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Bible (English)-continued.

corrected. 3 v. 89. Glasgow, R. Hutchinson & co. 1815.

The same. In the common version. With amendments of the language, by Noah Webster, 11.d. xvi, 907 pp. 89. New Haven, Durrie & Peck, 1833.

The same. Arranged in paragraphs and parallelisms, with philological and explanatory annotations, by T. W. Coit, d. d. 2 v. in 1. xxv, 963 pp; 1 p. I. 230 pp. 16o. Cambridge, Manson & Grant, 1834.



achtergelaten familie in de provincie Groningen. 3 v. in l. 80. Amsterdam, J. C.

Van Kesteren, 1835–38. Beulé (Charles Ernest). Histoire de l'art

grec avant Périclès. 2 p. 1. 494 pp. 80.

Paris, Didier & cie, 1868. Beulloch (M.) See Bullock (W.) Beyer (Moritz). Het boek der landverhuizers ;

of gids en raadsman bij de verhuizing naar Noord-Amerika, den overtogt, de aankomst en de vestiging aldaar; [etc.] viii, 120 pp. 1 pl. 89.

Amsterdam, Hoogkamer & co. 1846. Biard (-, madame). Un mariage en province.

Por Léonie d'Aunet. [pseudon.] 2e éd. 25)

pp. 16°. Paris, L. Hachette 8: cie. 1858. Bible. (Anglo-Saron). Cædmon's metrical

paraphrase of parts of the holy scriptures, in Anglo-Saxon; with an English translation, notes, and a verbal index, by Benjamin Thorpe. xxxv, 341 pp. 80. London, society of antiquaries, 1832.

(English). The holy bible, conteining the olde testament and the newe: of that translation authorized to be read in churches. 578 1. fol. London, C. Barker, 1584. The same.

Newly translated, [etc.] With annotations upon all the hard places, [etc.] 4 p.1. 710, 218 pp. 5 maps. fol. London, [ Amsterdam, S. Swart], 1679.

The same. Translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. fol. Cambridge, J. Baskerrille, 1763.

The same. 408 1. 169. Philadelphia, M. Curey, 1808.

The same. [With] the apocrypha. Embellished with engravings, by Charles Heath, from designs by Richard Westall. 3 v. 89. London, White, Cochrane & co. 1815.

The same. A revised translation and interpretation of the sacred scriptures, after the eastern manner, from concurrent authorities of the critics, interpreters, and commentators, copies and versions ; shewing that the inspired writings contain the seeds of the valuable sciences ; also, the most ancient bistories and greatest antiquities ; with an appendis, supplying the history of four hundred years, between the old and new testaments, and the true, scriptural, rational doctrine of the trinity ; also, the lives and deaths of the apostles. By J. M. Ray. A new ed.

A survey of the bible ; or, an analytical account of the holy scriptures : containing the divisions of every book and chapter; thereby shewing the frame and contexture of the whole. By way of supplement to the annotations on the bible. By Samuel Clark. viii, 467, 367 pp. 49. London, J. Robinson, 1693.

A commentary upon the first book of Moses, called Genesis. By Symon [Patrick], lord bishop of Ely. 6 p. 1. 650 pp. 4°. London, R. Chisuell, 1695.

A liberal version of the psalms into modern language, according to the liturgy translation ; with copious notes and illustrations. By W. R. Wake. 2 v. xxvii pp. 1 1. 264 pp; 206 pp. 89. Bath, R. Cruttwell, 1793.

The same. Notes, critical, explanatory, and practical, on the book of Psalms. By Albert Barnes, d. d. v. 2-3. 120. Nero York, Harper & brothers, 1869. A commentary on

the holy scriptures : critical, doctrinal, and homiletical, with special reference to ministers and students. By John Peter Lange, d. d. Translated from the German, and edited, with additions, by Peter Schaff, d. d. v. 10, of the old testament: containing Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. By Otto Zöckler, d. d. 89. New York, C. Scribner g: co. 1870.

