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Página 17 - Whereas my birth and spirit rather took The way that takes the town; Thou didst betray me to a ling'ring book, And wrap me in a gown.
Página 4 - Series is to make the editions as interesting and helpful as possible to the intelligent learner ; and, with this object, numerous Illustrations have been introduced. These are gathered from the best sources, and are chosen with a view to explaining the text, and making the reader more familiar with Greek and Roman life. Maps and Plans are also inserted wherever they are required. The volumes are equipped with Introductions, Notes, Grammatical Appendices, and in some of the prose authors, Exercises...
Página 17 - Mr. Ireland, who was then chief master of that school ; where the beauties of his pretty behaviour and wit shined, and became so eminent and lovely in this his innocent age, that he seemed to be jmarked out for piety, and to become the care of heaven, and of a particular good angel to guard and guide him.
Página 12 - O divum domus Ilium et incluta bello moenia Dardanidum! quater ipso in limine portae substitit atque utero sonitum quater arma dedere; instamus tamen immemores caecique furore 245 et monstrum infelix sacrata sistimus arce.
Página 6 - By GH WELLS, MA, Merchant Taylors' School. Selection from the Metamorphoses. By JWE PEARCE, MA Elegiac Selections. By F. COVERLEY SMITH, BA, High School, Nottingham. Tristia. Book III. By HR WOOLRYCH, MA, Head Master of Blackheath School. PHAEDRUS. A Selection. By Rev. RH CHAMBERS, MA, Head Master of Christ's College, Brecon. STORIES OF GREAT MEN. By Rev. F. CONWAY, MA, Merchant Taylors
Página 17 - ... under the eye and care of his prudent Mother, and the tuition of a Chaplain or Tutor to him, and two of his Brothers, in her own Family (for...
Página 31 - Ye sons of Westminster, who still retain Your ancient dread of Busby's awful reign ; Forget at length your fears — your panic end — The monarch of this place is now a Fnind.
Página 27 - To learning and to loyalty were bred: For colleges on bounteous kings depend, And never rebel was to arts a friend. To these succeed the pillars of the laws; Who best could plead, and best can judge a cause.
Página 13 - Mr. and other scholars, and there repeate 4 or 5 leaves in either, the Mr. appointing who should begin and who should go on with such and such rules. " After this we had two exercises that varied every other morning. The first morning we made verses extempore, Latin and Greek, upon two or...
Página 5 - Book II. By AC LIDDELL, MA - Book III. By FH COLSON, MA, Head Master of Plymouth College, and GM GWYTHER, MA, Assistant Master. - Book IV. By Rev. AW UPCOTT, MA, Head Master of St Edmund's School, Canterbury. - Book V. By A. REYNOLDS, MA, Merchant Taylors

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