Educational News, Volumen7

Albert Newton Raub
Educational News Company, 1891

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Página 55 - I've studied owls And other night fowls, And I tell you What I know to be true: An owl cannot roost With his limbs so unloosed; No owl in this world Ever had his claws curled, Ever had his legs slanted, Ever had his bill canted, Ever had his neck screwed Into that attitude. He can't do it, because 'Tis against all bird-laws.
Página 318 - I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica, as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind, — and all the worse for the fishes.
Página 231 - I shut them for breaking a rule; My frown is sufficient correction; My love is the law of the school. I shall leave the old house in the autumn, To traverse its threshold no more; Ah! how I shall sigh for the dear ones, That meet me each morn at the door! I shall miss the
Página 55 - Just then, with a wink and a sly normal lurch, The owl, very gravely, got down from his perch, Walked round, and regarded his fault-finding critic (Who thought he was stuffed) with a glance analytic. And then fairly hooted, as if he should say : " Your learning's at fault this time, anyway ; Don't waste it again on a live bird, I pray.
Página 546 - I have used it for several years, not only in my practice, but in my own individual case, and consider it under all circumstances one of the best nerve tonics that we possess. For mental exhaustion or overwork it gives renewed strength and vigor to the entire system.
Página 439 - He stuck in their gorge, For he loved the Lord God and he hated King George. He had cause, you might say ! When the Hessians that day Marched up with Knyphausen they stopped on their way At the " Farms," where his wife, with a child in her arms, Sat alone in the house. How it happened none knew But God — and that one of the hireling crew Who fired the shot. Enough ! there she lay, And Caldwell, the chaplain, her husband away...
Página 231 - AVhile it wakes to the pulse of the past, Ere the world and its wickedness made me A partner of sorrow and sin, When the glory of God was about me, And the glory of gladness within.
Página 55 - Brown, I'm amazed You should be so gone crazed As to put up a bird In that posture absurd! To look at that owl really brings on a dizziness; The man who stuffed him don't half know his business!' And the barber kept on shaving. 'Examine those eyes. I'm filled with surprise Taxidermists should pass Off on you such poor glass; So unnatural they seem They'd make Audubon scream, And John Burroughs laugh To encounter such chaff. Do take that bird down; Have him stuffed again, Brown!
Página 231 - When I think of the paths steep and stony Where the feet of the dear ones must go ; Of the mountains of sin hanging o'er them, Of the tempest of fate blowing wild ; Oh, there's nothing on earth half so holy As the innocent heart of a child.
Página 580 - He stood a spell on one foot fust, Then stood a spell on t'other, An' on which one he felt the wust He couldn't ha

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