Grammatical and Lexical Variance in English

Routledge, 2014 M09 19 - 230 páginas
Written by one of Britain's most distinguished linguists, this book is concerned with the phenomenon of variance in English grammar and vocabulary across regional, social, stylistic and temporal space.

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Chapter2 Chapter 3 Chapter4 Chapter5 Chapter6 Chapter7 Chapter8 Chapter9 Chapter10 Chapter11 Chapter12 Chapter13 Chapter14 Chapter 15
Variance and the concept of good usage
nature and
Orwell and language engineering
a tribute to Jespersen
A case study of multiple meaning
Nonfinite clauses in Chaucer
On having a look in a corpus
The Survey of English Usage and adverbial realisations
Grammatical data by elicitation
A problem of modality
A tough object to trace
Contrasts in lexical semantics
Aspect and variant inflexion
sex and a single verb

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