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Aanteekeningen, betrekkelyk de kolonie Abbott (Reo. Jacob). Hoaryhead, and the

Suriname. [anon.] 3 p. 1. 131 pp. 2 maps. vallies below; or, truth through fiction. 80. Arnhem, C. A. Thieme, 1826.

308 pp. 1 pl. 16o. Boston, Crocker & Breros. Abadie (Paul). The fireman, and other po

ter, 1838, 131 pp. 18o. New York, G. F. Bunce, The Rollo books. Rollo's experiments. 1852.

New ed. 180 pp. 4 pl. 16o. New York, Abailard (Pierre) and Héloïse. Letters of Sheldon & co. 1867. Abelard and Heloise; with a particular ac

Rollo's correspondence. New ed. count of their lives, amours, and misfor- 189 pp. 4 pl. 16o, New York, Sheldon & co. tunes. [With] poems, by Pope, Madan, 1867. Cawthorne, Birch, Seymour, etc. vii, 232 pp. Abbott (Rev. John Sebastian Cabot). History

120. London, Sherwood, Neely & Jones, 1815. of Joseph Bonaparte, king of Naples and of Abauzit (Firmin). Euvres diverses. Conte

Italy [Spain). 391 pp. 9 pl. 16o. Nero nants ses écrits d'histoire, de critique et de York, Harper & brothers, 1869. théologie. 2 v. in l. 1 p.1. xxx, 350 pp. 11; Lives of the presidents of the United 2 p. l. 182 pp. 11. 8o. Londres, (Hollande), States of America, from Washington to the 1773.

present time. 520 pp. 8 pl. 80. Boston, B. Abbadie (Jacques). Le triomphe de la pro- B. Russell, 1869.

vidence et de la religion ; ou, l'ouverture des The romance of Spanish history. 462 sept sceaux par le fils de Dieu, [etc.] 4v. pp. 8 pl. 1 map. 120. Nero York, Harper

16o. Amsterdam, M. C. Le Cene, 1723. & brothers, 1869. Abbatt (Richard). The elements of plane Abbott (Red. Lyman). Jesus of Nazareth: and spherical trigonometry, [etc.] 2d ed.

his life and teachings; founded on the four xvi, 191 pp. 4 pl. 16o. London, J. Richard.

gospels, and illustrated by reference to the

manners, customs, religious beliefs, and poAbbott (Red. Benjamin). Experience and

litical institutions of his times. 522 pp. 1 gospel labors of the rev. Benjamin Abbott,

map. 13 pl. 80.

New York, Harper & [by himself]; to which is annexed a narra

brothers, 1869. tive of his life and death. By John Ffirth. 284 pp. 180. New York, T. Mason & G. Abbott (Rosa). See Parker (Rosa Abbott). Lane, 1836.

Abélard (Pierre). See Abailard. Abbott (Charles Conrad). Catalogue of ver- About (Edmond). Les mariages de province.

tebrate animals of New Jersey. 8°. New- La fille du chanoine ; Mainfroi ; L'album du ark, 1868.

régiment Étienne. 3 p. 1. 430 pp. 8o. Paris, (In NEW JERSEY. Geology of New Jersey. (Ap- L. Hachette & cie. 1868.

pendix E). pp. 751-830). Abbott (Gorham D. ll. d.) Mexico and the Abraham Lincoln, foully assassinated April

United States; their mutual relations and 14, 1865. A poem with an illustration, from common interests. xvi, 391 pp. 2 portraits. the London Punch, for May 6, 1865. [anon.]

80. New York, G. P. Putnam & With an introduction by A. Boyd. 131. son, 1869.

1 pl. 4o. Albany, J. Munsell, 1868.

son, 1836.



1 map.





Accademia della crusca. Vocabolario degli Adams-continued.

accademici della crusca. 5a impressione. v. 1- trines, worship, ministry, and discipline of 2. [A-B]. 4o. Firenze, M. Cellini e cia. the people called quakers are plainly declared. 1866-67.

s. By W. Penn; R. Barclay; J. Pike. 3 v. The same. 5a impressione. Glossario. in l. 8°. Wilmington, J. Adams, 1783. [A-B]. 49. Firenze, M. Cellini e cia. 1867. Adams (John, 2d president of the United States). Académie royale des sciences. See Institut The political history of the Italian republics. de France.