Isaiah, with notes, critical, explanatory, and practical. By Henry Cowles, d. d: xxi, 552 pp. 12°. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1869.

Jeremiah, and his lamentations ; with notes, critical, explanatory, and practical. By Henry Cowles, d. d. 431 pp. 120. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1869.

Notes, critical, illustrative, and practical, on the book of Daniel, with an



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New testament,

I v.

Bible (English)-continued.

Bible (English)-continued.
introductory dissertation. By Albert Barnes, pel according to Luke. By Alfred Nevin,
d. d. 494 pp. 120. Nero York, Leavitt & d. d. 3 p. 1. 7:25 pp. 2 pl. 1 map. -89. Phila-
Allen, 1853.

delphia, W. Flint, 1868.
The same.
A commentary on the book

A commentary on the original of Daniel. By Moses Stuart. viii, 496 pp. texts of the acts of the apostles. By Horatio 89. Boston, Crocker & Brewster, 1850. B. Hackett. A new ed. 480 pp. 89. Boston, An attempt towards

an im

Gould & Lincoln, 1858. proved version, a metrical arrangement, and

Epistles of St. Paul. 8o. Nero an explanation of the twelve minor prophets.

York, 1858. Enlarged, with additional notes, and a conipar

[In CONYBEARE (W. J.) and HOWSON (J. S.) Life ison of the chief renderings of dr. Horsley, on etc. of St. Paul). Hosea, and dr. Blayney, on Zechariah. xli,

A commentary on the holy scrip362 pp. 5 l. 89. London, R. Baynes, 1819. tures, [etc.] By J. P. Lange, etc. New testa

ment, v.5. The epistle of Paul to the Romans.

By J. P. Lange, d. d. and rev. F. R. Fay.
The new testament of our saviour

From the German, by J. F. Hurst, d. d.
Jesus Christ, according to the ancient Latin

with additions, by P. Schaff, d. d. and the edition. With remarks upon the literal mean

rev. mr. Riddle. 89. Nero York, C. Scribing in difficult places. From the French of

ncr & co. 1869. father Simon. By William Webster.

An exposition of the first epistle in 2. 3 p. 1. 1044 pp. 4o. London, J. Pem

to the Corintbians. By Charles Hodge, d. d. berton, 1730.

xxi, 373 pp. 120. Nero York, R. Carter &
The same.
Translated out of

brothers, 1860. the Latin vulgate, [etc.] and first published

Lectures on the first and second by the English college of Rhemes, 1582.

epistles of Peter. [With the epistles). By Corrected according to the Clementine edi

John Lillie, m.d. With an introduction by tion of the scriptures; with annotations.

Philip Schaff, d. d. xi, 536 pp. 89. New As approved by the rt. rev. John Dubois,

York, C. Scribner & co. 1869, catholic bishop of New York. 314 pp. 120.

The history of our Lord and
Ulica, (N. Y.) W. Wiliams, 1833.

saviour Jesus Christ, arranged according to
The same.
Translated out of

order of time, and narrated in the words of the original Greek; and with the former

the four gospels, [etc.] By John Watkins, translations diligently compared and revised.

11. d. 1 p. l. vii, 332 pp. 48 pl. 89. London,

p 303 pp. 320. Augusta, confederate states'

Boydell & co. 1810. bible society, 1862.

The closing scenes of the life of

Christ; being a harmonized combination of
A commentary, with notes, on the four gospel histories of the last year of our
the four evangelists and the acts of the an introductory essay by W. D. Wilson, d.
apostles ; with a new translation of St. saviour's life. By D, D, Buck, d. d. With
Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians, with a d. 293 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip-
paraphrase and notes. To which are added pincott & co. 1869.
other theological pieces. By Zachary Pearce,

Improved question-book on the d. d. late lord bishop of Rochester ; [with] life of Christ. [anon.] With the text. 134 some account of his lordship's life and char- pp. 24°. Philadelphia, American union, acter. Written by himself. Published by John 1868. Derby. 2 v. 3. pl. xiv, 599 pp. 1 portrait ; 1

The last passover. An account p. 1. 481 pp. 1 1. 49. London, E. Cor, 1777. of the closing incidents in the life upon earth

New version of the gospel ac- of our lord Jesus Christ. A verbal harmony cording to Matthew, with a commentary of the four gospel narratives. Arranged by [and] an introduction to the reading of the J. R. Whitney. 172 pp.

