc.] By Non quis? Sed quid? A cometite. [pseudon.] 547 pp. 1 map. 1 pl. 120. New York, E. J. Hale & son, 1869. Comic (The) theatre. Being a free translation of all the best French comedies. By Samuel Foote and others. 5 v. 12°. London, D. Leach, 1762.

[blocks in formation]

v. 2. The imaginary obstacle. (L'obstacle imprévu). [By P. N. Destouches].

The sisters. (L'enfant gâté). [By P. N. Destouches]. The libertine: or, the hidden treasure. (Le trésor

caché). [By P. N. Destouches).

v. 3. The legacy; or, the fortune-hunter. (Le legs.) [By P. C. de C. de Marivaux].

The generous artifice; or, the reformed rake. [By P. C. de C. de Marivaux].

The whimsical lovers; or, the double infidelity. (La double inconstance). [By P. C. de C. de Marivaux]. v. 4. The blunderer. (L'étourdi; ou, les contretems). [By J. B. P. Molière).

The amorous quarrel. (Le dépit amoureux). [By J. B. P. Molière].

The conceited ladies. (Les précieuses ridicules). [By J. B. P. Molière].

The forced marriage. (Le mariage forcé).
B. P. Molière].

[By J.

v. 5. The man hater. (Le misanthrope). [By J. B. P. Molière].

The faggot-binder; or, the mock-doctor. (Le méde-
cin malgré lui). [By J. B. P. Molière).
The gentleman cit. (Le bourgeois gentilhomme). By
J. B. P. Molière].

Coming (The) of Christ in his kingdom, and the "gates wide open" to the future earth and heaven. Adventism, millennarianism, and a gross materialism exposed and refuted, [etc.] By a congregationalist minister. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 340 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 120. New York, N. Tibbals & co. [1869].

[blocks in formation]

Commercial tales and sketches. [anon.] 288 pp. 6 pl. sm. 4°. London, Leisure hour office, [1868]. Commines (Philippe de). Selections. See Historical illustrations of Quentin Durward, 1823.

Companion (The) to the bible: intended for bible classes, families, sunday schools, and seminaries of learning in general. Revised from an English copy, with questions, by F. H. Cuming. Part 2d. Referring principally to the new testament. [anon.] 154, 25 pp. 18°. New York, protestant episcopal s. S. union, [1834].

Companion (A) for the Sunday school teacher. By a teacher. [S. P. G. anon.] 319 pp. 320. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1869.

Compendio de la vida y acciones militares de Ernesto Gedeon baron de Laudon, feldmariscal de las armas imperiales. Agrégase una breve explicacion geográfica de las plazas y parages en que executó sus principales hazañas. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 151 pp. 1 portrait. 16. Madrid, B. Cano, 1790.

[With COLECCION de anecdotas ; 6, sean rasgos caracteristicos de la vida y viages de Joseph ii]. Compleat (A) history of magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 235 pp. 18°. London, E. Curll, 1716.

Complete historical, chronological, and geographical American atlas, being a guide to the history of North and South America and the West Indies, according to the plan of Le Sage's atlas. [anon.] 3d ed. corrected and Philadelphia,

improved. 53 maps. fol.

1827. Complete (The) history of Thamas Kouli Kan, (at present called Schah Nadir), sovereign of Persia. In two parts, [etc.] Written in French, and rendered into English, with improvements. Continued down to the last battle between the Persians and Turks. [With] appendix, by the translator, and index, [etc. anon.] 2d ed. 3 p. 1. 140 pp. 81. 1 map. 1 portrait. 16°. London, J. Brindley, 1746. Comstock (John Lee). istry, [etc.] 16th ed. New York, Pratt, Woodford & co.

Elements of chem 422 pp. 5 1. 120.



Conceiçaõ (Apolinario da). Primazia serafica na regiam da America, novo descobrimento de santos o veneraveis religiosos da ordem serafica, que ennobrecem o novo mundo com suas virtudes, e acçoens. 18 p. 1.366 pp. 1 1. sm. 40. Lisboa occidental, A. de Sousa da Sylva, 1733.

Conceits and caprices. (Bluettes et bou

tardes). 1 p.1.96 pp. sq. 24°. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1869.

Cone (Andrew) and Johns (Walter R.) Petrolia a brief history of the Pennsylvania petroleum region, its development, growth, resources, etc. from 1859 to 1869. Edited by Walter R. Johns. 652 pp. 12 pl. 120. New Conen de Prépéan (Louis Marie Félix). York, D. Appleton & co. 1870. Sténographie exacte; ou, l'art d'écrire aussi vîte que l'on parle, [etc.] 2e éd. xxviii, 171 pp. 1 1. 12 pl. 8°. Paris, auteur, 1815. Confederate

states of America, [80called]. Army regulations, adopted for the use of the army of the confederate states, in accordance with late acts of congress. [With] an act for the establishment and organization of the army of the confederate states of America. Also, articles of war, for the government of the army. 1 p. 1. 198 pp. 11. 8°. New Orleans, Bloomfield & Steele, 1861.

The same. Regulations for the army of the confederate states, 1862. xxiv, 420 pp. 80. Richmond, (Va.) J. W. Randolph, 1862.

Regulations for the government of the ordnance department. xvi, 122 pp. 120. Richmond, West & Johnson, 1862. Confession (A) of faith, owned and consented unto by the elders and messengers of the churches, assembled at Boston, in New England, May 12, 1680. 16°. Boston, J. Boyles, 1772.

[In WISE (J.) Works, pp. 233–271]. Confessions of a poet. [anon.] 2 v. 240 pp; 287 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1835.

Confidences (Les) d'un canapé. [anon.] 64 pp. 16°. Paris, 1863. Congdon (Charles T.)

Tribune essays.

Leading articles contributed to the New York tribune from 1857 to 1863. With an introduction, by Horace Greeley. xxiv, 406 pp. 120. New York, J. S. Redfield, 1869. Congregatio pauperum matris Dei scholarum piarum. Constitutiones religionis clericorum regularium pauperum matris Dei scholarum

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