2 v. 1 p. l. 451 pp; 1 p. 1. 528 pp. 18 l. Acuña (Hernando de). El cavallero deter- London, C. Dilly, 1787. minado. See La Marche (Olivier de). (NOTE.- This work is simply volumes 2 and 3 of the

author's "Defence of the constitutions of governAdair (James Makittrick, m. d.) A philo

ment of the United States of America," with a sophical and medical sketch of the natural factitious title by a modern bookseller). history of the human body and mind. To Adams (John Quincy, 6th president of the Uniwhich is subjoined an essay on the difficulties ted States). Lettres sur la Silésie, écrites en of attaining medical knowledge. xxiii, 318

1800 et 1801, durant le cours d'un voyage pp. 80. Bath, R. Cruttuell, 1787.

fait dans cette province. Traduit de l'AnAdamowicz (Alexander). Praktische pol- glais, par J. Dupuy. 4 p. 1. 421 pp. 80.

nische grammatik für Teutsche, [etc.] 1 p.1. Paris, Dentu, 1807. iv, 200 pp.

120. Berlin, Oehmigke der Adams (William T.) Down the Rhine; or, jingere, 1794.

young America in Germany. By Oliver OpAdams (C. d. d.) Life of Samuel Johnson, tic.' [pseudon.] 341 pp. 4 pl. 16o. Boston,

11. d. 315 pp. 7 pl. 16o. Neu York, Carl- Lee f: Shepard, 1870. ton & Lanahan, [1869].

Lightning express; or, the rival acadeAdams (Charles Baker). Catalogue of land mies. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] 312 pp.

shells which inhabit Jamaica. 4 pp. 80. 8 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1870. Amherst, (Mass.) 1849.


[The lake shore series, no. 2]. (With his Contributions to conchology).

On time; or, the young captain of the Contributions to conchology: Ucayga steamer. By Oliver Optic. (pseudon.] ducted by C. B. Adams. v. 1. October, 282 pp. 6 pl. 18o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1849—November, 1852.

iv, 258 pp.


1870. New York, H. Baillière, [1849–52).

(The lake shore series, no. 3). Monograph of stoastoma, a new genus

Switch off ; or, the war of the students. of new operculated land shells. 16 pp. 80.

By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] 288 pp. 7 pl. Amherst, (Mass.) 1849.

169. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1870. (With his Contributions to conchology).

(The lako shore series, no. 4). Monograph of vitrinella, a new genus of

Through by daylight; or, the young turbinidæ. 10 pp. 8o. Amherst, (Mass.)

engineer of the lake shore railroad. By Oli1850.

ver Optic. (pseudon.] 300 pp. 8 pl. 16o. (With his Contributions to conchology).

Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1870.
Synopsis conchyliorum jamaicensium,

[The lake shore series, no. 1). etc. (Extracted from the Proceedings of the Addison (Joseph). Criticism on Milton's Para

dise lost. Boston society of natural history). Speci

From “The spectator," 31 Deerum novarum conchyliorum, in Jamaica

cember, 1711—3 May, 1712. Carefully edited repertorum synopsis. 17 pp. 89. [Boston,

by Edward Arber. 152 pp. 160. London, A. 1845).

Murray & son, 1868. [With his Contributions to conchology).

(ARBER's English reprints, no. 8].

Addy (William). Stenographia ; or, the art of Adams (Charles Francis, jr.) A chapter of

short-writing compleated a far more comErie. iv, 152 pp. 169. Boston, Fields, Os

prehensive method than any yet extant. 17 1. good & co, 1869.

1 portrait. 120. London, W. Marshall, Adams (F. Colburn). The Von Toodleburgs ;

[1685] ? or, the history of a very distinguished family. Adelon (Nicolas Philibert). Physiologie de 290 pp. 6 pl. 12°. Philadelphia, Claxton,

l'homme. 2e éd. revue, corrigée et augmentée. Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1868.

4 v. 89. Paris, Compère jeune, 1829. Adams (James, publisher). Three treatises, Adelung (Johann Christoph). Grammatischin which the fundamental principles, doc

kritisches Wörterbuch der hochdeutschen


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160 pp.

256 PP.



Agathynian club publications. 80. New mundart, mit beständiger vergleichung der York, 1868. übrigen mundarten, besonders aber die ober. deutschen. Mit D. W. Soltau's beyträgen,

VERGILIO (P.) De rerum inventoribus, v. 2. revidirt und berichtiget von Franz Xaver Agnew (J. L.) Historical record of the city Schönberger. 4 v. 4°. Wien, B. P. Bauer,

of Savannah. See Lee (F. D.) and Agnew. 1811.

Agronomische zeitung. Organ für die inAdhemar (comtesse de, pseudon.)

teressen der gesammten landwirthschaft.

See Lamothe-Langon (E. L. de).