180. Philadel: holy scriptures. By Isaac de Beausobre phia, Clarton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1869. and Jacques Lenfant. xv, 407 pp. 80. (Ethimpic and Latin). Psalterium London, Whittaker, 1819.

Davidis, æthiopice et latine, cum variis lec· Popular commentary on the gos- tionibus et notis illustratum. Accedunt

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ethiopice tantum hymni et orationes alliqvot vet. et novi testamenti, item Canticvm canti. corvm, cum variis lectionibus et notis. Cyra Iobi Lvdolfi. 4 p. I. 428 pp. 4o. Francofurti ad Menum, J. D. Zunner, 1701.

(French and Latin). Josué, Les juges, et Ruth. Traduits en François; avec une explication tirée des saints pères, et des auteurs ecclésiastiques. Par le sieur (Isaac Louis] Le Maistre de Sacy. Dernière éd. 2 v. in 1. x pp. 11. 314 pp. 41; vii, 364 pp. 6 l. 160. Bruxelles, E. H. Fricx, 1699.

Isaïe traduit en François ; avec une explication tirée des saints pères, et des auteurs ecclésiastiques. Par le sieur (Isaac Louis] Le Maistre de Sacy. Dernière éd. xxiiij pp. 2 1. 564 pp. 91. 160. Bruxelles, E. H. Fricx, 1700.

(German). Des königs und propheten Davids psalmen, durch Ambrosium Lobwasser, sammt andern geistlichen liedern, von d. Martin Luther und andern gottsgelebrten männern gestellt, und von Samuele Mareschallo, baselischem musico und organisten, zu vier stimmen gebracht, [etc.] 570 pp. 3 1. 18o. Basel, E. & J. R. Thurneysen, 1743.

Das neue testament unsers herrn und heilandes Jesu Christi, von d. Martin Luther, in das teutsche übersetzt. Nach dem 45jährigen wittenbergischen druck übersehen; mit deutlicher anweisung alles sonnund fest-tages-episteln, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 761 pp. 41. 16o. Nürnberg, J. A. Endter, 1783.

The same. Nach der deutschen übersetzung von dr. Martin Luther, [etc.] 10° auflage. 517 pp. 12 pl. 16o. Harris burg, (Pa.) G. S. Peters, 1834. The same.

536 pp. 11. 120. Lancaster, J. Bär's söhne, 1864.

(German and Dutch). Biblia pentapla ; das ist, die bücher der heiligen schrift des alten und neuen testaments, nach fünffacher deutscher verdolmetschung. 4 v. 4o. Wandesbeck bei Hamburg, H. H. Holle, 1710-1712.


(Grebo). Baibli åh histori. 123 pp. 8 pl. 24° Cape Palmas, W. Africa, A. B. C. F. mission, 1810.

(Greek). H kain darkn. Novum testamentum. Editio nova, denuo recusa ; [etc.] Studio et labore Stephani Curcellzei. 6 p. 1. 564 pp. 16o. Amstelodami, er typographia blariana, 1685.

The same. Novvm testamentum græcvm, ita adornatvm vt textvs probatarum editionvm medvllam, margo variantivm lectionvm, in svas classes distribvtarvm [copiam, etc.) exhibeat, inserviente Ja. Alberto Bengelio. 5 p. 1. 884 pp. 11. 4o. Tubinga, lo. G. ('otta, 1734.

The same. Novum testamentum lectiones etiam ecclesiasticas ex usu ecclesiæ græcæ designavit, ac synaxaria evangeliarii et praxapostoli addidit, et criticis interpositis animadversionibus edidit Christianus Fridericus de Mathæi. 3 v. 80. Wittemberge, etc. G. A. Grau, etc. 1803-1807.

