Selections from the Poetical Works of Mortimer Collins

R. Bentley & Son, 1886 - 216 páginas
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Página 88 - There was an ape in the days that were earlier; Centuries passed, and his hair became curlier; Centuries more gave a thumb to his wrist — Then he was Man, and a Positivist.
Página 21 - If by an arrangement dual I were Adams mixed with Whewell, Then some day I, as wooer, perhaps might come To so sweet an Artium Magistra.
Página 22 - Tennyson's idyllic verse Surely suits me none the worse If I seek Old Sicilian birds and bees — Music of sweet Sophocles — Golden Greek. You have said my eyes are blue; There may be a fairer hue, Perhaps — and yet It is surely not a sin If I keep my secrets in Violet.
Página 87 - LIFE and the Universe show spontaneity ; Down with ridiculous notions of Deity ! Churches and creeds are all lost in the mists ; Truth must be sought with the Positivists. Wise are their teachers beyond all comparison, Comte, Huxley...
Página 15 - Latini, et quo quemque modo fugiatque feratque laborem. sunt geminae Somni portae, quarum altera fertur cornea, qua veris facilis datur exitus umbris, altera candenti perfecta nitens elephanto, sed falsa ad caelum mittunt insomnia Manes.
Página 15 - Then the oars of Ithaca dip so Silently into the sea That they wake not sad Calypso — And the Hero wanders free : He breasts the ocean-furrows, At war with the words of Fate — And the blue tide's low susurrus Comes up to the Ivory Gate.
Página 75 - We rambled away o'er the moorland together : My coat was bright purple, and so was the heather, And so was the sunset that blazed in the west, As Lucy's fair tresses were laid on my breast.
Página 48 - Politics nobody cares about. Spurn a Topic whereby all our happiness suffers. Dolts in the back streets of Brighton return a Couple of duffers. Fawcett and White in the Westminster Hades Strive the reporters'
Página 33 - NO ; I shall pass into the Morning Land As now from sleep into the life of morn ; Live the new life of the new world, unshorn Of the swift brain, the executing hand ; See the dense darkness suddenly withdrawn, As when Orion's sightless eyes discerned the dawn. I shall behold it ; I shall see the utter Glory of sunrise heretofore unseen, Freshening the woodland ways with brighter green, And calling into life all wings that flutter, All throats of music and all eyes of light, And driving o'er the verge...
Página 47 - WILL there be snowfall on lofty Soracte After a summer so tranquil and torrid ? Whoso detests the east wind, as a fact he Thinks 'twill be horrid. But there are zephyrs more mild by the ocean, Every keen touch of the snowdrifts to lighten :. If to be cosy and snug you've a notion — Winter in Brighton ! ii Politics nobody cares about.

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