Early Christian Ethics in the West, from Clement to Ambrose

Williams & Norgate, 1907 - 294 páginas

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Página 216 - Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.
Página 8 - KEIM'S HISTORY OF JESUS OF NAZARA : Considered in its connection with the National Life of Israel, and related in detail. Translated from the German by Arthur Ransom and the Rev. EM Geldart.
Página 3 - A Series of Translations, by which the best results of recent Theological investigations on the Continent, conducted without reference to doctrinal considerations, and with the sole purpose of arriving at truth, will be placed within reach of English readers.
Página 18 - HARNACK (ADOLF). MONASTICISM : Its Ideals and History ; and THE CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINE. Two Lectures by Adolf Harnack. Translated into English by EE Kellett, MA, and FH Marseille, Ph.D., MA Crown 8vo, cloth. 4s. " The lectures impart to these old subjects a new and vivid interest which cannot but win this faithful version many admiring readers.
Página 41 - Speckled Book," otherwise styled, "The Great Book of Dun Doighre" : a Collection of Pieces in Irish and Latin, transcribed towards the close of the Fourteenth Century. "The oldest and best Irish MS. relating to Church History now preserved
Página 3 - Translated from the Second Edition, with Corrections and Additions by the Author, by William Edie, BD, and edited, with a Preface, by Allan Menzies, DD, Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism in the University of St Andrews.
Página 22 - LODGE (Sir O.). LIFE AND MATTER. A Criticism of Professor Haeckel's "Riddle of the Universe.
Página 5 - BOOK I. -.—The History of the Development of Dogma as the Doctrine of the God-man on the basis of Natural Theology. A. Presuppositions of Doctrine of Redemption or Natural Theology. B. The Doctrine of Redemption in the Person of the God-man in its historical development. Vol. IV.: DIVISION II. BOOK I. : — The History of the Development of Dogma as the Doctrine of the God-man on the basis of Natural Theology— continued. Vol. V. : DIVISION II. BOOK II. : — Expansion and Remodelling of Dogma...
Página 31 - Vol. IX. The Principles of Ethics. Vol. I. Part i, The Data of Ethics ; Part 2, The Inductions of Ethics ; Part 3, The Ethics of Individual Life. 2nd Thousand. 8vo, cloth.
Página 5 - We cannot recall any work by a foreign theologian which is likely to have a more powerful influence on the thought of this country than Wernle's Beginnings of Christianity. It is well written and well translated ; it is earnest. clear, and persuasive, and above all it is well adapted to catch the large class of thinking men who are at present seeking some non-miraculous explanation of Christianity.

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