The same. Novum testamentum ad fidem codicis vaticani. Ediderunt A. Kuenen et C. G. Cobet. 2 p. 1. cxxvii, 686 pp. 89. Lugduni Batavorum, E. J. Brill, 1860.

Synopsis evangeliorum Matthæi, Marci, et Lucæ, cum parallelis Joannis pericopis. Ex recensione Griesbachii cum selecta lectionum varietate. Concinnaverunt et breves argumentorum notationes adjecerunt Guil. Mart. Leber, De Wette, et l'rid. Liicke. xiv, 306 pp. 4o. Berolini, G. Rei

mer, 1818.

(Greek and English). H kaivn diaonan. The new testament. Consisting of the Greek text of Scholz, with the readings, textual and original, of Griesbach ; and the variations of the editions of Stephens, 1550 ; Beza, 1598; and the Elzevir, 1633. With the English authorized version, and its marginal renderings. 3 p. 1. 624 pp. sm. 4o. London, S. Bagster &sons, [about 1840].

The same. The new testament, in Greek and English, [etc.] By Abner Kneeland, [etc.] 360 pp; 9, 447 pp. 12o. Philadelphia, W. Fry, 1823.

A critical commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews. By Francis S. Sampson, d.d. Edited from the manuscript notes of the author, by Robert L. Dabney, d. d. xv, 475 pp. 80. New York, R. Carter & brothers, 1860.


i. Der römisch-catholischen, durch Caspar Ulenberg. ii. Der evangelisch-lutherischen, durch Martin Lu.

ther. iii. Der evangelisch-reformirten, durch Johann Pis

cator. iv. Der judischen im alten testament, des Joseph

Athiae, und der neuen, im neuen testament,

durch Johann Henrich Reitzen. v. Der holländischen, auf verordnung der herren

general.staaten. Alle mit ihren eigenen vorreden, (etc.)



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219 pp.


Bible-continued. (Greek and Latin). Novi testamenti lugares. Por D.J. G. D. P. [anon.] 222 libri historici, græce et latine, perpetuo com- pp. 51. 16o. Madrid, A, Ulloa, 1789. mentario ex antiquitate, historiis, philologia, (Spanish). El nuevo testamento, traillustrati. Adornante Balduino Walau. 10 ducido al Castellano por Cipriano de Valera p. 1. 1304 pp. 13 l. 4° Amstelædami, J. en 1602, y revisado en 1831. Imprimido Rarestein, 1662.

para la sociedad de la biblia de Glasgow. 1 (Hawaian). La palapala hemolele a p. 1. 247 pp. 120. Glasgow, W. G. Blackie Iehova ko kakou akua. O ke kauoha kabiko & co. 1819, i unubiia wai ka olelo Hebera. [Old testa

(Tamul). Het nieuw testament, ofte ment). 2 v. 2 p. 1. 924 pp; 887 pp. 12o. alle de boecken des nieuwen verbonds van Oahu, ka na misionari i pui, 1838.

onsen heer Jesus Christus, [etc.] Mit de (v. 1 wanting).

grieksche taal in de tamulsche spraak overKe kauoha hou a ko kakou haku

gezet. 8 p. 1. 305 l. 4. Colombo, P. Brua ola'i a lesu Kristo; oia ka olelo hemolele

waart, 1759. no ke ola, a na lunaolelo i kakau ai. [New

(Apocrypha). Evangelium Nicodemi; testament). 520 pp. 12o. Honolulu, ka na

oder, historischer bericht von dem leben Jesu misionari mea pai, 1837.

