Myths from Ovid's Metamorphoses, with a vocabulary, ed. by J.T. White

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1872 - 81 páginas

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Página 9 - Imposita est, geminas opifex libravit in alas Ipse suum corpus ; motaque pependit in aura. Instruit et natum; « Medioque ut limite curras, Icare, ait, moneo : ne, si demissior ibis, Unda gravet pennas ; si celsior, ignis adurat.
Página 43 - the one sought for the purpose of eating or being entertained " ; hence) 1. A. visitor, friend, guest, — 2. An entertainer; a host [perhaps for hos-pit-s; akin to Sans, root ÖHAS, "to eat"; pët-o, "to seek"].
Página 30 - ... means'* of any kind] (" Abundant means" ; hence) Plenty. corn 11 111, i, n. A cornelcherry tree. corona, se, f. A wreath, chaplet, gartand, crown [корыпь '* anything curved or bent like a crow's bill"; hence, "a garland,
Página 9 - Inter opus monitusque genae maduere seniles, et patriae tremuere manus. dedit oscula nato non iterum repetenda suo pennisque levatus...
Página 51 - False, deceptive, men-s, tis, f. (" The thinking"; hence) The mind, as being the seat of thought [Lat. root MEN ; akin to Sans, manas, "mind"; fr. root MAN, " to think "; cf. also Gr. fitr-os], men-sa, see, f. [root MEN, whence men-sus, part. perf. of metior, "to measure"] ("The measured thing"; hence) A table of any kind.
Página 43 - The same persons. — 2. When something new is added respecting a person or thing already named: Likewise, also, moreover, etc.
Página 57 - A kiss. os-tendo, tendí, tensum or tentum, tendere, 3. va [for oba-tendo; fr.obs(=ob), "before or over against"; tendo, "to stretch out"] ("To stretch out before " one ; hence) To show, exhibit, display. Ovïdïus, îi, m. Odd; a Bomaii poet born at Sulmo, a town of the Peligni, about forty years before the Christian era. His parents were of equestrian rank, and educated their son for the bar ; but he soon forsook that and every other pursuit for the cultivation of poetry, and at length became one...
Página 3 - ... duritiem coepere suumque rigorem, mollirique mora, mollitaque ducere formam. mox, ubi creverunt, naturaque mitior illis contigit, ut quaedam, sic non manifesta, videri forma potest hominis, sed uti de marmore coepto, 405 non exacta satis, rudibusque simillima signis.
Página 44 - Dat. illi), pron. adj. [for is-le; fr. is] That.— As Subst. of all genders and hoth numbers: He, she, it, they, etc.; — at AP 62 ilia is emphatic. illic, adv. [illic (pron.), "that"] In that place, there.
Página 32 - Zeus (Jove), who visited her in the form of a shower of gold when she was shut up in a tower by her father.

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