The Poetical Works of John Skelton: With Notes, and Some Account of the Author and His Writings, Volumen2

T. Rodd, 1843 - 4 páginas

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Página 138 - In our forefathers tyme, whan Papistrie, as a standyng poole, couered and ouerflowed all England, fewe bookes were read in our tong, sauyng certaine bookes of Cheualrie, as they sayd, for pastime and pleasure, which, as some say, were made in Monasteries, by idle Monkes or wanton Chanons: as 'one for example, Morte Arthure...
Página 316 - Atlas, hie canit errantem lunam solisque labores, unde hominum genus et pecudes, unde imber et ignes, Arcturuni pluviasque Hyadas geminosque Triones ; quid tantum Oceano properent se tinguere soles 745 hiberni, vel quae tardis mora noctibus obstet.
Página 351 - Hall, as well noblemen and other worthy gentlemen, as 10 noblemen and gentlemen of his own family ; thus passing forth with two great crosses of silver borne before him ; with also two great pillars of silver, and his pursuivant at arms with a great mace of silver gilt.
Página 36 - To holde vp their hande at the bar. For all their noble blode He pluckes them by the hode, And shakes them by the eare, And brynge[s] them in suche feare...
Página 161 - Itt hath been alwayes true to the weare, But now it is not worth a groat ; I have had it four and forty yeere...
Página 45 - Of this gentell lacke breche, Of what estate he be, Of spirituall dygnyte, Nor duke of hye degre, Nor marques, erle, nor lorde ; Whiche shrewdly doth accorde, Thus he borne so base All noble men shulde out face, 620 His countynaunce lyke a kayser. My lorde is nat at layser ; Syr, ye must tary a stounde, Tyll better layser be founde...
Página 210 - Are not so honoured in their governor, As you, ye slaves, in mighty Tamburlaine. The headstrong jades of Thrace Alcides tamed, That King Egeus fed with human flesh, And made so wanton, that they knew their strengths, Were not subdued with valour more divine Than you by this unconquered arm of mine.
Página 351 - ... with a great mace of silver gilt. Then his gentlemen ushers* cried, and said, 'On, my Lords and Masters, on before ; make way for my Lord's Grace.
Página 138 - This is good stuff for wise men to laugh at, or honest men to take pleasure at; yet I know, when God's Bible was banished the court, and <( Morte Arthur " received into the prince's chamber.
Página 93 - By a banke as I lay, I lay, Musinge on things past, hey how! Tom a Lin and his wife, and his...

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