The Lusiad: Or, The Discovery of India: an Epic Poem, Volumen3

Lackington, Allen, and Company, 1809

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Página 119 - Can his dear image from my soul depart, Long as the vital spirit moves my heart? If in the melancholy shades below, The flames of friends and lovers cease to glow, Yet mine shall sacred last; mine, undecay'd, Burn on through death, and animate my shade.
Página 4 - Bceotia, sowed the teeth of the monster, when a number of armed men sprang up and surrounded Cadmus with intent to kill him. By the counsel of Minerva, he threw a precious stone among the armed men, who, striving for it, killed one another.
Página 34 - The patriarch Brahmin (soft and slow he rose), Advancing now, to lordly GAMA bows, And leads him to the throne ; in silent state The monarch's nod assigns the captain's seat ; The Lusian train in humbler distance stand : Silent, the monarch eyes the foreign band With awful mien ; when valiant GAMA broke The solemn pause, and thus majestic...
Página 174 - No more the summer of my life * remains, My autumn's lengthening evenings chill my veins Down the bleak stream of years by woes on woes Wing'd on, I hasten to the tomb's repose, The port whose deep dark bottom shall detain My anchor never to be weigh...
Página 83 - Portuguese who procure this divination; every thing in it is dreadful, on purpose to determine the Zamorim to destroy the fleet of Gama. In a former prophecy of the conquest of India, (when the Catual describes the sculpture of the royal palace) our poet has been careful to ascribe the happiest effects to the discovery of his heroes: Beneath their sway majestic, wise, and mild, Proud of her victor's laws thrice happier India smiled.
Página 44 - Dull as the herds that graze their flowery dales, To them in vain the injured Muse bewails: No fostering care their barbarous hands bestow, Though to the Muse their fairest fame they owe. Ah, cold may prove the future priest of Fame...
Página 145 - Flic amorous waves her bosom fondly kiss'd. And rose and fell, as panting, on her breast. Another swims along with graceful pride, Her silver arms the glistening waves divide, Her shining sides the fondling waters lave, Her glowing cheeks are brighten'd by the wave, Her hair, of mildest yellow, flows from side To side, as o'er it plays the wanton tide; And careless as she turns, her thighs of snow Their tapering rounds in deeper lustre shew. Some gallant Lusians sought the woodland prey. And through...
Página 132 - O'er the green bosom of the dewy lawn Soft blazing flow'd the silver of the dawn, The gentle waves the glowing lustre share, Arabia's balm was sprinkled o'er the air. Before the fleet, to catch the heroes...
Página 9 - And now their ensigns blazing o'er the tide On India's shore the Lusian heroes ride. High to the fleecy clouds resplendent far Appear the regal towers of Malabar, Imperial Calicut, the lordly seat Of the first monarch of the Indian state. Right to the port the valiant GAMA bends, With joyful shouts a fleet of boats attends; Joyful their nets they leave and finny prey, And crowding round the Lusians, point the way.
Página 215 - ... and with his king in ire, To match thy deeds shall Magalhaens aspire : In all but loyalty, of Lusian soul, No fear, no danger shall his toils controul. Along these regions from the burning zone To deepest south he dares the course unknown.

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