Christi, welches Nicodemus, ein rabbi und (Italian). La sacro-santa biblia in

oberster der Juden, beschrieben, [etc.] lingua italiana. Volume arrichito d'arden

Diesem sind beygefügt: Viel schöne stücke tissimi sospirii à Dio, da Mattia d’Erberg

und geschichten, welche die evangelisten 2 p. 1. 808, 208 pp. 2 pl. fol. Norimbergo,

nicht beschrieben haben. [Enthaltend das M. d'Erberg, 171).

testament der zwölf patriarchen]. Aus P. (I.atin). Biblia sacra vulgatæ editionis

Regelii Anhang, u. s. w. genommen, [etc.] Sixti qvinti pont. max. ivssv recognita at

16o. Lancaster, (Pa.) J. Bàr, que edita. 1 v. in 2. 1032, 39 pp. 120.

1843. Antverpiæ, er officina plantiniana, apud loannem Moretum, 1599.

Biblical (The) repository and classical review. Psalterivm davidicvin para

See American biblical repository. phrasibvs illvstratvm. Seruata vbique ad Biblioteca (La) americana, o miscelánea de verbum d. Hieronymi translatione. Rayne- literatura, artes i ciencias. Por una sociedad rio snoygoudano autore, Petroque de Besse de Americanos. Tomo 1. viii, 472 pp. 1 1. doctore parisiensi correctore. Adiectum est 4 pl. 89. Londres, G. Marchant, 1823. magni Athanasii opusculum in psalmos. 1 Biblioteca de autores españoles, desde la forp. 1. 671 pp. 4 l. 16o. Purisiis, 1. Petit-Pas,

macion del lenguaje hasta nuestros dias. V. 1617.

60. 89, Madrid, M. Riradeneyra, 1868. Expositio super toto psalterio [auctore] Iohanne Turrecremata, cardinale.

RIVADENEIRA (Padre Pedro de). Obras escogidas. 1991. fol. Moguntie, P. Schoy.ffer de Gernsz

Biblioteca devota. Nuevo año cristiano. heim, 1476.

[anon.] 1 p.1. 180 pp. 21. 16o. Madrid, [Imperfect: wanting l. 1 and 81]. Ioannis Lorini avenionensis

Croisset, 1848. societatis Iesv, commentarii in ecclesiasten. Bibliotheca historico-naturalis, physicoAccessit expositio eivsdem in psalmum Ixvii.

chemica et mathematica; oder, systematisch In Germania nvnc primvm in lvcem typis

geordnete übersicht der in Deutschland und mandati. 4 p. 1.538 pp. 161. 4o. Moguntiæ,

dem anslande auf dem gebiete der gesammten sumptibus Io. Crithij, 1607.

naturwissenschaften und der mathematik Fratris Dominici Soto segobien

new erschienenen bücher, herausgegeben von sis in epistolam Pauli ad Romanos commen

Ernst A. Zuchold, und H. Guthe. 88-181. tarii. 6 p. 1. 413 pp.

fol. Antverpiæ, J. jahrgang. 11 v. 8°. Göttingen, Vandenhoeck Steelsius, 1550.

& Ruprecht, 1858-63. -(Latin and Spanish). Traduccion literal Bibliotheca (The) sacra. Edited by E. A. en una muy breve parafrasis del libro de Park and S. H. Taylor, 1864 and 1869. v.21 Judith, con notas de Duhamel, Vitre, Calmet, and 26. 89. Andover, W. F. Draper, 1864y otras, para la major inteligencia de algunos

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Bickersteth (Rev. Edward). Christian Binghamton, (New York). Boyd's Bing

psalmody; a collection of above 900 psalms, hamton directory, 1869-70. Containing, hymns,

and spiritual songs ; selected and also, the names of business firms in Camparranged for public, social, family, and pri- ville, Chenango Forks, Deposit, Great Bend, vate worship. Enlarged ed. Seventieth Harpersville, Kirkwood, Lisle, Osborn Holthousand. xxii, 781 pp. 24°. London, Dean low, Owego, Susquehanna, Whitney's Point, & co, 1842.

and Union, etc. Andrew Boyd, compiler and Bickmore (Albert Smith). Travels in the publisher. 192 pp. 80. Albany, C. Van