Redigirt von dr. Wilhelm Hamm, [etc.] v, Advanced Latin exercises, with selections for

12–15. 4o. Leipzig, P. Reclam, jr. 1857-60.

(v. l-11 wanting). reading. [anon.] American ed. Revised, with additions. 162 pp. 120. Philadelphia,

Ahn (Friedrich). Ahn's new, practical, and Blanchard & Lea, 1854.

easy method of learning the German lan[SCHMITZ and ZUMPT's classical series).

guage. With pronunciation, by J.C. Oehl. Adventures of an attorney in search of prac.

schlager. Revised ed. First course, practitice; or, & delineation of professional life.

cal part. iv, 172 pp. 80. New York, E. [anon.] 2d ed. xlii, 450 pp. 12o. London,

Steiger, 1869. Saunders & Otley, 1840.

Ahn's praktischer lehrgang zur schnelAeneas, gazeus. De immortalitate animae, et

len und leichten erlernung der englischen mortalitate universi, ex recensione et cum

sprache. Herausgegeben von H. Ginal. animadversionibus Casparis Barthii. [Grace

Beide curse in einem bande. 204 pp. 120. et latine]. 1 l. 49. Lipsiæ, C.

Philadelphia, H. Ginal, 1867. Gerlach & S. Beckenstein, 1655.

Ahrens (Wilhelm). Betrachtungen iiber die Aeschylus. See Robortello (F.) Scholia

biblische geschichte. Von der schöpfung bis in Aeschyli tragoedias, etc.

zum einzug der Israeliten in Kanaan, [etc.]

180. Cincinnati, Suormstedt & Ætna insurance company. Ætna guide to fire

Power, 1850. insurance for the representatives of the Ætna insurance co. Hartford, Conn. Branch,

Aiamie tipadjimo8in masinaigan ka ojitogo

Cincinnati. viii, 529 pp. 80. Cincinnati, R.

banen kaiat ka niinadisi mekatedikonaioSigoClarke & co. [1867].

banen kanactageng Bak8i ena8indibanen.

1 l. Affection's gift: a christmas, new year, and

[Algonquin prayer-book]. 338 pp.

18°. o ki magtahikickoton John Lovell, birthday present, for 1854. 120. Philadel

moniang : mekatedikonaiesikamikong, phia, E. H. Butler & co. 1854.

Kanactageng, 1859. African association. Proceedings of the asso- Aikin (John, m. d.)

Aikin's calendar of naciation for promoting the discovery of the in- ture. 120. London, 1854. terior parts of Africa. 2 v. viii, 565 pp; v, [In HOWITT (M.) Pictorial calendar of the seasons). 424 pp. 3 maps. 89. London, W. Bulmer A description of the country from thirty & co. 1810.

to forty miles round Manchester, [etc.] 12 (NOTE.—Incorporated with the Royal geographical p. 1. 624 pp. 73 pl. and maps. 4. Lotsociety in 1831).

don, J. Stockdale, 1795. African (The) repository. January, 1868, Aimard (Gustave). The pirates of the praito December, 1869. v. 44-45. 89. Wash

ries ; or, the bandit at bay. 100 pp. 120. ington, American colonization society, 1863-69.

New York, American news co. [1869). Agassiz (Louis John Rudolph). Nouvelles

The trail hunter; or, Red cedar, the études et expériences sur les glaciers actuels,

prairio outlaw. 100 pp. 120. New York, leur structure, leur progression et leur action

Beadle & co. (1869). physique sur le sol. 2 p. 1. xxxi, 598 pp. Aimé (Georges). Observations sur le mag 1 l. 2 tab. 80. Atlas, 3 maps. 9 pl. fol.

nétisme terrestre. 4°. Paris, 1846. Paris, V. Masson, 1847.

(FRANCE. Exploration scientifique de l'Algérie, etc. Ueber die gattungen unter den nord

Physique générale, v. 2). amerikanischen najaden. (Extract from

Aines (William). Medvlla ss. theologiæ, ex

sacris literis, earumque interpretibus, exArchiv für naturgeschichte). 41-52 pp. 80. [ Berlin, 1852].

tracta, et methodice disposita. 5 p.1. 198 [With CONRAD (T. A:) A synopsis of the naiades of

pp. 11. 16o. Amsterodami, J. Jansonius, North America).




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Ainslie (H.) A pilgrimage to the land of Alder (Joshua) and Hancock (Albany).

