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Part of Prufrock's new series for the upper level classroom, Advanced Placement Classroom: Hamlet allows teachers to take a fresh approach on one of Shakespeare's most famous plays, by moving beyond basic history and memorization of quotes. Students will study cultural variations of the Hamlet story, recreate the tale's events in a news show format, rewrite scenes using modern-day perspectives, and create their own blogs to discuss the play's relationship to contemporary life. The author also provides easy-to-use discussions of Shakespeare's life and times and the ways Hamlet can be studied from a critical perspective.

Prufrock's new line of innovative teaching guides is designed to engage students with creative learning activities that ensure Advanced Placement success. The Teaching Success Guide for the Advanced Placement Classroom series helps teachers motivate students above and beyond the norm by introducing investigative, hands-on activities including debates, role-plays, experiments, projects, and more, all based on Advanced Placement and college-level standards for learning.

Grades 7-12


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Tim Duggan, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Education at Northeastern Illinois University. He teaches courses in secondary English education, secondary school curriculum, and English. A former director of education for the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, Dr. Duggan has worked with Chicago Public teachers through Chicago Shakespeare Theater's extensive education program.

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