East-Indian archipelago. 553 pp. 32 pl. 2 Benthuysen & sons, 1869. maps. 8°. New York, D. Appleton & co. Binkerd (A. D. m.d.) The mammoth cave 1869.

and its denizens ; a complete descriptive Bigsby (John J.) Thesaurus siluricus. The guide. p. 1. 95 pp. 89. Cincinnati, R. flora and fauna of the Silurian period. With

Clarke & co. 1869. addenda (from recent acquisitions). lv, Binney (William G.) Notes on American land 214 pp. 1 map. 4°. London, J. Van Voorst,

shells. Nos. 2, 4, 5, and 6. (From the pro1868.

ceedings of the Academy of natural sciences). Bill (Ledyard). A winter in Florida; or, ob- 43 pp. 89. [Philadelphia, 1857-60].

servations on the soil, climate, and products (Imperfect: wanting no. 1, pp. 1-2, no. 3, pp. 15–18). of our semi-tropical state ; with sketches of Birckbek (Simon). Che protestant's evithe principal towns and cities in eastern

dence, taken out of good records; showing Florida. To which is added a brief historical

that for fifteene hundred yeares next after summary ; together with hints to the tourist, Christ, divers worthy guides of God's church, invalid, and sportsman. 222 pp. 4 pl. I map.

have in sundry weightie poynts of religion, 12°, New York, Wood & Holbrook, 1869. taught as the church of England now doth;

distribvted into severall centuries, and opened. Billerica, (Massachusetts). Celebration of the

19 p. 1. 207 pp. 1 1. 4o. London, R. Miltwo hundredth anniversary of the incorpora

bourne, 1635. tion of Billerica, Mass. May 29th, 1855 ; in

Birmingham free libraries. Catalogue of the cluding the proceedings of the committee, address, poem, and other exercises of the occa

reference department. By J. D. Mullins. sion. With an appendix. 152 pp. 89. Lowell,

1869. viii, 379 pp. 89. Birmingham, Hall S. J. Varney, 1855.

& English, 1869,

Bishop (Sir Henry Rowley). Songs, duetts, Bilson (Thomas, bishop of Winchester). The

and trios. See Händel (G. F.) effect of certaine sermons touching the full Bisschop (Simon). See Episcopius (S.) redemption of mankind by the death and Bitter (The) dose, and other stories. [anon.] bloud of Christ Jesvs. 6 p. 1. 420 pp.

216 pp. 3 pl. 18o. Philadelphia, presbyte4o. London, W. Burre, 1599.

rian board of publication, [1868]. Bingham (Caleb). The young lady's acci. Björnson (Björnstjerne). The fisher-maiden:

dence; or a short and easy introduction to a Norwegian tale. From the author's GerEnglish grammar. 8th ed. (etc.) 60 pp. man ed. by M. E. Niles. vi, 217 pp. 16o. 24o. Boston, I. Thomas & E. T. Andrews, New York, Leypoldt & Holt, 1869. 1794.

The happy boy. A tale of Norwegian Bingham (Peregrine). A system of short- peasant life. From the Norwegian, by H. R.

hand on the principle of the association of G. 120 pp. 1 portrait. 12o. Boston, Sever, ideas. 16 pp. 5 pl. 80.


London, J. But Francis & co. 1870. terworth & son, 1821,

Blackbird (The); consisting of a complete Bingham (William). A grammar of the Eng. collection of the most admired modern songs.

lish language, for the use of schools and 140 pp. 21. 189. New York, C. Brown, 1820. academies. With copious parsing exercises. Blackburn (William M. d. d.) Admiral 207 pp. 120. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & Coligny and the rise of the huguenots. 2 co. 1868.

384 pp. Imap; 394 pp. 129. Philadel. A Latin reader adapted to Bingham's phia, presbyterian board of publication, 1869. Latin grammar, with notes and a vocabulary. Geneva's shield: a story of the Swiss 231 pp. 120. Philadelphin, E. H. Butler & reformation. 325 pp. 2 pl. 12o. Nero York, co. 1869.

M. W. Dodd, 1868.

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