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FRANKLIN PLACE. Not more than one folio, two quartos, or three of smaller size, shall be taken out at the same time. Fines are incurred, for each volume retained above five weeks 17 cents per week; for the abuse of books, the value of the book when new.

If any book is lost, the game to be replaced by a similar volume, or by paying the current price of a new volume; if it be part of a set the remainder may be taken, paying the current price of a new set.

Two dollars assessment must be paid previous to the delivery of any books after the annual meeting:

All books must be returned into the Library ten days previous to the annual meeting, which is alwys on the first Monday in March, for inspection; fine for non-compliance is one dollar.

The Library is open every Thursday and Saturday afternoon from 3 to 6 in summer, and 3 to 5 in Winter ; also on the forenoons of Saturday from 10 to 1 o'clock.

Books to be called for by their numbers and not by their titles.

The present price of a share is twenty-five dollars subject to an assessment of two dollars a year.

The Library at this present time (Sept. 1817)con. tains upwards of 5000 volumes, to which all books of merit will be added.

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