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Página 24 - As Nancy at her toilet sat, Admiring this, and blaming that ; Tell me, she said; but tell me true ; The nymph who could your heart subdue. What sort of charms does she possess ? Absolve me, fair one : I'll confess With pleasure, I replied.
Página 15 - Er sagt: Wir sprechen nicht als Spötter; Vernehmt die Wahrheit: Wir sind Götter. Herr Wirth, Frau Wirthinn, glaubt es nur: Ich bin der Zevs, er ist Mercur. Ihr zweifelt? Können Götter lügen? Wisst: Ich kann donnern, er kann stiegen.
Página 52 - My simple system shall suppose, That Alma enters at the toes ; That then she mounts by just degrees Up to the ankles, legs and knees ; Next, as the sap of life does rise, She lends her vigour to the thighs ; And, all these under-regions past, She nestles somewhere near the waist ; Gives pain or pleasure, grief or laughter ; As we shall show at large hereafter. Mature, if not improv'd by time, Up to the heart she loves to climb ; From thence, compell'd by craft and age, She makes the head her latest...
Página 11 - Purganti stutzt, erwiedert zwar mit Küssen ; Jedoch den Mord verbietet sein Gewissen. Er selbst wird kurz darauf ihr durch den Tod entrissen. Seht, wie bey höchster Noth der Himmel Trost ertheilt! Die fromme Witwe traurt, freyt wieder, wird geheilt.
Página 16 - Nulli se dicit mulier mea nubere malle quam mihi, non si se luppiter ipse petat. dicit; sed mulier cupido quod dicit amanti, in vento et rapida scribere oportet aqua.
Página 30 - Emma's name, Had half express'd and half conceal'd his flame Upon this tree ; and as the tender mark Grew with the year, and widen'd with the bark, Venus had heard the virgin's soft address, That, as the wound, the passion might increase.
Página 15 - To give this thesis plainer proof, You have to-night beneath your roof A pair of gods (nay, never wonder) : This youth can fly, and I can thunder. I'm Jupiter, and he Mercurius, My page, my son indeed, but spurious.
Página 10 - And pray, Sir, when came You from Hell ? Our Friends there, did You leave Them well ? All well : but pr'ythee, honest HANS...
Página 51 - Vorher sind noch zwei Entwürfe zu nennen, 1763 eine Sammlung vermischter Abhandlungen aus der Philosophie, Geschichte und Literatur (Ag. B. II, 216), und 1767 „eine bösliche Kritik der Philosophen unter dem Titel: die Republik der Schatten oder die glückseligen Inseln" (Ag. B. II, 276). In Anbetracht von Wielands politischem Wandel (s. Verfassung) dürfte unter dieser eine Satire auf die republikanische Staatsform zu verstehen sein, wie sie sich auch im Agathon und Diogenes (vgl. Böttiger Lit....
Página 35 - Each droops his head, and hangs his wing. The clouds have bent their bosom lower, And shed their sorrows in a shower. The brooks beyond their limits flow ; And louder murmurs speak their woe. The nymphs and swains adopt thy cares ; They heave thy sighs, and weep thy tears. Fantastic nymph ! that grief should move Thy heart obdurate against Love. Strange tears ! whose power can soften all, But that dear breast on which they fall.

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