Englische lautlehre nach James Elphinston (1765, 1787, 1790)

C. Winter, 1914 - 272 páginas

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Página 36 - For pronunciation the best general rule is, to consider those as the most elegant speakers who deviate least from the written words.
Página 100 - English manner ; but upon the publication of this nobleman's letters, which was about twenty years after he wrote them, his authority has had so much influence with the polite world as to bid fair for restoring the...
Página 182 - THE pronunciation of v for w, and more frequently of w for v} among the inhabitants of London, and those not always of the lower order, is a blemish of the first magnitude.
Página 6 - culated equally for the Benefit of that celebrated Work, and ' the Improvement of English Style; with an Appendix on ' Scotticismt. Lond. 1771. 8vo. 2s. 6d.
Página 220 - Lady, dhat, widh her fine air, sweet hies, quic hears, delicate harms, above all her tender art, she wood giuv anny man a ankering to halter iz condiscion. She even toasts a andsom uzband, next to...
Página 6 - Grammar of which he could approve, he about this time composed one himself for the use of his pupils, which he afterwards published in two duodecimo volumes. In 1763 he published his Poem intituled
Página 208 - Dhe same cauz (febel vocallity in dhe end) haz made Grocenes assume r in (dhe colloquial) idear and windowr, for idea and window
Página 244 - Tandem commodius licet sedere, nunc est reddita dignitas equestris ; turba non premimur, nee inquinamur" haec et talia dum refert supinus, 10 illas purpureas et adrogantes iussit surgere Leitus lacernas.
Página 208 - But, nattural az it iz for a low Londoner to' shut dhe febel vowel ov fellow or window, in fellor or...
Página 83 - Rules to be observed by the Natives of SCOTLAND for attaining a jutt Pronunciation of English. T, HAT pronunciation which distinguishes the inhabitants of Scotland is of a very different kind from that of Ireland, and may be divided into the quantity, quality, and accentuation of the vowels. With respect to quantity, it may be observed, that the Scotch pronounce almost all their accented vowels long.

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