Burns; containing anecdotes of the bard, Notice of a collection of nudibranchiate moland of the characters he immortalized, with lusca made in India, by Walter Elliot, esq. numerous pieces of poetry, original and col- [etc. Extract from transactions of the lected. [unon.] 2 p. 1. 271 pp. 3 pl. 12o. Zoological society]. 113–147 pp. 6 (28–33) Deptford, author, 1822.

col. pl. 49. [London, 1863). Albany (City of). Albany street directory and Aldrich (Thomas Bailey). The ballad of

city guide, containing a list of public build- babie Bell, and other poems. 1 p. 1. 117 pp. ings, post office, arrival and departure of 120. Nero York, Rudd & Carleton, 1859. mails, money order office, churches, banks, The story of a bad boy. 261 pp. 2 pl. newspapers, fire alarm stations, arrival and

160, Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869. departure of trains, calendar for 1869, etc. Aldridge (William). Natural short-hand. Compiled and published by Joseph C. Wal

See Holdsworth (W.) and Aldridge (W.) lace. 64 pp. 180. Albany, J. C. Wallace, Alemany (D. Lorenzo de). Coleccion de Aa. 1869.

franceses, compuesta para la mas cabal inAlbion (The). A journal of news, politics, struccion de la juventud. 2a ed. vii, 328 pp. and general literature, Jan. 1833, to Dec.

16o. Madrid, A. de Sojo, 1844. 1838. [Second] series, v. 1-6. [Complete Alembert (Alfred d’). Flanerie parisienne ies, v. 11-16). fol. Nero York, 1833–38.

aux Etats-Unis. 2 p. 1. 278 pp. 11. 16o. The same. Jan. 1839, to Dec. 1841.

Paris, librairie théatrale, 1856. [Third] series, v. 1-3. [Complete series, v. Aletophilus (Christianus, pseudon.) See Ig17-19]. fol. New York, 1839-41.

natio (Henricus a S.) The same. Jan. 1842, to Dec. 1856. Alexander, aphrodisiensis. Problematum libri [Fourth] series, v. 1-15. [Complete series, dvo. 16o. Valentiæ, 1554. v. 20-34). fol. Nero York, 1842–56.

(GAZA (T.) Problematum Aristotelis, etc.) The same. Jan. 1857, to Dec. 1862. Alexander (Caleb). The young ladies' and v. 16-21. [Complete series, v. 35-40.] fol. gentlemen's spelling book : on a new and New York, W, Young, 1857-62.

improved plan, containing a criterion of Alcott (Amos Bronson). Tablets. 208 pp. rightly spelling and pronouncing the English 16o. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1868.

language: interspersed with easy lessons in Alcott (Louisa M.) Hospital sketches, and

reading, entertaining fables, and collections camp and fire-side stories. 2 p. 1. 379 pp. of moral sentences.

Intended for the use of 3 pl. 16o. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. common schools. 144 pp. 160. Worcester,

Little women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Î. Thomas, 1799. Amy. Part second.

359 pp. 4 pl. Alexander (James Waddell, d.d.) Forty Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869.

years' familiar letters. Constituting, with Moods. 2d ed. 297 pp. 12o. Bos

the notes, a memoir of his life. Edited by ton, Loring, 1865.

the surviving correspondent, John Hall, d. d. Alcott (William A.) The physiology of 2 v. viii, 412 pp. 1 portrait; 379 pp. 1 por

marriage. Containing information to the trait. 80. New York, C. Scribner, 1860. married, and those about to be married. By Alexander (Patrick Proctor). Mill and Cara physician of many years' experience.

lyle. An examination of J. S. Mill's doctrine [Also, Courtship and marriage. anon.] 260,

of causation in relation to moral freedom. iv, 308 pp. 1 portrait. 12o. Boston, W. H.

With an occasional discourse on Sauerteig, Piper & co. 1868. The young husband ; or, duties of man

by Smelfungus, [in imitation of Carlyle). in the marriage relation. 20th stereotype ed.

iv, 180 pp. 120. Edinburgh, W. P. Nimmo,

1866. 388 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Boston, C. D. Strong, 1851.

Alfieri (Vittorio). Le tragedie. Edizione The young wife; or, duties of woman

senza errori, con tavole in rame. v.1-4. 80. in the marriage relation. 17th stereotype ed.

Italia, (about 1820). 376 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Boston, Strong & Brodhead, 1849. The young womau's guide to excellence.


v.1. Filippo. Polinice. Antigone. Virginia.

v. 2. Agamemnone. Oreste. Rosmunda. Ottavia. 13th ed. 356 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Boston, C. H. y. 3. Maria Stuarda. La congiura de' Pazzi, Don Peirce, 1847.

v. 4. Agide. Sofonisba. Bruto primoMirra.


Garzia. Saul.

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